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Are you looking for some great “Full Metal Alchemist” tattoo ideas to show your love for this anime series? We have our backs to you!

Full Metal Alchemist Tattoo
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If you watch anime, you must have come across the term “Alchemy”.

The most popular alchemy anime is “Fullmetal Alchemist”. This anime tells us all about the world of fantasy alchemy.

There are two most important things in the world of alchemy, one is the absolute rule of “equivalent exchange”, in the sense that to get something, we must return an equivalent amount of something, for example, if we want to get an ax, then we must give enough iron to make an ax. The other rule of alchemy is not to commit the taboo of “resurrecting someone”. First of all, this is taboo, so people don’t usually commit it, and secondly, the compensation would be too high to pay to bring a dead person to the land of the living.

Alchemists are able to change elements by drawing a circle like they can turn water into ice without the help of a freezer, etc. But there are few exceptions for which a circle is not necessary, those special people are capable of doing it because they have committed the ‘taboo’ and have already seen death up close.

There are different types of alchemical tattoos and each one represents different meanings. The circular tattoo in alchemy represents a person’s mind, perfection and a transcended state of death. But not all circles are the same, there are different circles used for different purposes. The Fullmetal Alchemist tattoo symbolizes love for both anime and alchemy.

If you are also considering getting an alchemist tattoo soon, then you need to check out these ten best-selected Fullmetal Alchemist tattoos and pick a favorite for your next visit to the tattoo artist.

Edward and Alphonse Alchemist Tattoo

Edward and Alphonse Alchemist Tattoo
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The two characters that are featured in this tattoo are Edward and Alphonse, and both are brothers. These characters belong to the famous “Fullmetal Alchemist” series. The brown boy in this tattoo is Edward, the older brother, and the boy in a knight costume is Alphonse, who is the younger brother. These two brothers committed the ‘taboo’ to bring their mother back to life, which didn’t work out very well. However, the trial cost them their body, although Edward’s hand and leg were taken away, Alphonse lost everything but his soul. And that soul is attached to the armor.

The tattoo artist who sculpted this amazing tattoo successfully captured the anime vibe in this alchemist tattoo. The fine coloring, the sharp edges, the perfect expression and the clean drawing are a sign of a talented artist. Otakus can’t resist such beauty, and if you are one of them and want to get this awesome alchemist tattoo. But you are facing problems in finding good tattoo artists. So you can always google “anime tattoo artists near me” and make an appointment with them, but never forget to check the reviews before going there.

Fullmetal Alchemist Alchemy Circle Tattoo

Fullmetal Alchemist Alchemy Circle Tattoo
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The circles are the most important part of alchemy, without the circle people cannot perform the rituals of alchemy. It is also very important to draw the right and correct circle because a wrong circle could lead to invisible results. Characters in the Fullmetal Alchemist series mostly wear gloves with carved circles, so they don’t have to draw a circle every time they face an enemy.

This awesome Fullmetal Alchemist royal tattoo was sculpted by the artist without leaving out any minute details, not many artists can. The letters written on the circle provide us with proof that nothing has been left out. This tattoo is a custom design by the tattoo artist, which is probably the specialty of this tattoo. If you look at the tattoo you can see Alphonse’s head armor near the circle with flowers around it. Which could mean that Alphonse has been transcended into other forms of the world of alchemy.

Are you thinking of tattooing this unique Alchemy Circle tattoo on your body? If you are, we suggest that you look for good tattoo artists and you can easily do it just by searching your phone for tattoo shops near me.

Fullmetal Alchemist Menacing Alphonse Tattoo

Fullmetal Alchemist Menacing Alphonse Tattoo
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The scary part of this tattoo is Alphonse’s eyes, and it’s scary because he shouldn’t have eyes, fans will understand that. Besides being a skilled alchemist, Alphonse is also a strong fighter. Due to the fact that he has no body at all, he is basically invincible.

This tattoo is made up of two powerful characters Alphonse and Pride. Pride is a strong and powerful villain who can customize his weapon by thinking about it. He is full of pride, and hence he name him.

If you have been impressed with these two amazing characters, we highly recommend getting this tattoo on your next tattoo appointment.

Fullmetal Alchemist Manga Alphonse and Edward Tattoo

Fullmetal Alchemist Manga Alphonse and Edward Tattoo
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No one among the Otaku will ever forget manga, this is where their life is. And this tattoo is a replica of the Fullmetal Alchemist manga. The artist did a really great job of making this Fullmetal alchemist tattoo as authentic as possible, and he succeeded. This tattoo was drawn in black ink and carved on the arm of the tattoo bearer.

This Fullmetal alchemist tattoo reminds us of the fight scenes from the series, as it represents their position. Only a handful of dedicated manga artists are capable of doing such amazing tattoos. If you want to sculpt this awesome Fullmetal alchemist tattoo, we recommend that you make an appointment as soon as possible, because time is running out for friends.

Fullmetal Alchemist The tattoo of truth

Fullmetal Alchemist The tattoo of truth
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The creepy looking thing that resembles the shape of a person staring at you in this tattoo is the most powerful non-character in this series. This tattoo gives us the image of the time when Edward and Alphonse committed the “taboo” and were drawn into the realm of truth. The person-shaped thing is the Truth itself.

This interesting scene is one of the many scenes that give you the thrill when you watch it. In this alchemist tattoo, the truth is shown smiling because someone has committed that “taboo”. The truth will keep a part of someone’s body as compensation for committing a “taboo”.

So, if you are facing problems in choosing a good Fullmetal alchemist tattoo artist, let us give you some advice. Always go with those artists who are experienced in this field to get a neat tattoo.

Fullmetal Alchemist Philosopher’s Stone Tattoo

Fullmetal Alchemist Philosopher's Stone Tattoo
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No one who has seen the alchemist Fullmetal can truly forget the philosopher’s stone. The series focuses on recovering the protagonist’s body and, among other options, the most reliable path is, with the help of the philosopher’s stone.

As in this tattoo, it is shown how the protagonist’s metal hand is touching the stone, the real hand is fading. Which is a sign that he is taking back his hand with the help of the philosopher’s stone. If you are a fan of the alchemist, don’t waste time and make an appointment with a tattoo artist right away.

Fullmetal Alchemist The Gate Tattoo

Fullmetal Alchemist The Gate Tattoo
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Every mystery is solved before the “door of truth”. This gate is where anyone who commits a taboo is sent, learns the truth of the universe, and loses something just as valuable as compensation. The black hands shitting out the door are the tax collector, no one can avoid it.

The evil smile and scary gate were successfully and authentically captured by the tattoo artist. If you love this series, place this awesome tattoo on your body and let people know that the “truth” exists.

Fullmetal Alchemist Roy Mustang Tattoo

Fullmetal Alchemist Roy Mustang Tattoo
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Roy Mustang is a powerful alchemy user of fire in this series. This tattoo portrayed his mortal aspect of him as in the anime. The cold stance and the hand gesture are a sign of the way he attacks. This colorful tattoo was made very carefully by the tattoo artist without skimping on any detail.

If you too want to carve a tough character out of this series, let’s assume no one can beat this guy.

Fullmetal alchemist scar tattoo

Fullmetal alchemist scar tattoos
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Scar was shown as an anti-villain in this series, who suffered good looks in a war held by generals. For this, he holds a great grudge against them and embarks on a journey to kill the mind. This awesome character’s tough tattoo was sculpted by the artist with precision. The tattoo on Scar’s hand helps him initiate any alchemy without drawing a circle, which made him one of the strongest in the series.

If you’ve ever thought about getting yourself a surprisingly beautiful looking tattoo, don’t forget this Scar Fullmetal Alchemist tattoo.

Fullmetal Alchemist Pride Tattoo Sleeve

Fullmetal Alchemist Pride Tattoo Sleeve
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Pride is one of the seven deadly sins, which has been featured in this series. The name gives us a clue about this character. Black eyes like thing are formed when even the pride of pride gets hurt and fights with its enemy. The place where this tattoo was carved completely absorbs the essence of this tattoo.

Incredible placement, coloring and drawing is the mark of a good tattoo artist. If you want to get Seven Deadly Sins tattooed, make this your priority.

We are sure you must have already found the Fullmetal Alchemist tattoo for yourself. These tattoos are incredibly detailed and require an expert pair of hands, which is why we highly recommend that you find yourself an artist who has experience in making anime tattoos. All you have to do is google “tattoo shops near me that do walk-ins”, check the artist’s portfolio and go to the shop for your new tattoo.

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