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Are you looking for a unique Jesus chest tattoo design? Here’s the end of your search ad, and we’ve handpicked the best designs for you all!

Jesus chest tattoo
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Jesus of Nazareth was a well-known Jewish religious leader as well as a preacher.

He is a prominent figure in the largest religion in the world, Christianity. Christians believe that he was the messiah of God and an incarnation of the son of God.

Many religious Christians love to get inked with Jesus tattoos. Like Jesus, tattoos convey very powerful messages. It is a sign of life, power, hope, eternal love, sacrifice, chastity, faith, inspiration and humanity.

One can get inked with a Jesus tattoo anywhere on their body. But recently Jesus chest tattoos have gained tremendous popularity and people are confused about the designs they should get on their own. So we have selected the best Jesus chest tattoos for those who are unable to decide their own tattoo design. These unique and beautiful tattoos are sure to grab your attention!

Cross tattoos for men

Cross tattoos for men
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A cross tattoo shows how much devotion one has towards one’s religion. Cross tattoos are also a symbol for humanity as Jesus Christ gave up his life on that cross to save humanity. The Cross is also a symbol of sacrifice.

This cross tattoo contains a lot more elements. In the far left corner of this chest tattoo, there is a face of Jesus Christ and in the center of the tattoo, there is a white dove. A dove tattoo is a symbol of peace and love. And on the far right of this tattoo, there is a cross. There are clouds in the background and a ray of light is coming right above the clouds. This tattoo is a great choice if you are looking for a tattoo that has great inner meaning.

Jesus portrait tattoo

Jesus portrait tattoo
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As we already know, Jesus tattoos are a symbol of purity and forgiveness. Here is a Jesus Christ tattoo along with the skull tattoo that you might like.

In this tattoo, the tattoo artist only drew the face of Jesus Christ. He wears a crown of thorns around his forehead that pierces his head and blood drips from his forehead. He has a mustache and a beard on his face and these facial features have been drawn in dark gray ink. And his eyes look up before his soul slowly leaves his body. Right next to the head of Jesus Christ, there is another tattoo and it is a tattoo of the skull wearing the crown. A skull tattoo is often a symbol of overcoming the mental difficulties that every human being faces in life and how he overcomes them. So if you want a meaningful tattoo then this is the perfect design for you

Jesus chest tattoo design

Jesus chest tattoo design
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The suffering of Jesus wearing a crown of thorns is the first option for the tattoo idea that everyone is opting for. This tattoo has a vital meaning, it is a sign of sacrifice as Jesus had to endure an immense amount of pain and agony. This is a perfect chest tattoo design. So here’s a complete chest piece that you all could love.

In this tattoo, the tattoo artist used his entire chest to create this body art. The whole tattoo was completed in black ink. The tattoo artist used fine lines to draw Jesus Christ’s hair and beard. Only half of the face is visible. Facial features such as eyes, nose and eyebrows are barely visible. The face has been shaded in a dark and light black color to make it more realistic. Around the forehead is a crown of thorns that the Jews had made for Jesus Christ during his crucifixion. The pain of the thorns is visible in his eyes. So, if you were looking for a great tattoo, this could be your next tattoo.

Colorful Jesus tattoos for women

Colorful Jesus tattoos for women
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A woman’s chest is rare in the tattoo industry. But here we have chosen one of the best Jesus tattoos for women who are willing to tattoo only Jesus on their chest.

In this tattoo design, there are two ferocious tigers on either side and right in the center is a Jesus tattoo. Tiger tattoos symbolize wisdom, power, prosperity and good luck. And Jesus tattoos are a sign of everlasting love. When these two tattoo designs are joined together, it creates a beautiful inner meaning. In this tattoo Jesus has a blue halo behind his head. He has beautiful brown locks and a long brown beard. His face has blue designs on it. Both of his hands are close to his chest, his hands have those blue designs.

Last supper chest tattoo

Last supper chest tattoo
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The Last Supper is a famous painting made by the great painter Leonardo da Vinci during the 15th century. This shows the last meal that Jesus and his followers ate before they were betrayed and crucified. This tattoo design is very important because this was that moment when Jesus took away all sins and saved mankind.

This is a full chest tattoo. The tattoo artist used his entire chest to ink this tattoo. Jesus is sitting right in the center of the table and is surrounded by his followers. Here everyone’s face has been turned into a skull to show they will soon die. Behind Jesus there is a cross and there are some drawings which are done in black ink. The tattoo was made entirely with the help of black ink.

Colored chest tattoo of Jesus Christ

Colored chest tattoo of Jesus Christ
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Sometimes people get bored of traditional black and white tattoos. So here we have chosen a colorful Jesus chest tattoo so that things don’t get monotonous with all of you!

In this chest tattoo, the artist drew Jesus with his eyes closed. This shows that his soul has left his mortal body. There is a crown of thorns around his forehead that has a red tinge to it from his blood. Red blood is all over his face. Here his beard and his hair were made using shades of dark and light black. Behind him, there is a dotted halo. At the end of his chest is a bright red rose which signifies his sacrifice and has blossomed from his blood.

Baby jesus and mother mary tattoo

Baby Jesus and Mother Mary tattoos
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This is a colorful body piece where mother Mary holds the newborn Jesus in her arms. And she is surrounded by angels who have come down from heaven to bless this newborn baby. Three corners have white wings and are playing tunes on their violins for the baby. The artist used more or less the entire space of the chest. Aside from that, she used soft colors to ink this beautiful body piece. Pastel colors are making the tattoo more vintage in character. So if you are a fan of vintage tattoos this is the perfect design for you!

Jesus crucifixion chest tattoo

Jesus crucifixion chest tattoos
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In Christianity, crucifixion is generally associated with the sacrifice of good over evil. It also represents hope and belief. Jesus was crucified to maintain humanity and spread love. In this bib, the tattoo artist has included many elements. On the far left, there is a tattoo of Mother Mary holding baby Jesus in her arms. Mother Mary’s tattoos represent hope, purity, y and love. In the center is a tattoo of the crucifixion of Jesus on a wooden cross and to the right is a tattoo of the door of heaven which is surrounded by clouds. And most importantly, there are some words that are inked with black ink. The whole tattoo is inked in black color. Famous basketball player Nickeil Alexander also got ink with the exact same bib.

Crown Of Thorns And Chest Of Jesus Christ

Crown Of Thorns And Chest Of Jesus Christ
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Jesus is popularly recognized as having a crown of thorns all around his forehead. This is because during the crucifixion he was forced to wear it before being nailed to the wooden cross. This tattoo is known for its inner meaning which reflects forgiveness and sacrifice. In this chest tattoo only the face of Jesus is visible. His long locks are parted and he also has long beards. Beards and hair are made with the help of light and dark shades of black. And around his forehead, there is that famous crown of thorns that pierces his skin. Then drops of blood run down his face.

Jesus open arms tattoo on chest

Jesus open arms tattoo on chest
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The open arm Jesus chest tattoo represents that he is the Messiah and a prolific prophet. If you are religious and want to embrace it as a form of tattoo then this is the best tattoo for all of you. In this tattoo, the artist drew a figure of Jesus wearing a long, loose robe. He is opening and spreading his arms to embrace everything with love and affection. The tattoo was inked right in the center of the chest.

There are many other Jesus tattoo ideas you may love, but we haven’t been able to add them to the main list. So here is another list of tattoo designs selected especially for you guys.

  • Jesus arm tattoo for males.
  • Jesus face tattoo on the back.
  • Bible verse sleeve tattoo.
  • Tattoos on the sleeve of Jesus Christ.
  • Simple religious Jesus tattoos.

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