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Ribbon tattoos offer deep meaning and femininity, check out some of the best thigh bow tattoo ideas that will grab everyone’s attention.

Bow tattoo on the thigh
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Having a bow tattoo on your thigh can be extremely tempting.

Tapes are a way to convey deep femininity, inner strength and a strong sexual image. They are kind and can have different meanings.

Since the tapes are so smooth and flowing, they are open to people’s interpretation and can convey a lot of messages. While for most women, bow tattoos represent a symbol of their struggle for liberation, others see it as a symbol of security, something that brings things together and holds them in place. Women choose bow tattoo designs based on the type of message they wish to convey.

The thighs are a great place where you can get a bow tattoo. Women have a natural tendency to show off their curves. Having a bow tattoo on your thighs will automatically draw the attention of the lower body and give vent to female sexuality. Hence, bow tattoos on the upper thighs look alluring, bold and beautiful. Check out some of the popular thigh tattoo ideas you can show off.

Lace thigh bow tattoo

Lace thigh bow tattoo
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If you wish to accentuate female sexuality, women often prefer bow tattoos. Even better is getting one of these thigh tattoos. Having lace bow tattoos on your thigh can project a strong sexuality when wearing garters or stockings.

This bow tattoo portrays the epitome of complexity. Not only is the lace made up of delicate patterns, but the center also sports a jewel. There is something vintage about this tattoo that makes it even more attractive! Once you have this design inked on your thigh, your bow tattoo is sure to get a lot of looks.

Ruby and bow tattoo on the thigh

Ruby and bow tattoo on the thigh
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Bow tie tattoos look extremely elegant when done on both thighs. The back of the thighs is not an unusual place to get inked. Some women prefer to reinforce the game by having a bow tie tattooed on the back of their thighs.

This is a lace bow on a thigh tattoo where you will find two identical bows made of lace. Behind the loose ends of the bow, there are red ribbon strands that are so well done that they look like satin. In the center there is a ruby ​​that stands as an emblem of royalty.

Subtle bow tattoo on both thighs

Subtle bow tattoo on both thighs
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The ribbons used in this tattoo are thin, fragile, delicate, yet delicate. The tattoo is done near the knees, on the front of the thighs. The free ends of the bows twirl and hang loose, like a woman’s curls. How feminine is it, right? People can derive a myriad of bow tattoo meanings from this tattoo design.

You can adjust the size of such bow tie tattoos according to your requirement. You can also choose to get this design on one of the thighs instead of both thighs. Imagine how beautiful it will be when you wear a short dress above the knee!

Tattoo on the thigh with bright red bow

Tattoo on the thigh with bright red bow
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If you can’t wait to find a symbol that channels your inner femininity, a bright red bow can never go wrong. What makes it even more attractive is its placement on the thigh. Whether it’s the front of the thigh or the back, just below the buttocks, this tattoo will look great. You can also replace this red bow with a pink bow tie. The rose bow tattoo will look dainty and feminine like this red.

The uniform red color will make your tattoo stand out even in a crowd. You will love how this tattoo will peek out from under your short dress, mini skirt or hot pants. Consult your tattoo artist and let him know if you want patterns or cuts in the loose ends of the bow. Red or pink bow tattoos are always a popular choice among women. This design will look great as a tattoo on the back of the thigh.

Tattoo on the thigh with bow and purple satin garter

Tattoo on the thigh with bow and purple satin garter
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This bow tattoo was so beautifully crafted that it looks almost real! You can almost imagine the softness of the satin with which the bow was made. Congratulations to the tattoo artist. The play of light and shadow was also brilliantly executed. The purple color complements your skin color in the most appropriate way, regardless of your complexion.

The garter that the bow is attached to adds to the beauty of the tattoo. This tattoo will definitely accentuate your beauty when you wear short dresses and stockings. This tattoo gives you the best and most perfect thing to adorn your thick thighs with!

Tattoo on the thigh with black and yellow bow

Tattoo on the thigh with black and yellow bow
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Tattoo designs like this can make for great cover tattoos. If you have a tattoo that you regret having, this black and yellow bow tattoo will make a great cover tattoo. Keeping the black base is a huge plus. Nobody will know the secret behind your black bow tattoo. You no longer have to sulk over poorly planned tattoo designs.

Now coming to the quality of the ribbon that holds the tattoo, the loose ends of the ribbon have been kept yellow. There are small black animal motifs, which create a great contrast. Whether it’s the back or front of the thigh, or any area that has been the victim of a wrong tattoo, this tattoo will make up for it all!

Color Splashes Thin Ribbon Bow Thigh Tattoo

Color Splashes Thin Ribbon Bow Thigh Tattoo
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If you love colors, this tattoo is exactly what you might be looking for. A beautiful blend of almost any color you imagine will accentuate your femininity, this tattoo art will be a great addition to your thigh. These bow tattoos, with their wonderful play of colors, look extremely attractive.

You will be amazed to see how the colors blend into each other. Solid edges are also missing in some places, which makes it look ambiguous and gives an effect as if the colors are leaking from the ribbon. The loose ends also lock unevenly. These bow tattoos are a perfect example of perfection over imperfection.

Do not open before the Christmas bow thigh tattoo

Do not open before the Christmas bow thigh tattoo
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This is one of the quirky bow tattoos you can get on your thigh. Get as bad as you want with this tattoo. This tattoo features a red ribbon wrapped around the thighs and a hanging tag that says “Do not open before Christmas”. Such bow tattoos come in handy when you are making fun of your mate.

This tattoo design can be an instant mood lifter. Imagine wearing revealing clothes and lifting her skirt just to show this tattoo to your partner while Christmas is about a week away. Sounds funny, right? Who ever imagined that bow tattoos could be used in this way? Celebrate your feminine sexuality with this “Don’t open before Christmas” tattoo!

Feminine tattoo with bow and envelope on the thigh

Feminine tattoo with bow and envelope on the thigh
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This is one of the bow tattoos that flaunts a number of elements. A delicate hand holds out an envelope while there is a lavender ribbon wrapped around her wrist. There are a number of lavender flowers all around the flower. The whole environment looks very graceful and delicate.

The folds of the ribbon have been well done, making it soft and delicate like satin. You can also have the viewers sit and imagine what might be written in the letter. This is a tattoo you won’t forget easily. You can experiment a lot with the arch design.

Tattoo on the thigh with jeweled bow

Tattoo on the thigh with jeweled bow
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Lace bow tattoos have taken the market by storm! A black lace bow tattoo on her thigh is automatically a sexy thing a woman can have on her skin. What makes design so feminine? It is the floral pattern of the lace. The pink jewel attached to the knot enhances the beauty of the tattoo.

While there aren’t many curves and folds to like, the overall design looks extremely sensual. Also, the site where the design is tattooed adds to its overall beauty. They can best accompany worn garters and give an overall seductive look. Bow tattoos like this are a very feminine girl and perfectly highlight a woman’s sexuality.

Hope this article gives you an in-depth idea of ​​what the bow tie tattoo on the thigh means. Based on what you want your tattoo to represent a symbol, you can choose a design of your choice and get tattooed. Pink, red or yellow, the choice is yours! Bows and ribbons are a girl’s best friend; make sure you flaunt them with the right bow tattoo style!

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