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If you like unusual and colorful tattoos and are looking for some ideas for your next tattoo, then you might find these 12 perfect tattoo designs.

12 Tattoo
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12 tattoos have personal meanings related to the wearer.

The way the 12 tattoos are designed can show the context in which it is tattooed. However, sometimes simple numbers alone speak a thousand words.

Knowing what’s trending may be difficult for those who are not in step with tattoo trends, we have curated around 12 tattoo designs for them. Choose the one that suits yourself.

Palm tattoo 12

Palm tattoo 12
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The 12 tattoos are sculpted on the upper side of the palm. Getting a number tattoo is this type in this placement looks great. Tattoo 12 in this example is used as a couple tattoo. The number 12 is tattooed in the same spot on the palm of two girls. Perhaps the tattoo commemorates an important date in their life, such as the day they met. In this way, number 12 can also be used as a couple tattoo or as a best friend tattoo. The number is simply drawn in the tattoo. It looks like it’s carved out of a block of wood. Half part of the number 12 is shaded in black while the other half is blank. Get a couple of such tattoos, to make others guess what the number symbolizes.

12 Tattoo with a butterfly

12 Tattoo with a butterfly
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Butterfly tattoo designs symbolize the beginning of a new journey and a new love. Incorporating a butterfly tattoo with the number 12 enhances and glorifies its meaning. Perhaps it represents the date the person committed to the new journey. Another unique and mind-blowing explanation is that it was the age when the person began a new journey in her life. This butterfly and tattoo number looks very tempting. The subtlety of the art draws many people into the design. A simple butterfly is drawn in the upper left corner of the 12 tattoo. The number 12 is inked with bold black ink in a traditional font. The piece is inked on the upper elbow, which looks like an excellent place for tattoo design. However, you can also opt for different stitches like the sleeve, wrist, and chest to get the design.

Floral tattoo 12

Floral tattoo 12
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Floral tattoo designs are one of the most beautiful forms of body art, they look good on both men and women. So this piece is suitable if you like floral designs too. Incorporating floral designs into a number tattoo is quite challenging. The floral tattoo artist cleverly used both designs to create a surprisingly good tattoo that will amaze all clients. A large 12 tattoo is inked on the forearm, the numbers are thick enough to be drawn on the inside. A beautiful floral design is inked inside the number which increases the style and quality of the tattoo. The large 12 is completely filled with black ink, between the darkness of the black color, the bright peach blossoms radiate a light atmosphere of the tattoo. The artwork is very tempting for those for whom the number 12 has special value and love floral designs. In such cases, this piece can definitely be used as inspiration.

12 Rose tattoo
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Another type of floral tattoo design is provided here which incorporates the number 12 which can also be used as inspiration if you are looking for floral art for your nest tattoo. It is inked on the leg below the knee, however, the piece will also look beautiful when placed on the hand or back. The number 12 is boldly inked with steel and black ink. It is designed with two red roses on both sides. Adding floral motifs to the tattoo increases the aesthetic appeal of the tattoo. You can also customize the tattoo by selecting the color of the flowers or the type of flower you want to decorate your 12 tattoos.

12 Tattoo on the wrist

12 Tattoo on the wrist
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The wrist is a great place if you want to focus your tattoos on the numbers. Since the skin area around the wrist is small, the tattoo does not necessarily have to be designed in other ways. A simple number looks full on the wrist too. In this 12 wrist tattoo, the number is written in italics which increases the fashion quotient of the tattoo. Tattoos of this type are self-explanatory, generally resembling an important date or number in the wearer’s life. So people don’t want to decorate the tattoo with other elements to keep the originality of the tattoo. For them, this wrist tattoo is a perfect option. The tattoo is also designed around the sides with small dots to increase the attractiveness of the design.

Simple tattoo 12
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As for the wrist tattoo above, this 12 tattoo is much simpler. It is a perfect piece for anyone who wants a first time tattoo. This simple piece is one of the least painful pieces. You can also place it on the side wrist as tattooing on the inner wrist is a bit painful. This tattoo looks perfectly customized for beginners, its simplicity attracts people. The number 12 is written in an old black ink text font. It is an outline tattoo, the number is not filled with any form of ink. So if line tattoos interest you then you can go for this tattoo design.

Diamond tattoo 12

Diamond tattoo 12
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If you want some fun ideas for designing your tattoo then this piece can be your favorite design. The tattoos are meant to show your creativity and are curated according to your personality. This diamond tattoo is one of many designs to make your tattoo fun and trendy. If you are someone who has a soulful and vibrant energy, you can wear simple number tattoos. For them, it is common to combine their tattoos with additional motifs. However, if your tattoo is just a number, it may be difficult to incorporate additional elements. This tattoo gives an idea of ​​how you can incorporate other motifs into your 12 tattoos.

Roman number 12 tattoo

Roman number 12 tattoo
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One of the best ways to get a 12 tattoo is to ink the Roman numeral 12. If you want to tattoo the number 12 on your skin, try doing it in an unusual way by getting the Roman numeral version of the tattoo 12. The Roman 12 tattoo in the image looks amazing, it’s done in black ink and looks bold enough to catch the eye. The number 12 started to fade gradually turning into dust particles. This probably symbolizes the end of something that the number 12 is related to. You can also get a whole Roman numeral if you are not referring to the design, however, if this chis design suits you, you can also mimic the design on your body.

Finger tattoo 12

Finger tattoo 12
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Finger tattoos have been popularized by tattoo lovers in the present times. The number of the tattoo on the finger is very common. Number finger tattoos can range from tattooing a special date on the finger to tattooing a favorite player’s jersey number. Whether it’s the former or the latter, this 12 tattoo gives a good idea of ​​how you can place your number tattoo on your finger.

Minimalist tattoo 12
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Unlike the design above, the number 12 can also be inked on just one finger. The little number on the little finger looks so adorable and cute. This is also a great way to get a finger tattoo.

Fiery Tattoo 12

Fiery Tattoo 12
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The 12 tattoo in the image looks like the number is on fire. It is a brightly colored tattoo. The background is colored with a fiery orange color and the tattoo 12 is in the orange background. In contrast to the fiery color of the background, the number 12 is tattooed with the color of ice. So the contrasting nature of the artwork is easily seen in the tattoo. Above tattoo 12 is also placed a small ring in the shape of a halo which probably suggests the attachment of a celestial symbolization to the number.

Elaborate tattoo 12

Elaborate tattoo 12
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This is one of the 12 most unusual tattoo designs in the lot. Elaborate tattoos are normal, however, getting a simple number in an elaborate tattoo design is quite unusual. If you are interested in getting an elaborate sleeve tattoo that incorporates the number 12 then this design is the best it can be. The number 12 is bold in the tattoo. It is not defined by any border in the tattoo, but the background is shaded with black and the number 12 is left without ink. The word love and a crown are also inked with the tattoo 12 to add depth to the tattoo.

Colorful tattoo 12

Colorful tattoo 12
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A splash of bright colors on the skin always has a greater impact on tattoos as they can be observed from a distance. Aside from that, the beautiful colors also look stunning on the body. For example, this 12 piece tattoo is a good example of how to get a colorful number tattoo. A few droplets of bluish shades are used as a background and the tattoo 12 is inked with black ink. The numbers are linked together at the bottom by an infinity symbol. The infinity attached to the number 12 tattoo probably symbolizes its never ending connection with the number.

Now that you are aware of so many 12 tattoo designs, it’s your time to get 12 custom tattoos for yourself. There are many other traditional tattoo options that could help you choose the perfect piece for you. Review a few additional designs below before deciding on your 12 tattoo designs.

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