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If you believe in astrology and are a fan of constellations, the female Capricorn sign tattoo is the perfect choice to show your faith and fashion.

Female Capricorn sign tattoo
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Of the twelve zodiac signs in astrology, Capricorn is the tenth sign on the card.

The sign was taken from the constellation of Capricorn, the horned goat. Considered one of the four deadly sins, the planet Saturn controls Capricorn.

If we go back to the Babylonian and Akkadian mythology we will find a creature with the tail of a fish and the head of a goat who was the god, Enki. This is exactly how Capricorn is represented in the astrological chart.

But from the point of view of Hindu astrology, Capricorn is not a sea goat but rather a Makara or a crocodile. It is also celebrated on the day of the Makar Sankranti Festival. In both Western and Eastern cultures, the Capricorn tattoo has become very popular due to its astronomical values ​​and magnificent clothing.

Simple Capricorn female sign tattoo

Simple Capricorn female sign tattoo
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With a grounded earth sign, a simple feminine Capricorn tattoo has an elementary design but a gorgeous and trendy look. The Capricorn female tattoo design is created using mostly black ink and is placed according to the size of the tattoo. This tattoo represents the tattoo artist’s traits which mainly include a commitment to hard work and dedication.

The design can be made in various ways, such as a girl figure fused with goats in horn, a face of a half girl and a half goat, a girl face and a goat with the sign of Capricorn, and many other similar ideas can be infused into the tattoo design. The best areas to put them on are on the forearm, thighs, calves, chest, biceps and back.

Female goddess female Capricorn sign tattoo

Female goddess female Capricorn sign tattoo
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These Capricorn tattoos are quite unique and have a connection with Greek mythology. The sea goat tattoo is actually associated with God Pan who is the ruler of woods, flocks and shepherds. But since the earth signs rule Capricorn in astrology, he is also associated with the offspring of mother nature, the goddess Persephone.

These Capricorn tattoos bloom very well on the forearm, calves, shin, back, chest and thighs. Not only is the ingrained nature of the woman portrayed with this tattoo on their skin, it also shows the feminine power of the Goddess associated with it. The tattoo artist can also show his love for Greek mythology by blending this concept into this astrological tattoo.

Capricorn constellation female tattoo

Capricorn constellation female tattoo
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Many women love to celebrate the constellation sign they were born under and therefore Capricorn constellation tattoos have become extremely popular. People who were born between December 21st and January 20th mostly get this tattoo done by a tattoo artist by lining up the stars with the Capricorn symbol.

These true constellation tattoos take up quite a small space and can be done in sensitive areas such as the shoulder bone, neck, back of the ear, ankle and below the navel. The holder of this zodiac sign tattoo radiates the characteristics of ambition and is a hard worker who likes to climb financially to the top in life just like a mountain goat trying to reach the top of the mountain.

Girly Capricorn Tribal Tattoo

Girly Capricorn Tribal Tattoo
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The Capricorn feminine tribal tattoo is a fairly new concept, but it is gaining popularity all over the world. In tribal culture, the goat is considered the symbol of power and balance and is known for its magnificent ability to climb mountains. It needs extreme precision and hard work to climb such difficult terrain and this trait is found a lot in people born under Capricorn.

These Capricorn tattoo ideas are often merged with a dream catcher, feathers, flowers and many tribal things to add depth to the tattoo design. The best place to put these tattoos on the body is the forearm, back, chest, biceps and thighs.

Feminine floral Capricorn tattoo

Feminine floral Capricorn tattoo
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These Capricorn tattoo designs are extremely relaxing and are mostly associated with the violet flower. Pansy can be found as both a garden flower and a wildflower and thrives mainly in cooler parts of Europe and Asia. But its growing nature doesn’t limit it to the colder parts and its hybrid variety can be found all over the world in a variety of temperatures.

Just like the pansy stroke, the Capricorn zodiac sign tattoo holder can thrive in multiple conditions and will come out victorious with his hardworking and ambitious nature. These Capricorn tattoos range from medium to large and can be placed on the thighs, calves, forearm, bicep, back and chest. The choice of ink can be traditional black or other bright colors can be used depending on the choice of the tattoo artist.

Capricorn female tattoo with sea goat

Capricorn female tattoo with sea goat
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In the Sumerian civilization, the God of wisdom was depicted with the head of a goat and the tail of a fish. He looked almost like a goat-headed mermaid. Later in modern times these two signs became associated with the Capricorn star and the idea of ​​the sea goat tattoo was also absorbed by the tattoo industry.

Due to its association with the God of wisdom, people born under Capricorn are often considered intelligent, busy and hardworking. When you see this tattooed on someone you will immediately understand their personality traits. They can be fused with other elements such as the sun, moon, earth and Saturn for further varied effects and meanings.

Female Capricorn symbol tattoo

Female Capricorn symbol tattoo
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The Capricorn symbol tattoo is a zodiac sign that almost looks like the alphabet “N” with an infinity symbol. This design idea is mostly small in stature and can be done using traditional black or colored ink by a tattoo artist. The best place to put these Capricorn tattoos is on the ankle, wrist, finger, forearm, neck, back and shoulder.

These zodiac signs Capricorn tattoos can be done in a variety of ways which can provide a variety of meanings on the tattoo artist. When fused with a flower it will show the cool and calm nature of the tattoo artist, when fused with the Saturn design it will associate with the concept of Saturn as the ruler of Capricorn, when done with an earth sign it will reflect the ingrained nature of the tattoo artist.

Capricorn Girly Tattoo Geometric Shapes

Capricorn Girly Tattoo Geometric Shapes
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Crafted in an intricate design pattern, these Capricorn tattoo ideas are etched in the form of abstract art on the skin. Colored inks are mainly used for these Capricorn tattoos and are mainly placed on the forearm, bicep, back, chest, thighs, shin and calves. Multiple geometric shapes can be used to decorate this sea goat tattoo.

Now each shape has its own meaning and the tattoo artist gets tattooed according to the characteristic features. When a circle is used with this Capricorn tattoo reflects the infinite cycle of life, a triangle shows the strength, creativity and harmony associated with Capricorns and a square demonstrates the truthfulness and ingrained nature of the tattoo owner.

Girly Capricorn tattoo with numbers

Girly Capricorn tattoo with numbers
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Numbers are one of the most important elements of calculus in astrology. Using it with a Capricorn tattoo design is quite natural and a great way to represent certain ideas. These Capricorn tattoos can range from small to medium stature and can be done on the forearm, wrist, thighs, back calves, chest and shin.

The two elements, the numbers and the Capricorn symbol mainly represent the date of birth of the tattoo artist which goes from December 21st to January 20th. With this sea goat tattoo, one can also represent the lucky number one has for its charm. The numbers can be written in Arabic or Roman numerals and totally depend on the tattoo artist.

Realistic Girly Capricorn tattoo

Realistic Girly Capricorn tattoo
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These Capricorn tattoo ideas are based on the concept of realism which was invented as a medium of art technique in mid-nineteenth century France. This sea goat tattoo is made using a strong tint of colored ink and almost looks like a photograph.

The best places to put these Capricorn tattoo designs are on the forearm, bicep, shin, back, chest and thighs. Realistic female Capricorn tattoos are extremely fascinating and it’s hard to take your eyes off them, which is quite similar to the tattoo artist born under the Capricorn star sign. With their work ethic and commitment, they will never fail to fascinate you.

In addition to the Capricorn tattoo, people with other zodiac signs get tattoos of Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus, Aries, Virgo, Leo and many more. The concept of astrological tattoos has become so popular that they are even done by celebrities such as Rihanna, Demi Lovato and Cara Delevingne.

Other female Capricorn tattoo ideas that can be done are:

  • Female Tarot Capricorn tattoo.
  • Small female tattoo of Capricorn.
  • Capricorn female wrist tattoo.
  • Mountain Female Capricorn Tattoo.
  • Capricorn female ear tattoo.

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