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Are you a Taurasian who loves tattoos? Then you’re in the right place. Check out the list of these mind-blowing creative Taurus tattoos for females.

Creative Taurus tattoos
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Taurus is the Latin connotation of “taurus” and is considered the second sign in astrology.

The astrological sign of Taurus is the first among the earth signs and is ruled by the planet Venus. Megan Fox, the famous American actress and the model’s zodiac sign, is also Taurus.

The Taurus season officially begins on April 19th. It is a fixed sign and people born under this zodiac sign are believed to be great listeners, hardworking, devoted and very reliable. According to people who fall under the zodiac sign, Taurus believes that loyalty outweighs everything.

People under this zodiac sign are also kindhearted, kind and loyal. If Taurus is among your favorite zodiac signs, the list of these gorgeous Taurus tattoo designs for females will blow your mind. This list includes all types of Taurus tattoos, from long sleeves to minimalist, and you can find the perfect one for you here.

Tattoo Woman And Bull Stars

Tattoo Woman And Bull Stars
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This tattoo features a woman with horns, and she is surrounded by flowers and leaves, representing the earth sign, Taurus. The black and white ink of the tattoo artist to create a monochromatic effect on this tattoo. The artist used intricate shading and highlighted some parts of the tattoo with white ink which makes the tattoo stand out.

If you look closely, you can see a crescent moon drawn on the woman’s forehead. With the fierce and independent woman portrayed in this tattoo, this tattoo has the classic Taurus element. If your moon sign is Taurus then this tattoo is perfect for you.

Minimalist floral bull bull tattoo

Minimalist floral bull head bull tattoos
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This tattoo features a Taurus bull surrounded by flowers on the sides and to give this tattoo a minimalist look, a triangle is also added to this tattoo. Taurus is a part of the earth signs which is represented by the floral design in this tattoo. The expression on the bull obtained through shading shows the classic personality of the sign of Taurus.

The placement of the triangle in the background gives the bull’s head and flowers a 3D effect. The artist used shading in specific portions to highlight the muscles of the bull. This Taurus tattoo is a perfect representation of the Taurus zodiac sign and is absolutely among the best Taurus tattoo designs.

Tattoo Bull Taurus Dynamic Sketch

Tattoo Bull Taurus Dynamic Sketch
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This majestic tattoo is among the larger tattoos that feature a bull. The style used in this tattoo by the artist through the wonderful monochromatic gradient makes the tattoo look like a sketch. The bull is bordered by lines and circles which give the art a tribal tattoo perspective. You can notice the beautifully tattooed bull on the arm by the artist in this tattoo in a different style.

If you notice, you can see that the bull’s hind leg is more like a sketch which makes this tattoo even more unique. Among all the other Taurus bull tattoos, this bull tattoo would look gorgeous on your body and if Taurus is your sun sign, this tattoo is sure to reflect your powerful personality.

Taurus bull geometric tattoos

Geometric Taurus Bull Tattoo Ideas
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The tattoo artist did a splendid job on this bull tattoo. The tattoo focuses solely on the geometric motif of the bull skull. The geometric pattern also extends to the ears, revealing the outline of the entire bull’s head in the tattoo. The whole tattoo is based solely on the fine lines surrounding the bull’s head of the Taurus.

The details on the eyes and nose are also tattooed with geometric patterns. The artist only used different lines to draw the geometric patterns on the tattoo. The fine lines and patterns used in this tattoo also give it a minimalist look. This small Taurus tattoo is one of the best Taurus tattoo ideas you can try.

One line abstract bull tattoo

One line abstract bull tattoo
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One line tattoo is now among the trendy tattoo ideas that you can get. The bull skull of the Taurus in this tattoo is drawn on one line. The specialty of a one line tattoo is that there are no breaks within the tattoo but a constant flow is seen throughout the tattoo.

If you notice, then you can see that there are two lines, one under the nose and one in the center of the bull’s head drawn outside the edges of the tattoo, these lines indicate where the tattoo started and ended, with the use of a single line . The zodiac sign of Taurus is often represented by a bull. This is one of the most minimalist designs of the sign of Taurus which represents the most beautiful things in the zodiac.

Taurus zodiac tattoos

Taurus zodiac tattoos
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This tattoo features the bull’s head in two halves. One side of the head is in a geometric pattern and the other half is in a more realistic type. The Taurus zodiac sign is indicated by the Taurus astrological symbol on the top of this tattoo. The bull’s head is bordered by a diamond outline and in this tattoo it also collides with a circle.

The outline of the diamond is drawn with thin lines, while the circle is drawn only with points. The two halves of the bull’s face, along with the horns, are also divided by a thin line to differentiate them. The shading along with the design of this tattoo makes it stand out. It is hands down one of the best tattoo ideas you can get from this zodiac.

Bull with tree tattoo design

Bull with tree tattoo design
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This tattoo contains many elements compared to the other designs. The tattoo started with a tree, representing the earth portraying the astrological sign of Taurus. The roots of the plant are spread across a compass and clock in this tattoo. You can see that one side of the circle indicates a compass and another represents a clock. At the bottom of the tattoo, you can see the bull’s head. It seems that the bull, which is the symbol of Taurus, carries the weight of time and direction and, at the same time, is rooted in its roots.

The tattoo also features five birds hovering around the top. This is a classic Taurus zodiac tattoo that represents a Taurus person’s personality according to astrology, and is definitely one of the most beautiful Taurus tattoos you can have on your body.

Taurus goddess tattoo

Taurus goddess tattoo
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This Taurus goddess tattoo features the goddess of Taurus with horns. You may notice that parts of her hair and her horns have vines running down. The vines are a classic symbol of the earth element through which the zodiac sign of Taurus is represented.

There is a Taurus symbol on the girl’s forehead. The hair of the Goddess is indicated with fine lines. The tattoo is black and white which gives the tattoo a vintage look. The shading on her horns is also magnificent. If you want a tattoo that highlights the feminine side more, then this is the tattoo you should definitely consider putting on your skin.

Colorful bull tattoo

Colorful bull tattoo
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This bull tattoo features the Taurus bull with a wheel of zodiac symbols in the background. The colors used in this tattoo are shades of yellow and green which are shades of earth. The Taurus symbol on the zodiac wheel has a crown and is inked in yellow. The yellow then slowly blends with the green ink inside the circle.

There are also leaves that are inked green in color. The taurus and the rest of the zodiac are mostly black and white. The artist used intricate shades in the tattoo and the colors are used to bring out the symbol and elements of the zodiac. This is one of the best Taurus bull tattoos you can have on your body.

Taurus constellation tattoo

Taurus constellation tattoo
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Constellation tattoos can represent many deep meanings, even if your zodiac sign is not Taurus but rather a favorite constellation then you can definitely try this tattoo. You can get constellation tattoos even if they are not related to your personal zodiac. However, the name of the constellation is taken from astrology.

Constellation tattoos look magical on the skin and this constellation tattoo represents the constellation of Taurus with flowers. The shading on the flower petals is given to the smallest detail. If you find the Taurus constellation to be one of the most beautiful constellations, this is one of the best Taurus constellation tattoo ideas you can definitely think of getting.

Taurus is one of the most powerful zodiac signs and if you still want to explore other Taurus tattoo designs and ideas, you can also try them from the list below.

  • Small bull tattoo.
  • Tribal Bull Tattoo.
  • Bull wrist tattoo.
  • Bull and lion tattoo.
  • Realistic bull tattoo.

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