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If you are interested in getting a red ink dragon tattoo, here are the 10 best red dragon tattoo designs you can check out.

Dragon tattoo with red ink
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Generally, dragon tattoos symbolize grace, power and intelligence.

Dragons are the popular creatures all over the world and the most commonly used tattoo design in the tattoo world. In Chinese culture, dragons also have a spiritual meaning attached to them.

A dragon represents different meanings based on different cultures. Depending on the different art styles, a dragon can be a symbol of various things. A red dragon tattoo design symbolizes power, love and passion. Red dragon tattoos are usually used in a Chinese dragon tattoo or a tribal dragon tattoo.

Small red ink dragon tattoo design for ribs

Small red ink dragon tattoo design for ribs
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A red dragon is also believed to carry magical powers within it. In Western cultures, dragons were not only used as a negative symbol, but also in the wars of kings and their armies. The red dragon can also be seen in the national flag of Wales. Speaking of Wales, the tattoo design that comes to mind is the Celtic dragon tattoo. The meaning of the word “Celtic” is main. Therefore, Celtic dragon tattoo designs are a symbolic representation of power. It also represents the main leader of any group.

This small red dragon tattoo design for the rib will be an ideal design for people who are planning to get their first tattoo and also don’t want the tattoo to be visible to everyone. A gorgeous rib tattoo can also be used to cover up any unwanted old rib tattoo.

Also, the three dragons in a dragon tattoo idea are a symbol of certain principles of the universe that provide success to every living creature in the world, as well as bonds that are hard to break.

Black and red ink upper arm dragon tattoo design for women

Black and red ink upper arm dragon tattoo design for women
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A Japanese dragon is also known as “Tatsu”. Speaking of dragon tattoos, another Chinese tattoo that comes to mind is the phoenix tattoo. ‘Phoenix’ is a bird that symbolizes the cycle of life, i.e. birth, death and rebirth. It also has spiritual meanings which are peace, good luck, balance in everything and happiness in life.

Black dragons denote wisdom in themselves. Both black and red dragon tattoo designs are known to be a trend since the early days and will continue to remain so in the future. If you too are a woman who wants to be inked with a bold piece of tattoo art, check out this design. This tattoo idea can also be tried as a body art.

Red dragon tattoo design for chest

Red dragon tattoo design for chest
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Dragon tattoos can be said to be a symbolic representation of hope and positivity around the world.

The chest is the best place for any type of tattoo to be placed with the proper details. So, you can try this absolutely beautiful piece of art, for example the dragon tattoo which is done using red color. This red dragon tattoo is mainly designed for men who are willing to try their hand at a great dragon tattoo design.

Red dragon tattoo design for the lower arm

Red dragon tattoo design for the lower arm
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In ancient times, Japanese dragons were introduced by Chinese dragons and hence the dragon tattoo style draws inspiration from the dragons of these two cultures. Nowadays, dragons of different colors are the most popular tattoo choice among most of the people around the world. The symbols of the two creatures, namely the dragon and the phoenix or the symbols of the tiger and the dragon, are ancient symbols of the yin and yang forces, which come together to create the universe which in one word is known as yin yang. It is part of ancient Chinese philosophy. The yin and yang is a philosophical concept of how opposing forces are intertwined, interconnected and dependent on each other in the natural world. It also describes how opposing forces are interconnected to give rise to one another. Hence, the yin yang dragon tattoo is also a great tattoo design where yin is passive and feminine and yang is active masculine energy.

A dragon tattoo done in red ink can be seen on the arms of most tattoo enthusiasts. A dragon tattoo when inked on a person’s body is also seen to give him the power to overcome challenges. A dragon tattoo draws inspiration from various cultures and beliefs of the people. So, try this bold work of art at least once.

Red dragon tattoo design for face

Red dragon tattoo design for face
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A Japanese dragon or Japanese dragon tattoos have no wings and also have snake-like bodies. A dragon tattoo with the dragon wrapped around several flowers represents a great burning passion. A dragon’s sharp teeth are a symbolic representation of everything that is done accidentally.

Face tattoos are also something that is rapidly evolving with time. Face tattoos are something that people will notice immediately once they come in contact with the person who has their face inked. It is also used to make a personal and bold statement. If you also want to give your statement a look, definitely try this red dragon tattoo design for your face.

Red dragon tattoo design for the thigh

Red dragon tattoo design for the thigh
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In Chinese culture, it is believed that a good dragon tattoo can symbolize power and strength which in turn gives you the ability to control people in a good way, thus making you a great leader. In Chinese culture, dragons symbolize good luck, fortune, health, and even money or wealth. In Christian culture, dragons could also be considered evil. In Japanese culture, a dragon tattoo that is done using a red link is considered fierce. A Japanese dragon tattoo also symbolizes good luck, power, blessing and intelligence.

This red dragon thigh tattoo is designed primarily for all the bold and graceful women out there, but it can also be tried on by men who will look equally bold.

Dragon red and black ink tattoo design for back tattoo

Dragon red and black ink tattoo design for back tattoo
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A black dragon tattoo and a red dragon tattoo both have two different symbolic meanings, while the combination of the red and black ink dragon tattoo is an interesting combination that brings together two different symbolic meanings associated with the two dragons. The black dragon is a symbolic representation of power, death and destruction, i.e. revenge, while the red dragon symbolizes all that is good, that is, auspicious.

If you tend to lean towards neo-traditional art, you can try this dragon tattoo outlined in fiery black ink and decorated with red flowers. This tattoo can also be taken in the category of back tattoos for women.

You can also try a tribal dragon tattoo design for a back tattoo. if you are looking for a simple yet bold and classy tattoo design, a tribal dragon tattoo design will be the best option as a tribal dragon tattoo looks simple in appearance compared to other dragon tattoo designs. This type of tattoo art is also a symbolic representation of honor. This comes from both eastern and western cultures.

Red dragon tattoo design for forearm

Red dragon tattoo design for forearm
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A green dragon tattoo or a blue dragon tattoo is considered a symbolic representation of rebirth or new growth or nature. In most cases, black dragons, aka black ink tattoos, are believed to be linked to storms or floods. Dragon tattoos are also an excellent form of body art and also a powerful tattoo design whose presence is rarely lost.

Forearm tattoos are something that has been in trend for a long time and is carrying on their popularity with the passing generation. Any type of tattoo looks beautiful on the forearm. If you are also a fan of forearm tattoos, check out this forearm tattoo design once.

Yellow and red ink dragon tattoo design for sidearm

Yellow and red ink dragon tattoo design for sidearm
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In the case of dragon tattoo designs, you can also experiment with various colorful dragons such as: blue dragons, red dragon tattoos, yellow dragon tattoos, green dragons, gold dragons, etc. and many others. Also, tattoos from different cultures and beliefs make it a good luck or bad luck tattoo.

Aside from the red dragon tattoos, if you want to try our tattoos of any other color combination then check out this design which is a beautiful combination of red and yellow colors which make it look much more elegant.

Full sleeve red dragon tattoo design

Full sleeve red dragon tattoo design
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Dragons play a significant role in Korean culture. However, Korean dragon tattoos completely differ in their appearance from all other dragon tattoo designs. There are different types of Korean dragon tattoos, such as a flying dragon with the dragon’s head pointed upwards with Korean symbols on the body, or even tattoos with various colors of the dragon. There are also many tales in this culture about a dragon welcoming strangers. Several dragon tattoos are associated with Asian cultures such as that of a fire-breathing dragon with the mask of Hannya, which also represents a unique design. Hannya mask tattoos are considered to be a symbolic representation of good luck.

Full sleeve tattoos are generally used to cover up an unwanted old tattoo. If you too want to cover up your old tattoo with something trendy and bold, check out this long sleeve tattoo design once.

Here are some other dragon tattoo designs for you.

  • 3D red dragon tattoo design.
  • Small red dragon tattoo design.
  • Outline red dragon tattoo design.
  • Tribal dragon tattoo design.
  • Chinese dragon red ink tattoo design.

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