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Are you also a fan of the important date tattoo on the body? So we’ve got you covered with some awesome Roman numeral chest tattoo designs.

Roman numeral chest tattoo
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Ancient numbers such as Roman numerals have an innate elegance.

A bold chest tattoo looks very cool. Roman numeral tattoo ideas recently entered the trendy tattoo list mainly for their unique and bold designs.

Given the beauty of Roman numerals, such tattoos fit perfectly on most parts of the body, and the chest is no exception. The chest is a large area, starting right below the collarbone and extending to the belly. Hence, a tattoo lover will not miss the chance to get inked on the chest. In the absence of proper research, Roman numeral tattoo designs can seem monotonous. To remove this misconception, we bring you some unique and unusual Roman numeral tattoo ideas for the chest. Find a suitable piece for you from the list below.

Small chest tattoo with Roman numerals

Small chest tattoo with Roman numerals
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Small tattoos have started to make a huge buzz in the tattoo industry, they have a huge fan base. Small Roman numeral tattoo designs look super cool and trendy. Even though the small Roman numeral tattoos on the chest aren’t that flashy, they make a similar fashion statement to the big ones. Getting a small tattoo with a Roman numeral on the chest symbolizes the person’s desire to keep the number secret.

The small tattoo in the image above is done neatly, it is placed on the upper chest, just below the collarbone of the person who tattooed it. The Roman numerals in the tattoo are inked with the classic font and the piece is completed using black ink only. It is an unusual place to get Roman numeral tattoos and not everyone can get a tattoo here as the area is on the higher pain scale.

Calligraphy Roman numeral tattoo on chest

Calligraphy Roman numeral tattoo on chest
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Roman numeral tattoos are often referred to as boring due to their classic font style. However, to spice up tattoo designs, most tattoo artists have introduced several elegant ways to write Roman numerals. Such tattoos have taken the Roman numeral tattoo market by storm and formed an irreplaceable fashion statement. So if you are looking for a Roman numeral tattoo in a cursive font then this tattoo serves as the perfect inspiration.

In this tattoo, there are two dates inked on both sides of the chest, however you can also get a single memorable date on one side of the chest. What is unique about this tattoo is the style in which the date is written. Keeping the classic Roman numeral font, the details above and below the tattoo make it look like a calligraphic font. This piece is a perfect example of a classic Roman numeral tattoo combined with a modern aesthetic.

Elongated Roman numeral tattoo

Elongated Roman numeral tattoo
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Some chest tattoos extend over a large area of ​​the body. A rib tattoo also falls into the category of chest tattoos as they start parallel from the chest. The Roman numeral chest tattoo design in the image above runs the full length of the rib cage and extends beyond. The tattoo design is very simple, what sets it apart from other Roman numeral tattoos is its size.

A bold date tattoo is inked on the side of the chest using black ink only. The overall tattoo is very simple even though it has an extravagant length. The numbers are drawn in bold black ink in their classic font. Perhaps, the tattoo design represents a significant date in the person’s life.

Feather tattoo roman numerals on chest

Feather tattoo roman numerals on chest
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The popularity of Roman numeral tattoos is increasing day by day mainly due to their growing versatility. Previously, Roman numerals were mainly used to create a simple date tattoo of Roman numerals. Such tattoos were in advance and had no other elements. However, at present, to make Roman numerals attractive, they are combined with different types of eye-catching patterns. Feather is a popular element that goes perfectly with Roman numerals. There are also a bunch of flying birds in the tattoo.

The tattoo in the image above is a very unique Roman numeral tattoo design, mainly due to the vibrant feather and birds used to draw the tattoo. Not only the look but also the depth of the design draw people to this beautiful design. The feather and the flying birds represent freedom. Arguably, the special date is written in Roman numerals on the tattoo to pay homage to a day when the owner of the tattoo felt free and independent.

Compass With Roman Numbers Tattoo

Compass With Roman Numerals Tattoos
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Roman numeral tattoos can have a single Roman numeral and multiple Roman numerals. Roman numerals add meaning and depth to any tattoo design they are associated with. For example, in the tattoo in the image above, we see a beautiful compass inked on a person’s ribs. Instead of directions, we see four Roman numerals drawn.

An intricate compass is inked on the ribs using only black ink. The tattoo artist has focused on every detail of the compass so that it looks like a work of art. The compass directions are represented by Roman numerals that stand out in the tattoo. A compass tattoo resembles protection, perhaps the idea behind this tattoo was to ink the date of birth of people giving a feeling of protection.

Colored tattoo on chest with roman numerals

Colored tattoo on chest with roman numerals
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Although Roman numeral tattoos generally depict memorable dates, these numbers are sometimes used for other purposes as well. The Roman numerals in the tattoo above are not in the shape of a date. We can only see three numbers inked on the chest. It can represent a person’s lucky number or any other number closed to the heart.

The Roman numeral tattoo is cut from a colorful flower and leaves the tattoo on the chest. The numbers and elements used in the tattoo are not related to each other, however, they increase the aesthetic appeal of the tattoo. The vibrancy of the purple and green colors draws many eyes to the tattoo.

Roman numeral side chest tattoo

Roman numeral side chest tattoo
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The side chest has become a popular spot to be inked and with Roman numeral tattoo designs on the rise, this part of the body serves as a great spot for getting such tattoos. The Roman numeral tattoo above also has two letters in the background. They look like the initials of a person to whom the date is attached.

The chest is also a great place to get a custom tattoo design. Therefore we often see significant dates near the heart, inked on the chest in Roman numeral symbols. The numbers and letters probably have great significance to the person getting tattooed and therefore is inked close to the heart.

Couple Roman numeral chest tattoo

Couple Roman numeral chest tattoo
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Getting couple tattoos is a new form of romance and the trend has gone wild since its introduction. Roman numeral tattoos are very popular with couples. It is often observed that people get matching body art tattooed in Roman numerals on their bodies. Generally, they get a particular date inked on the body, such as their wedding date or their baby’s date of birth.

In this Roman numeral tattoo design, we can see that the date is inked on both partners. The woman inked the tattoo on her chest while her husband inked it on her thighs. They seem to have the matching tattoos to make their wedding day unforgettable. The tattoo has no other elements and looks bland on its own, however, with its counterpart, it is the best Roman numeral design for couples.

Roman numeral chest tattoo with a butterfly

Roman numeral chest tattoo with a butterfly
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A butterfly tattoo accompanied by a Roman numeral date on the chest is a unique tattoo design. The butterfly tattoo is a very common tattoo element, however, they are not commonly seen with Roman numeral tattoos. A butterfly tattoo represents love. Tattooing a date with a butterfly can symbolize a day filled with love such as a wedding anniversary. It can also act as a good couple tattoo.

In this tattoo, a colorful butterfly is inked in contrast to a date which is inked in black. The Roman numeral font looks different from the normal classic font. It’s a great piece if you want to try out a new combination.

Crossed Roman numeral chest tattoo

Crossed Roman numeral chest tattoo
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A cross tattoo is a common tattoo for followers of Christianity. It is a very common symbol that symbolizes the sacrifice of Christ and plays an important role for anyone with faith in religion. The holy cross can be inked in various ways, for example the one in the image has an intricate design. It looks realistic and detailed. However, regardless of the size and design, the holy cross is mainly available in a black ink design.

Adding Roman numerals to a cross tattoo gives rise to various elements of the tattoo. Perhaps the day has religious significance for the person who tattooed the Roman numeral design, that tattoo pays homage to his faith. It can also represent an important date in memory of a loved one who has passed away.

Now that you are aware of so many great Roman numeral tattoo ideas, it’s time to decide on a design that best suits your personality. However, choosing a tattoo design is difficult as they will stay with us for a long time. If you’re still skeptical of your Roman numeral body art, we’ve put together a list of other Roman numeral tattoo ideas below. Find a piece that fits yourself.

  • Roman numeral neck tattoo that stretches to the chest
  • Roman numeral chest clock tattoo
  • Rose with Roman numerals tattoo on chest
  • Tattoo chest with Roman numerals of the year of birth
  • Floral Roman numeral chest tattoo

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