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Are you looking for some cool ideas for your next tattoo? We have the same. Below are some beautiful hummingbird tattoos with a floral design.

Hummingbird Tattoo With Flowers
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The hummingbird is one of the smallest birds in the world.

The hummingbird tattoo is very popular in the tattoo world. They are versatile, unique and full of symbolism.

Some cultures believe that hummingbirds symbolize freedom, while in others, such as the Aztec culture, the hummingbird is a symbol of rebirth. It is said that those dead warriors, who lost their lives in the war, would have reincarnated as hummingbirds. One of the main reasons that make hummingbird tattoo designs so versatile is that they can be customized in various shapes and sizes. Even a small design of this tattoo will be as significant as the larger one. At the same time, also include other elements such as flowers or butterflies in your design, to make them look unique. Below are some of the best hummingbird tattoo examples you can refer to for your next tattoo design.

Colorful Hummingbird Tattoo

Colorful Hummingbird Tattoo
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Adding bright colors to your hummingbird tattoo will make it look more realistic. A similar idea was portrayed through this image. The tattoo artist here used a wide palette of various colors like blue, pink, green, purple and orange to create this look. It looks realistic and vibrant and can be a great idea for those who prefer this look. However, one of the drawbacks of getting colored tattoo designs is that they generally cost more than traditional black and white ones. Secondly, you’ll need to make frequent touch-ups on your design, as light colors fade faster than black ink.

Small hummingbird tattoo

Small hummingbird tattoos
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If you are one of those who prefer meaningful yet simple designs then this one here may be an excellent choice for you. Instead of using any color, the artist only used black ink to draw this design. These types of tattoos are much easier to make and can be completed in a short time. They can be as significant as large colored tattoos. The artist here incorporated the butterfly design into this tattoo, giving it a more feminine look. The two elements in this image provide a wonderfully contrasted meaning. The hummingbird is a representation of hope, freedom and joy. The butterfly, on the other hand, symbolizes beauty and grace. By combining these elements, the tattoo artist made this design more meaningful and powerful.

Sunflower and hummingbird tattoo

Sunflower and hummingbird tattoo
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Just like the hummingbird, the sunflower is also a powerful symbol of hope, warmth and joy. When paired together, they are the perfect way to reinforce positivity and happiness. In this image, we can see a similar example. The bright yellow color of the sunflower looks fantastic in contrast to the subtle blue ink used to draw the hummingbird. You can explore different bright colors with this type of design and choose the perfect one you prefer. In this image, the wearer has chosen a size large enough for the design. However, with that said, you can customize the size to suit your preferences. You can also opt for a simple black ink sunflower and hummingbird tattoo if you just want to focus on the meaning.

Rose and hummingbird tattoo

Rose and hummingbird tattoo
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In some cultures, the hummingbird is depicted as a bird in love. He gathers his own feathers, to make love potions. Others believe that the image of two hummingbirds represents two lovers, who wanted to be together even after death. As we all know, the heart is the most popular symbol of love and passion, so what better way to reinforce the meaning of deep and passionate love than by combining these two elements? In this aforementioned image, the artist beautifully drew this beautiful rose design, on the lower body of the hummingbird. To highlight the delicate rose petals, the artist chose a bright red shade and used different shades of black ink to bring out the bird’s feathers.

Simple hummingbird tattoo with hibiscus

Simple hummingbird tattoo with hibiscus
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One of the reasons floral tattoo designs are so popular is the deep meaning they generate. Take the example of a hibiscus tattoo design. A white hibiscus tattoo represents innocence, while a red hibiscus tattoo design is a representation of immortal love and passion. In this image, we can see a beautiful hummingbird tattoo design paired with a hibiscus. Although no colored ink was used in this design, you can add any splash of color to the tattoo to make them look more vibrant.

Watercolor hummingbird tattoo

Watercolor hummingbird tattoos
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Tattoos are one of the most creative forms of body art. A watercolor tattoo in particular is like a replica of a canvas painting. Some of the main features of watercolor tattoos are that, they are usually done in bright shades and are usually much more expensive than traditional tattoo designs. Also, you may need to redo the design several times because colors tend to fade faster.

In this image, we can see a beautiful design of a colorful hummingbird tattoo engraved on this individual’s body. Although the hummingbird may have a tiny body, it is a symbol of strength, hard work, and resilience. If you are among those who appreciate all these qualities and want to reflect the same through your body art then this is a must.

Jamaican hummingbird tattoo

Jamaican hummingbird tattoo
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Did you know that Jamaica’s national bird is the hummingbird? It is also called the doctor bird, because the hummingbird’s physical characteristics, which include its black crest and tail, resemble the clothes worn by doctors of the old days. People believe that the hummingbird possesses magical powers and in fact it is sometimes even called “the bird of God”. In this photo, we can see a Jamaican hummingbird tattooed on the forearm of the individual next door, some flowers. The artist used a subtle shade of blue ink to highlight the flowers. Hummingbirds use their long pointed beaks to suck nectar from a flower. This tattoo design right here is a replica of the same. It looks incredibly beautiful and can be a great choice for those looking for similar designs for their next tattoo.

Hummingbird traditional tattoo

Traditional hummingbird tattoos
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Here is one of the perfect designs, for a traditional hummingbird tattoo. Traditional American tattoos have a very limited color palette and include bold outlines, with minimal elements. This tattoo consists of a similar design, where we can see that the artist used a bright shade of pink, purple and blue ink. Traditional tattoos usually have a distinct look and are a popular choice among both men and women. The deep symbolism of this tattoo, along with the interesting designs, make it a statement piece.

Small hummingbird with flowers tattoo

Little hummingbird with flower tattoos
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The tiny body of a hummingbird makes it the perfect choice for anyone who loves small tattoos. Not only are they cute, but they also offer the same meaning as the bigger ones. You can choose a simple black and white hummingbird tattoo or choose a brightly colored tattoo. These types of small tattoos will look great on any part of the body and you can even hide them with clothing if you want a discreet look. This image consists of a small tattoo of a hummingbird, engraved on the individual’s wrist. Some of the most common places to get these types of minimalist tattoos include the wrist, ankle, shoulder, and fingers.

The best hummingbird tattoo

The best hummingbird tattoo
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If you want to give that feminine touch to your simple hummingbird tattoo, this here might be the perfect way to do it. As we can see in this image, the artist created four heart-shaped symbols right above the hummingbird design. You mainly used black and red ink to highlight the outlines of the symbol. It features a very minimalist and cute look. Also, if you look closely, you can see the white ink used on the hummingbird’s body, to mark its wings and tail. The subtle white ink, when paired with bright shades of pink and purple, features a unique design.

The average cost of a hummingbird tattoo can range between $ 100-250, depending on the tattoo design. These types of tattoos will look great on any individual, men and women alike. Some of the most common places to get inked with these tattoos include the forearm, thigh, or wrist. Here are some other examples of hummingbird tattoo designs, which you can also use as a reference for your next tattoo

  • Tribal hummingbird tattoos
  • Ruby-throated hummingbird tattoo
  • Blue hummingbird tattoo
  • Aztec hummingbird tattoo
  • Hummingbird abstract tattoo
  • Hummingbird dimensional tattoo

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