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If you are a fan of Meek Mill and want to pay tribute to the rapper, then the Dream chaser tattoo is a great option as it has an album of the same name.

Dream catcher tattoo
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If you search Google Dreamchaser will show you either the Meek Mill album of the same name or a single Komario song on Spotify saying that their companies use essential and optional cookies for better performance and advertising and measurement services.

But these are not the reasons why the dream chaser tattoo has come to the fore. It was due to American rapper Dylan Harraway whose dream chaser tattoo was printed backwards.

Although Dylan Harraway didn’t realize this massacre early on, his friend told him when he saw the tattoo. A huge fan of Meek Mill, he wanted to do this tattoo as inspiration, but it backfired horribly for the rapper.

Simple dream catcher tattoo

Simple dream catcher tattoo
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Everyone in the world has some sort of desire and dreams that they want to fulfill. For this, they are busy day after day to get closer to that dream. To remind themselves how much more they need to work and to keep themselves motivated many people to get inked with dream catcher tattoos.

They can be made with black ink or colored ink by any tattoo artist and can be applied as body art on wrist, forearm, thigh, chest, back and gloss. The size of the tattoo can vary from medium to large and totally depends on the tattoo artist. This is one of the best tattoo ideas if you are looking for a dream tattoo.

Dream Chaser tattoo with an arm band

Dream Chaser tattoo with an arm band
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A solid armband tattoo has some characteristics, but the most important among them is mourning. When done it represents the death of someone who was close to the tattoo artist. Now, when merged with dream chasers, it can mean that the person on whose memory this was made was a dreamer.

Black ink is mainly used for these tattoos and the DC symbol can sometimes be done with red. Other elements such as a cross or beads can be added to further highlight the idea of ​​mourning the dead. The armband can also represent power and luck when performed on the bicep and if so it will prove that the tattoo artist would make their dreams come true with all the strength they have.

Snake dream tracker tattoo

Snake dream tracker tattoo
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Seeing a snake can lead many people to believe it represents something sinister due to the dangerous nature of the predator. But in different cultures it carries an important symbolism. In Greek mythology it is associated with health and medicine, while for Native Americans and Africans it is a symbol of wisdom and protection. Getting a dream catcher tattoo and using a snake that wraps around it looks extremely cool.

Just like in Buddhism, Lord Buddha was protected by a divine snake, similarly inking a dream catcher tattoo with a coiled snake serves as the tattoo owner’s dream protector. Traditional black ink is used to perform this tattoo and is mainly placed on the thighs, calves, back, chest, forearm and biceps.

Dream catcher tattoo on the neck

Dream catcher tattoo on the neck
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One of the most impressive places to display your body art is the neck region. Inking with the dream tracker tattoo ideas on the neck looks extremely interesting. Neck tattoos are often associated with communication and making such a tattoo concept means that you want to be explicit in order to pursue your dreams.

Pursuing dreams doesn’t always come true and can sometimes become a risky business. Doing Dream chaser on the neck can also highlight the fact that the tattoo artist is a risky one. Black ink is mainly used and beginners are advised not to get inked around the neck as it is very painful due to the presence of several nerves in this region.

Dollar dream tracker tattoo

Dollar dream tracker tattoo
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One of the most basic dream chaser tattoos is the one with the currency symbol. Dollars, Euros, Francs or any other currency sign with a money bag shows the tattoo artist’s ambition to strive for wealth. The ink used here is mostly black and the tattoo is quite large in nature.

In a wealth-driven society, having such a dream catcher tattoo is a good reminder to hurry all the way through. The best place to put these designs is the forearm, bicep, thighs, shine and back. But one thing that needs to be kept in mind when inking this design is that unfair means won’t help dreams come true.

Dream tracker tattoo on the back arm

Dream tracker tattoo on the back arm
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The dream tracker tattoo on the back of the arm is a good place to be inked. The arm is associated with strength and power and making a dream tattoo here shows that the person with all the strength of him will try to make his dream come true.

The ink used is mainly black and the size of the tattoo can range from medium to large. To enhance the content of the tattoo you can add other objects such as flowers or currency symbols. These tattoos are the most popular among men.

Realistic dream tracker tattoo

Realistic dream tracker tattoo
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Realism as an art movement flourished in the mid-nineteenth century in Europe and is still one of the greatest artistic techniques. But getting a dream chaser tattoo with the realism technique is a feat for any tattoo artist. Black, white, gray and red ink is used to get the photo-like tattoo on the body. The best places to put them are forearm, wrist, bicep, chest, shine and back.

Inspired by founder meek mill’s dream album, this tattoo can be done if you are a fan of the american rapper. Realistic tattoos almost look like a photograph and when viewed from a distance could be misunderstood as a photographic image. This could also act as a reminder to make your dreams come true, you need to be precise and disciplined just like the technique of realism.

Meek Mill dream catcher tattoo

Meek Mill dream catcher tattoo
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If you are inspired by the songs of Robert Rihmeek Williams, a dream tattoo on your body is a great way to pay tribute to the American rapper. Also known by his stage name Meek Mill, his album Dreamchasers was a mixtape and received mixed reactions from the rapping community. The initials D and C are made to ink the Dreamchasers concept.

This dream tracker tattoo design can bloom very well in the forearm, wrist, bicep, back, chest and shine. The initials D and C can be done in red ink or the whole tattoo can be engraved with traditional black. In addition to respecting the founder of Meek Mill, this tattoo also serves as a tribute in memory of Lil Snupe who was considered to be Meek Mill’s protege.

Tattoo by Dylan Harraway Forearm Dream Chaser

Dylan Harraway Forearm Dream Chaser Tattoos
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One of the most popular places to get a tattoo is the forearm. Dylan Harraway is an up and coming young rapper who took inspiration from the Dreamchasers album and got that forearm tattoo. The tattoo turned out to be completely failed as it was done in a backward fashion. His friend first told him about this incident once he saw the tattoo.

Although it is a great place to get a tattoo, people need to be wary of such incidents. Dylan Harraway made this drawing in black ink and his family thought it was done right. He had spent two hours and two hundred dollars on this design and claims he did it from a well-known tattoo parlor. When he shared this incident on social media, he received mixed reactions and criticism.

Dream chasing tattoo on chest

Dream chasing tattoo on chest
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Chest tattoos are mostly large in size and are extremely beautiful when done correctly. Putting a dream catcher tattoo on the chest can be associated with a variety of meanings. The first thing the tattoo will reflect is that you are not afraid to take risks and look forward to making your dreams come true.

As the tattoo will be close to your heart when done on the chest, it demonstrates how precious dreams are to you. This dream tattoo is mostly done in black ink and is popular with men. They can also be fused with elements such as an eagle, tiger eyes or snake to further highlight the beauty of the dream tattoo design.

To avoid accidents like Dyland Harraaway, you should always visit a reputable tattoo shop to get the DC Dream Chaser tattoo logo design and try to live up to the concept of tattoo you have on your body.

The other tattoo ideas that can be done with the dream catcher design are:

  • Godzilla dream chaser tattoo.
  • Hercules dream catcher tattoo.
  • Dream catcher tiger tattoo.
  • Dreamchaser flower tattoo.
  • Dreamchaser dream catcher tattoo.

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