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Do you like religious tattoos? If so, then this list of amazing Jesus tattoo forearms is sure to please the believer in you.

Jesus forearm tattoo
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Jesus forearm tattoo designs are very popular in Christian culture.

A Jesus tattoo is made to get you on the right path. Due to the popularity of such tattoos, there are a variety of ideas on the market.

Jesus tattoos are common, particularly in the west. It is normal to get confused among so many models while choosing a piece. Therefore we have curated a list of amazing Jesus tattoos for the forearm. These tattoo ideas can serve as inspiration for your next tattoo.

Forearm of Jesus cross tattoo

Forearm of Jesus cross tattoo
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Cross tattoos are very popular among the followers of Christianity. If you have decided to get yourself a tattoo with a cross, combining it with a Jesus tattoo only increases its potential to influence others. A combination of a cross and a Jesus tattoo looks much more elaborate and elegant. Pass on your faith in faith and in Jesus to the whole world.

The tattoo in the image is a great choice if you are looking for a Jesus cross tattoo. The tattoo idea is unique and new. A human heart is accurately tattooed on the lower part of the forearm. A crown of thorns similar to that found on the head of Jesus Christ surrounds the heart. A 3D cross is inked above the heart with the rays coming out of the cross. The face of Jesus is elaborately drawn on the forearm. Every part of this forearm tattoo is meticulously detailed. The forearm tattoo of Jesus has a healing atmosphere, the cross coming out of the heart symbolizes the purity of the heart.

Jesus crosses the Red Sea forearm tattoo

Jesus crosses the Red Sea forearm tattoo
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The story of Jesus Christ dividing the Red Sea into two parts in the Ten Commandments is known to all. However, there are very few tattoo artists who can successfully portray this popular scene in body art. The artwork in the example above is one of the few tattoo designs that introduces us to the higher power of Jesus. The tattoo artist depicted one of the most popular scenes from the Ten Commandments in black ink.

A Jesus face tattoo is inked on the upper forearm. His face in the Jesus tattoo looks serene and calm. In contrast to the calm Jesus tattoo, a fierce looking Jesus tattoo is inked just below the Jesus forearm tattoo. In this forearm tattoo, Christ is seen crossing the sea holding a wooden staff in one hand. . In the background, we can clearly see the ocean waves created with black ink as well. The artist has focused on every single detail to create a tattoo with such experience.

Forearm tattoo of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary

Forearm tattoo of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary
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The forearm is a great canvas for getting narrative tattoos. In some cases, both hands are used to make a single narrative forearm tattoo. Jesus tattoo designs are mostly elaborate, such tattoos need large spaces to express their meaning. The tattoo in the image above is a combination of two tattoos, on one side a sad face of Mary is inked while on the other there is a Jesus face tattoo. However, you can also get a single Jesus tattoo if they just want a Jesus tattoo.

Tears are seen running down Mary’s face while Jesus also looks sad in the tattoo. On the forehead of the virgin Mary, the word “never” is inked with black ink while on the face of Christ the word “forget” is inked. The whole tattoo reads “never forget”. Since it is associated with Jesus and Mary, the tattoo perhaps has some connection with Christianity and faith.

Pink Jesus forearm tattoo

Pink Jesus forearm tattoo
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For decades, rose tattoo designs have been a popular choice in the tattoo market. They add an extra beauty quotient to any tattoo. The Jesus tattoo in the image similarly uses roses to increase the aesthetic appeal of the whole tattoo. The tattoo is very detailed and looks great from every angle. It looks like nothing less than a professional artwork on a canvas.

This Jesus tattoo works as inspiration for those who want realistic looking tattoos. In the background two large roses that seem to float in the sky among the clouds. In the middle of the tattoo, a Jesus on the cross is prominently inked keeping in mind every single detail of his body. The crown on his head is also clearly visible. The crown of thorns can also be related to the thorns of the roses used in the tattoo.

Religious Jesus tattoo forearm

Religious Jesus tattoo forearm
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Christians who have faith in religion especially love Jesus tattoos. A Jesus tattoo on the arm forms one of the best genres of Christian tattoos for men and women. There are several varieties of Jesus forearm tattoos, but if you want to pay homage to your faith, this piece fits perfectly. Body art has a heavenly narrative. On the wrist, we can see an illustrated earth tattoo and the rest of the tattoo is inked above the earth depicting god and angels from heaven.

Jesus Christ in the tattoo is seen imparting his blessings to a girl who is praying in front of him. Above Christ’s head, a ray of illumination appears through the clouds as he blesses the girl. Heavenly birds are also seen flying around Christ’s head. This intricate and detailed Jesus tattoo pays homage directly to the lord.

Unusual Jesus tattoo forearm

Unusual Jesus tattoo forearm
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Jesus forearm tattoos can be inked in several interesting ways. The Jesus tattoo designs cover the entire forearm due to the elaborate designs. The tattoo in the image has a 3D effect. It depicts Jesus crucified on the cross. The uniqueness of the tattoo lies in the idea of ​​him. The artist skillfully made the tattoo lively. Only one arm of Jesus is tattooed with black ink in the image. A closer look at the tattoo reveals that the right arm in the tattoo only extends to the sleeve of Jesus Christ.

This fun element makes the tattoo look really cool. The tattoo ends with a nail inked on the inside of the wrist. The palm of the person who tattooed the body art acts as the right arm of Jesus Christ. The hand is perfectly measured with the forearm tattoo. Aside from that, the detailed tattoo artwork and out-of-the-box concept will draw a lot of eye on the road. Even though the whole piece is done in black ink, it looks exceptionally lively.

Forearm tattoo of Jesus crucified

Forearm tattoo of Jesus crucified
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A large number of Christians love to have Jesus crucified tattooed on their forearm. They are not only drawn to such faith tattoos for their religion but are also drawn to the deep meaning of such tattoos. A crucified Jesus tattoo symbolizes unconditional sacrifice for loved ones. Therefore, getting a crucified Jesus tattoo symbolizes your love for the god and determination to sacrifice anything for religion.

The tattoo is inked with black ink. The tattoo brilliantly portrays the emotion and pain that Jesus endured while he was crucified. Jesus carrying the cross on his back symbolizes the weight of pain he has to carry because of human beings who are full of sin. The holy cross is visible behind Jesus’ shoulders and the crown of thorns. This stunning piece is ideal if you are looking forward to getting yourself a crucifixion tattoo.

Watercolor Jesus tattoo forearm

Watercolor Jesus tattoo forearms
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It is almost impossible to find Jesus tattoo ideas in colorful designs, they are mostly found in black and gray ink. This makes the watercolor Jesus tattoo in the image above an unusual one. Body art looks abstract. Unlike traditional Jesus tattoos, it is not very detailed. The theme of this forearm tattoo is simple.

If you look closely at the tattoo, you will see that it is much more than just the face of Jesus Christ. In front of the tattoo, a pale bloody hand is inked with yellow and red ink. Three nails that form an anchor-like structure are tattooed on the person’s wrist. The tattoo symbolizes the crucifixion of Jesus. This colorful piece is a must if you are into vivid tattoos.

Jesus and the wolf tattoo the forearm

Jesus and the wolf tattoo the forearm
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Although not very common, sometimes a Jesus and a wolf are tattooed together. This unique design is known only to those who have a high knowledge of tattoo trends. The elegance of a Jesus and a wolf tattoo has attracted some people to the design. The depth and mysterious nature of the tattoo make it charismatic.

In this Jesus forearm tattoo, one half of Jesus’ face and one half of a wolf’s face are inked inside the holy cross. The look on Christ’s face shows how determined he is to save people from the cunning wolves of society, the wolves that symbolize the dangers of society.

Jesus last supper forearm tattoo

Jesus last supper forearm tattoo
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The list of trendy Jesus tattoo ideas ends with a Last Supper tattoo which is quite ironic. However, if you want to communicate to the whole world how proud you are of Christian culture, you need to look no further than this Jesus arm tattoo idea.

The tattoo looks surreal due to its in-depth details, it depicts every detail of Jesus’ Last Supper illustrated in the Bible. Although it is difficult to find an artist with the ability to perfectly define your tattoo, the tattoo design is a great choice for all Christian tattoo lovers.

Now that you are aware of so many Jesus tattoo designs, you can easily choose a piece according to your needs. However, we have selected some additional tattoo designs that might be ideal for you. Check out these ideas.

  • Jesus forearm tattoo with a bible verse
  • Tattoo of Jesus with praying hands
  • Jesus crown forearm tattoo
  • Jesus heart forearm tattoo
  • King Jesus forearm tattoo

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