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Have you undergone mastectomy and are looking for cover tattoo ideas? We have some awesome floral mastectomy tattoo designs perfect for you!

Best Floral Mastectomy Tattoo
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Are you wondering what a mastectomy tattoo is?

Well, we have an answer for you. A mastectomy tattoo is an artistic design drawn on the breast area, which covers the scars of the mastectomy surgery.

After a person is diagnosed with a disease such as breast cancer, they must undergo breast reconstruction surgery called a mastectomy, which involves the partial removal of one or both breasts. This can also include muscle tissue and lymph nodes. There are some women who have a family history of breast cancer and undergo this surgery as a precautionary measure. During the surgery, these women are given an option, some choose to go flat and others want to get breast implants. In addition to these options, they also have the option of getting a mastectomy tattoo.

These tattoos are generally drawn over the mastectomy scars and there are different designs used to cover them. These tattoos are a great way to give these women the feeling of empowerment and help them reclaim their bodies even after suffering physical and emotional trauma. These tattoos help women see themselves in a new and beautiful way.

You can definitely come up with a design of your own. However, we have put together a list of some great mastectomy flower tattoo designs for you. Check out these designs below and pick your next body art now.

Mastectomy Flower And Berries Tattoo

Mastectomy Flower And Berries Tattoo
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Each tattoo generally has a deep meaning hidden behind it. This particular tattoo is made up of different flowers and berries. Floral tattoos generally have different meanings according to different cultures. In some cultures they represent strength and honor, while in some cultures they represent beauty and kindness. In this design, along with different types of flowers, there are also some blueberries and cherries. A blueberry tattoo symbolizes sweetness and perfection in life and a cherry tattoo is a symbol of innocence, fertility and purity. The combination of this design means that you have enough strength and courage, along with sweetness and innocence in your life.

The tattoo artist did a lot of detail in this design. They used bright colors like pink, red, blue, green and purple to complete this tattoo. It covers the scars on the right side of the chest. If you are looking for a botanical cover tattoo then this design is definitely something to consider.

Peony mastectomy tattoo

Peony mastectomy tattoo
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If you are someone who likes to get floral tattoo designs then this is probably the best option for you. This design is of a Peony tattoo. A peony flower is a symbol of nobility, honor, beauty and love. This is a very common tattoo design in Japanese and Chinese cultures. A peony flower is considered a very exciting design element and it is. Often crafted as a standalone flower.

This particular design is a beautiful depiction of a pink peony flower and some small purple flowers next to it. To add more of the design element, the artist added green leaves behind it. This tattoo was made on the left side of the chest. It starts from the shoulder and goes down to the ribs. The beautiful color combination makes this tattoo more attractive.

Bright and bold flowers

Bright and bold flowers
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This tattoo design is out of a flower, which is very similar to a chrysanthemum. A chrysanthemum tattoo represents rebirth, positivity, joy, vitality, peace and love for children and family. A chrysanthemum is generally used when you want to celebrate an occasion. This tattoo represents exactly that. It is a celebration of the woman who gets a mastectomy and wins cancer.

The tattoo artist did a great job with the design of the statue, the artist used bright colors like red and yellow for the main flower and different shades of green for the leaves. This design is made on the right side of the chest where it can easily cover mastectomy scars.

Floral mastectomy tattoo – black and white

Mastectomy flower tattoo - black and white
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As we know, a flower tattoo can symbolize many different things. In this particular design, the tattoo artist has different flowers like a peony and a rose. A Peony tattoo is a symbolization of courage and conviction and a rose tattoo is a symbolization of passionate love. The main element of this tattoo is that the design was done in black and gray ink. A black tattoo often symbolizes death or mourning, many people also use it for its beauty purpose.

This particular tattoo design was placed on the right chest of the mirror. It starts from the shoulder and goes down to the ribs. It is a beautiful design and if you are looking for a dainty and tough tattoo then this is something you can consider.

Tiger and flower mastectomy tattoo

Tiger and flower mastectomy tattoo
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One of the very common animal tattoos that people get is a tiger tattoo. A tiger is a symbolization of raw strength and power. It is also seen as a representation of independence and freedom. To balance this tattoo with something beautiful and unique, the tattoo artist added flowers around the tiger.

There is no particular flower. There are several types of flowers in this design, which generally represent courage and love. The whole tattoo was done with subtle black ink strokes and is placed on the right side of the chest. Consider this beautiful piece for your next tattoo.

Cherry blossom mastectomy tattoos

Cherry blossom mastectomy tattoos
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If you are a breast cancer survivor then this is one of the best post mastectomy tattoos you can get. After finishing the surgery, you will need a tattoo design that covers that mastectomy scar. This cherry blossom statue is one of the most appropriate tattoos you can think of. These flowers are a representation of life. They are a symbol of beauty and wit and look absolutely stunning on the chest.

This beautiful design shows a branch with pink cherry blossoms. The tattoo artist used light pink for the flowers, brown for the branch. To add to the element of this design, the tattoo artist also added a blue butterfly, which is a symbol of freedom and beauty.

Rose and bird mastectomy tattoo

Rose and bird mastectomy tattoo
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This tattoo includes 3 roses, which are a symbol of passionate love and courage. Along with these roses there is a beautiful bird which is a symbol of freedom. The whole design was done in black and gray ink. To highlight some areas, the tattoo artist also used the red color. Roses are connected with a mandala art, which is a likeness of balance and beauty. The person who got this tattoo had surgical scars and wanted the tattoo to cover everything. He also had some radiation scars, which can be a little difficult to work with, but the tattoo artist did a great job of covering the entire portion.

Pink rose mastectomy tattoos

Pink rose mastectomy tattoos
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Breast cancer survivors experience a lot of physical and emotional trauma before, during and after surgery. It is important that they keep themselves in a good mood in order to get through this difficult stage in life. This beautiful design is of a pink rose, which symbolizes remembrance, new love and innocence. Going through surgery can leave some scars, not only physically but emotionally as well. This tattoo is a great way to cover it up. The tattoo artist did a great job with the line details. They used different shades of pink for the flower and black and green for the leaves to add to the design, they added a small butterfly which is a symbol of freedom. This design tattooed on your body is sure to lift your spirits.

Full bloom mastectomy tattoos

Full bloom mastectomy tattoos
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This design is delicate and beautiful and covers the scars a person gets during a mastectomy surgery. There are many women who suffer from breast cancer and after having surgery and radiation they like to cover up their post-mastectomy job with beautiful tattoos. This design is one of them. The tattoo artist used very delicate strokes to make this design and bright colors which make this tattoo more attractive. One part of the tattoo is on the person’s shoulder while the other is on the scar.

Floral mandala tattoo

Floral mandala tattoo
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A Rose Mandala tattoo is a feast for the eyes. It is also seen as a symbol of love and passion. These models are also a representation of faith, honor and balance in life. This design revives the hope people have lost during their mastectomy surgeries. This design covers the entire front of the chest. Colors like black, brown and red were used to complete this design.

Before getting a mastectomy tattoo, it is important to choose a tattoo artist who has experience in this field. There are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, do your research correctly. Look at the designs and understand the meaning behind them before getting such a tattoo because it will be a part of you for eternity. Secondly, consult a doctor before getting a scar tissue tattoo. It may be possible that certain risks are involved, such as some allergies or whatever. But don’t worry, once you are cleared, a mastectomy tattoo will give you control of your body again. We hope you enjoy the above designs, but for more mastectomy tattoo inspiration, you can also explore further by looking –

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