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If you are looking for some iconic horror movie tattoos then you must check out this list of the best “Scream” tattoo designs!

Screaming tattoo ideas
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The “Scream” movie franchise is an iconic American horror movie franchise known for its jumpscare moments.

The main antagonist of the film series is the character called Ghostface. The Ghostface usually communicates threats to his victims over the phone and then hunts them down using a serrated knife.

“Scream” was the first film in this horror and slasher franchise that became a huge success thanks to the novelty it brought to the horror genre. Over time, there have been five other “Scream” movies in the series with a variety of actors joining. Notably, actors Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette have starred in films as pivotal characters.

So, if you happen to be a fan of the “Scream” movie series, you may just want to make a wacky and fun tribute to the movies. A great way to do this would be to get a fun “Scream” tattoo that will catch everyone’s attention!

Minimal tattoo designs based on the “Scream” movie

Minimal tattoo designs based on the movie
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If you don’t like large or complex tattoos, then you can settle for a simple and minimal tattoo. Many people don’t like larger tattoos as they take a lot longer and also cost a lot more money due to the amount of ink required to complete these tattoos. So, if you need some minimalist “Scream” tattoo inspiration, look at the image above and ask your tattoo artist for something similar.

If you are looking for similar horror tattoo ideas, check out this curated list of the best horror tattoo designs!

Hilarious screaming tattoo ideas for fans

Hilarious screaming tattoo ideas for fans
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The best thing about the “Scream” movie franchise is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. There are some scary moments of jumpscare, but there are also parts that are incredibly fun as Sidney and his friends try to escape the murderous Ghostface. If you are someone who has often laughed at Ghostface antics rather than shivering in fear, then you may want to get yourself a funny “Scream” tattoo as well. There are many ways you can make a fun “Scream” tattoo. You can also look at the image above where the wearer teased Ghostface by making him look cuter and less dangerous. The wearer also added hearts around the tattoo and the phrase “No, hang up”. This makes fun of the Ghostface character who used to call his victims before chasing them.

Colorful and fun “Scream” tattoo ideas

Tattoo ideas
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While most horror movies are obscure, your “Scream” horror movie tattoo definitely doesn’t have to be! You can add as many colors as you like to your “Scream” tattoo if you want to make it more vibrant and bright. A colorful tattoo will also be more eye-catching and grab attention wherever you go. As can be seen in the photo above, the wearer had a truly unconventional idea of ​​designing Ghostface as a cupcake. As a result, the tattoo artist added more colors to the fun tattoo to make it more cute and quirky.

Ghostface tattoo design done in traditional style

Ghostface tattoo design done in traditional styles
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If you search for some Ghost face tattoo ideas on the internet, you will find that many of these tattoo designs are done in the traditional tattoo style. The traditional tattoo style is a classic way of drawing a tattoo with thick and dark outlines and the figures are drawn in a particular style. So if you want a “Scream” tattoo with that particular touch, ask your tattoo artist to design the tattoo in a traditional style.

“Scream” movie inspired knife tattoo ideas.

Movie Inspired Knife Tattoo Ideas
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One of the best things about a slasher film is that there is sure to be a lot of blood and gore. Even in the “Scream” movies, the protagonist Sidney and her group of allies must protect themselves from the murderous Ghostface who wants to kill them. True fans would know that Ghostface’s favorite weapon while on the hunt is his jagged knife. Consequently, if you want a creepy tattoo that is an ode to the “Scream” movies, you can also get a “Scream” knife tattoo. While most people choose a Ghostface tattoo, your tattoo will be more unique. It will also express how big a fan of these films you are. You can also ask your tattoo artist to add bright red droplets next to or around the knife to indicate that these are the remnants of his victims’ blood.

Simple Ghostface Tattoo Designs for Fans

Simple Ghostface Tattoo Designs for Fans
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If this is your first tattoo, then you may want to start with a simple or minimal tattoo. This will help you find out how much tattoo pain you can handle. You may also want to make a smaller tattoo at first so that it doesn’t take too long. Consequently, if you want a minimal “Scream” tattoo to put on your body, you can take a look at the various simple “Scream” tattoo designs available on the Internet. You can also ask your tattoo artist to draw minimal “Scream” tattoos for you and you can choose the one you like best from there.

Heavily Shaded Ghostface Tattoo Ideas

Heavily Shaded Ghostface Tattoo Ideas
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If you want a tattoo that isn’t quirky or fun but is much darker and more edgy, then you can also opt for a very shaded and detailed Ghostface tattoo inspired by the “Scream” movie franchise. Ghostface has become an iconic character over the years and has inspired many works of art and tattoos around the world. If you have ever been scared of Ghostface and its terrifying mask and actions, you can also ask your tattoo artist to draw a tattoo design that will be heavily faded using black and gray ink.

If you want some more ideas on how to get the perfect Ghostface tattoo, check out these great Ghostface tattoo ideas!

Scream tattoos that can be placed anywhere

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One of the best things about “Scream” tattoos is that the tattoo designs can easily be placed anywhere on your body as per your preference. Normally it becomes difficult to adapt tattoo designs based on TV shows, movies or books due to the shape and size of the tattoo designs. However, with a “Scream” tattoo, you can ask your tattoo artists to choose any iconic image or character from the movies and then draw the figure so you can place it anywhere. As a result, you can place a “Scream” tattoo on your back, ankle, thigh, shoulder, tattoo sleeve or even the back of your hand.

Sidney Prescott’s unconventional tattoos from the “Scream” movies.

Sidney Prescott's unconventional tattoos from the movies
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If you decide to get yourself a “Scream” tattoo or a tattoo based on one of the characters from the films other than Ghostface, then Sidney Prescott would be an obvious choice. Sidney Prescott was played by actress Neve Campbell. The films follow Sidney as the protagonist, whose sole purpose is to defeat Ghostface and protect himself from constant attacks from him. At the beginning of the series, she is a frightened teenager but over time she becomes a tough woman who can survive the attacks of Ghostface.

So, if you want your tattoo to celebrate one of the most famous horror movie stars, you can get yourself a Sidney Prescott tattoo just like the wearer in the photo above did. The wearer has Sidney Prescott’s face tattooed on their body as she talks on the phone. This “Scream” tattoo will remind people of the times in the “Scream” movies where Sidney is threatened by Ghostface while he is on the phone.

Popular Ghostface tattoos with heart motif

Popular Ghostface tattoos with heart motif
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If you want a “Scream” tattoo that is quirky and whimsical at the same time, you might be thinking of a completely different type of “Scream” tattoo. After all, movies get a little funny and hilarious after a certain point rather than being very scary. While jumpscare might shock us, most audiences find the movies and Ghostface rather absurd. Consequently, if you think you have a similar sense of humor, you can also get Ghostface tattooed surrounded by a heart outline. In fact, these heart shaped Ghostface tattoos are quite popular among tattoo lovers!

We often get tattoos that express our tastes and interests. If you want to pay homage to one of the most popular horror movie franchises with your tattoo, then you can go ahead and get an awesome “Scream” tattoo.

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