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If you are a game lover and have heard or played the “Among Us” game then you should check out these gorgeous and adorable Among Us tattoo designs.

The best tattoo among us
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An online game called “Among Us” by game designer Marcus Bromander was inspired by the social deduction game “Mafia” (also known as “Werewolf”).

When we were younger, we often played the mafia at rallies or parties. If you are not familiar with the mafia, each player is assigned a role at the start of the game, such as guardian, mafia or villager.

Except for the mafia, all participants close their eyes during each round and the mafia chooses who is to be eliminated from the game. The moderator wakes the guardian when the mob closes their eyes, which could prevent a player from being killed. The moderator then tells the group to open their eyes and reveals which player is dead.

‘Among Us’ follows the same concept, except in the digital sphere with anonymous players. Players are randomly assigned to be a crew member or an imposter. The aim of the game for the crew members is to correctly identify the imposter and complete their tasks on the map. On the other hand, the impostor must eliminate the crew members, preventing them from carrying out their duties. Even though the game was released more than four years ago, the year 2020 saw an increase in its popularity. Many game videos Among us are available on the Internet to help gamers understand.

Among Us Video Game Tattoo

Among Us Video Game Tattoo
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The tattoo itself says not to trust anyone, which means that even if there is a group of very good friends, the imposter won’t even spare his friends when he gets a chance in the game. This word can also be implemented as a life lesson or a life experience that, even in life, no one should trust and believe in anyone but himself. You should install this game and try to play it.

The game is easy to understand. Basically, the main thing is to do or complete the task assigned to each individual in the game without getting killed. This tattoo can be inked by both men and women, anyone who loves this game or is a fan of it.

Wolf tattoo among us

Wolf tattoo among us
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This tattoo shows a different play area. In the tattoo, many different varieties of games can be seen. The tattoo is very lively and well done. This tattoo is perfect for people who love games and want to do a patchwork tattoo of all game characters. The bright colors that were used to make the tattoo will make anyone stop scrolling and take a moment to look at the tattoo.

The color and design used to make the tattoo give it a look that perhaps someone must have just taken a picture and cut and glued it all together, creating a collage. People can add or remove elements or characters as they wish without any problem. this tattoo will look great wherever there is a large space.

Last Of Us Tattoo Ideas

Last Of Us Tattoo Ideas
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This tattoo is that of the impostor, the impostor is determined to kill all the crew members. It is not that there is only one impostor, there are some who continue to hide in the group. The fundamental concept is that the crew member should discover the imposter and eliminate him as soon as possible because the imposter may look or act like an angel or very innocent, but it will be the imposter who will kill the crew member and act as if they know nothing of what’s going on.

They will act as if the rest of the crew are innocent. He is very much like a serial killer who roams freely and has a very sharp mind and will continue to commit crimes unless and until he is found and put behind bars and forced to pay for what he did otherwise members of the more innocent crew will continue is dying.

Between us temporary tattoo stickers

Between us temporary tattoo stickers
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This Among Us characters tattoo can be seen as small characters standing next to each other. One image is that of the scientist and the other is that of a yellow crew member. He can also be a shapeshifter or the impostor himself; the trick of this game or the fun part of this game is that the impostor will look just like the other crew members and can act as a friend who is protecting them but he can be the impostor himself.

This reminds me of a game they mostly played a lot when they were kids, where they knocked each other out with a wink. Both men and women and individuals can design this tattoo and can change it according to themselves by simply doing one character tattoo or creating more than two characters at a time.

Among us killer tattoo stickers

Among us killer tattoo stickers
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Words written in Spanish – “I trust you” – refer to the close friend you trust most may not be someone who is really good to you. This tattoo is relevant to real life, which means that the person you trust the most may have a better chance of stabbing you in the back. The tattoo actually shows a stab in the back.

The way the impostor acts to be your friend who is saving you from all troubles or is saving from the impostor himself could be the impostor himself and stab you when all your guar are on the ground and you are less aware that you could only be eliminated the next moment.

The tattoo expected between us

The tattoo expected between us
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This tattoo gives the idea or makes us understand that we should always be careful. We should never trust anyone easily, think they are our friends or want the best for us. The tattoo tells us that we always have a suspicion in our mind. This can also be done as an Among Us temporary tattoo, which leaves us enough options to change the font or style of the tattoo as our desire and doesn’t need to work to remove the permanent one or not be satisfied with the existing one and fail either. to change it.

The vibrant color used to make the tattoo gives it a very attractive look and attracts many views of people. People can change the color accordingly as there are 18 different characters in the game and the color can be changed accordingly. The tattoo can be done by both men and women and can be placed anywhere throughout the body. Children, as well as the elderly, love to play this game.

The Among Us Toys tattoo

The Among Us Toys tattoo
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This is a rather unique Among Us tattoo. It looks cute with a half pumpkin on its head. The pumpkin looks like a helmet worn on the head. It seems that he wants to disguise himself or want to protect himself. This tattoo is one of a kind; it looks like a pumpkin plant and the pumpkin has a separate body that can walk and run with its two legs.

This tattoo can be a part of a patchwork tattoo where all the other game character tattoos are in it, you can even add a Pokimane tattoo to the whole collage. This tattoo can be done as a matching tattoo between two best friends or a group of friends all playing this game together.

Awesome skin tattoo between us

Awesome skin tattoo between us
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This tattoo sign is a real definition of what we say, hiding the true identity. This tattoo shows how the impostor is trying to act innocently. The impostor is seen telling everyone to be careful and shows he is suspicious of someone else, but in reality he or she is the killer. The main idea of ​​the tattoo is to carry out the task and protect yourself.

We can see the sword and the blood on his body, the blood he shed on his crew members. This tattoo is perfect for people who want or love to hide who they are. This tattoo can be made in different colors as per your choice.

Among Us clothing Character tattoo

Among Us clothing Character tattoo
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This cute character from Among Us is well crafted, modified and crafted in a different way. The tattoo shows that he is wearing a kimono and gives it a feminine look. This tattoo can be done by a woman on any part of the body.

You can also have another character show a man. Normally, Among Us characters are not made with a suit worn, they are made in different colors, be it blue, green, red or other colors. The character can be customized accordingly.

The devil tattoo among us

The devil tattoo among us
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This tattoo shows that the impostor is a devil in disguise who hides his identity. The tattoo is shown in a style where the imposter has horns just like the devil has. The impostor is shown in this way because he goes around killing all of his caring members.

Anyone can get this tattoo done. The color is suitable according to the tattoo image that is shown. The bright colors used to make the tattoo give a 3D look to the whole image.

We can’t get enough of Among Us tattoos. So we have some other Among Us tips to think about:

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