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Looking for some designs of the broken heart face tattoo ideas? We’ve got you covered with some trendy designs that you are sure to love!

Broken heart face tattoos
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Broken heart tattoos generally have some pain and sad emotions.

One of the very common designs of a broken heart tattoo is placed under the eye on the face and is equally popular with men and women. These tattoos are reminiscent of a loss or a heartbreak that left us suffering and many other deep emotions.

Meeting someone for the first time and falling in love is something most of us have experienced in life. However, sometimes falling in love doesn’t always have a happy ending and ultimately leaves us disappointed. Some relationships break up because 2 people don’t get along or have disengaged and some relationships break up due to the loss of one person. Getting over a broken relationship may not be the easiest, however, it leaves us with a teaching moment. Many people love to commemorate that moment in their life with a broken heart tattoo. One of the most visible places to get this tattoo is the face. People believe these broken heart tattoos are a way to heal your soul and help you move forward in life. Broken heart tattoos might not just be in front of people. It can also be for pets that are like family to you and have died. These tattoos have deep, soulful meaning and are a constant reminder of someone you loved.

There are several variations of a broken heart tattoo and we have selected a few for you. Check out our broken heart tattoo collection and select your favorite design now.

Simple broken heart face tattoo

Simple broken heart face tattoo
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Broken heart tattoos are generally a reminder of an important relationship that has come to an end. These tattoos define personal laws and pay homage to the one who taught you a lesson and moved on. Generally, a broken heart tattoo is done with a broken heart symbol in the middle. This particular tattoo was made in a similar way and was placed near the left eye. This is a beautiful piece of body art with deep meaning that has been placed on the face. This tattoo is one of the simpler designs and was done with subtle black ink strokes. You can add different colors or elements to this design to make it more eye-catching.

Broken Heart Tattoo On The Face

Broken Heart Tattoo On The Face
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A black heart tattoo is generally a representation of pain, grief and death. These tattoos are one of the most popular choices for a memorial tattoo, which also pays tribute to your loved ones who have passed away. Many people usually get the traditional black ink colored heart tattoo. However, in this design, the person has inked a black tattoo that is broken from the center of his face. Eye sight can be one of the most painful places to get a tattoo, so you need to be sure before going for this placement. This tattoo is one of the ways to show the world that you have suffered a painful loss.

Red and black broken heart tattoo

Red and black broken heart tattoo
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This is another unique design to show lost love. This particular tattoo design shows ½ of the heart in red color and the other half in black color. Red ink symbolizes romantic and passionate love, while black ink symbolizes sadness and pain. Such a tattoo is generally done when you want to pay tribute to a partner who has moved on in life or doesn’t love you anymore. Many people also love to use this design to make matching tattoos with their friends siblings. The placement of this tattoo is just below the right eye. Generally, when a tattoo is done in such a place, it represents pain because it looks like a tear falling from the eye. This tattoo is a fantastic way to show the different stages of love and the fact that love comes with pain.

Red broken heart tattoo

Red and black broken heart tattoos
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Generally, when a broken heart tattoo is made, it is made with two different heart pieces made separately. However, in this drawing we see that there is a standard heart shape and it has a broken mark in the middle. However, the heart is not separate. This drawing also contains black and red ink. Black ink was used to make the border and the break, while red ink was used to fill the heart. Black symbolizes pain and sorrow, while red symbolizes love. This tattoo was placed under the person’s left eye like a tear. It may seem like a very simple design, however it is very effective.

Blue broken heart tattoo

Blue broken heart tattoo
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A blue tattoo is a very unique way to create a heart design because generally hard tattoos are done in red or black ink. Blue hearts have a special double meaning. They represent the warmest color and cool blue mood. As for a tattoo, a blue heart represents sadness or passion. This particular tattoo was made on the right side of the face, near the ear. The tattoo was done in different shades of blue, while the breakup symbol was made in the shape of a lightning bolt. The position of the statue is such that it may not be very visible even when you look in the mirror. This tattoo is just a way to show the loss of a loved one.

Black Broken Heart Tattoo On Forehead

Black Broken Heart Tattoo On Forehead
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As humans, we create different relationships on our journey. And these relationships and connections mean everything to us. Black broken hearts are generally a symbol of the loss of a loved one. Whether it’s romantic or familiar, it doesn’t matter. Black is a common color used to symbolize grief and grief. When someone wears a tattoo on their face where it is very visible to other people, it means that they have undergone important laws and people should approach them gently about it. This person got a broken heart black ink tattoo on the left side of the forehead. The design was done in solid black ink without the use of other colors.

Traditional broken heart tattoo

Traditional broken heart tattoo
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This design is relatively larger than the other broken heart tattoos. It shows the traditional red heart broken in half and has the word broken written on a sachet surrounding it. This tattoo was placed on the right side of the forehead right above the person’s right eyebrow. Since it is a larger tattoo, it is visible even from a very distance. The tattoo artist used colors like black, red, yellow, orange and white to complete this design. The forehead can be one of the hardest places to get a tattoo because it can be very painful.

Angel And Demon

Angel And Demon
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Angel and demon tattoos are generally made to show the clash between evil and God and right and right. This particular design shows a broken heart in two pieces. One heart has devil’s horns, while the other side has an angel’s halo. The statue could symbolize different meanings for the wearer. The site with the Horn demon has red and black ink. Red symbolizes passionate love and black symbolizes pain. The right side of the tattoo has the black face of the broken heart with a halo, which could symbolize the death of a relationship or the death of a person. This tattoo was placed on the right cheek, just below the eye which can be a makeup for a tattoo.

Yin Yang Broken Heart

Yin Yang Broken Heart
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Yen and Yang generally symbolize that opposites also have unity. Yen and Yang are also a symbol of balance, good luck and luck. This tattoo, however, shows something very different. Along with a broken heart tattoo, it also has the yen and yang design on it. The Broken Heart tattoo was done in black ink and one side of the tattoo was left blank with only the black ink outline. The broken heart was inspired by the Yin and Yang design. If you want to go for the more traditional design, you can also choose to make one side of the broken heart with white ink. White ink is generally a lighter color and elevates the feeling of positivity and love.

Broken heart face tattoo

Broken heart face tattoo ideas
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This particular tattoo design is a different interpretation of the broken heart tattoo. The tattoo artist used great complexity and detail to complete this design. Most of the tattoo was done in black ink. However, some parts of the shading were also done in gray and white ink. This tattoo features a person’s eyes, nose and lips. It shows crying tears, made with solid black ink. This tattoo is a great representation of the broken heart and lost love. This tattoo was placed on the leg, but you can place it on any part of the body.

Getting a face tattoo can be a huge undertaking. While getting a tattoo on your face might give you some excitement, however, it can be a little scary. If you want to try a face tattoo first, you can ask your tattoo artist to get you a temporary tattoo if you think it looks good, you can opt for a permanent one later. There are several variations of a broken heart face tattoo, and if you liked the above, you can also check out the ones below:

  • Small heart tattoo
  • Traditional tattoo in the shape of a heart
  • Small broken heart face tattoo
  • Sacred Heart Tattoo
  • Black heart tattoo

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