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Sun tattoos are a popular tattoo design choice among males and females. That said, here are some of the coolest examples of sun tattoo design on shoulder.

Best sun tattoos on shoulder
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In ancient cultures, the Sun was seen as a God and even worshiped by the Greeks and Romans.

The Sun is the embodiment of light, heat and energy. This makes them a very trendy design in today’s tattoo world.

Before delving into the different sun tattoo designs, let’s take a look at the different historical meanings of this crucial element of Nature. In ancient Chinese culture, the Sun represented the cosmic eye of the Universe, while Native Americans believed it to be a symbol of protection and guidance. Since then, the Sun has been represented in various ways in other cultures. Some believe that the Sun is the epitome of all male energies and shares a close resemblance to the Yang principle. That said, here are some of the best shoulder sun tattoo designs, which you can check out, for your next tattoo.

Sun And Wave Tattoo

Sun And Wave Tattoo
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The sun and wave tattoo is a beautiful example of the two contrasting forces of Nature. While the Sun symbolizes power, strength and warmth, the wave denotes the unpredictable nature of life and its various ups and downs. Together, they can be the perfect representation of the uniform balance of Nature. This idea was highlighted through this image. As we can see, the tattoo artist only used black ink to create this design on the individual’s shoulder. One of the key points of this design is the black shading near the outline of both of these elements. This type of body art is especially popular with women as they provide a very simplistic and minimal tattoo design. You can use it as inspiration for your next tattoo if you like these types of meaningful tattoos.

Sun And Moon Tattoo

Sun And Moon Tattoos
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The Sun and the Moon are two contrasting elements of Nature. Together they can represent both female and male qualities, life and death, or good and bad luck. These types of tattoo designs are extremely rich in symbolism and also visually impressive. The image mentioned above is one such example of this design. Engraved near the individual’s shoulder is a large design of a sun and moon tattoo. The artist has also incorporated some floral designs, to make the tattoo more feminine. There can be a wide variety of designs for a sun and moon tattoo. If you like these types of tattoos, where both elements are separate, you can use this as a tip. You can also put them together, as a single element, and it will look equally beautiful and meaningful.

Realistic sun tattoo design

Realistic sun tattoo design
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The image mentioned above contains yet another creative way to personalize your sun tattoo. Instead of simply drawing the outline of the Sun, the artist incorporated some facial features, thus giving it a more realistic look. He also used several thin lines, which surround the Sun which denotes the Sun’s rays. These types of designs don’t require much coloring or shading. A simple design can turn out to be a masterpiece of body art when done correctly.

Small Sun Tattoo

Small Sun Tattoo
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Small and minimalist sun tattoo designs can be as attractive as large and dramatic ones. The above image is a rendition of the same. If you are someone with a laid back personality and don’t want to over-complicate your tattoo design then this is a must. One of the most significant benefits of small tattoos is that they can be placed on any part of the body. Moreover, they don’t cost much and can be completed even in a short period of time.

For this drawing, the artist used only several points, to form the circular shape of the sun. He also included a series of motifs, to highlight the sun’s rays. Dotwork tattoos have recently become popular not only because they are pleasing to the eye, but also because they don’t involve as much pain as others. They are soft and less direct than traditional tattoo designs. If this is your first time getting inked, starting your journey with this type of design can be a great idea.

Sun And Moon Ornamental Tattoo

Sun And Moon Ornamental Tattoo
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Ornamental tattoo designs are usually characterized by their varied use of different lines, waves, crosses and spirals. They usually look great on large tattoos; however, when done correctly, they will look good even in the smallest size. As we can see in this image, the tattoo artist created a large ornamental sun and moon tattoo on the individual’s shoulder. Most notable is the precision with which the artist intricately designed the various motifs on the body of the Sun and Moon. These types of tattoo designs are by no means easy to make and, in fact, require a lot of time and patience for an artist to deliver the perfect body art design. Therefore, if you are looking for an ornamental design, be sure to choose someone with adequate experience, to avoid any mistakes in your tattoo design.

Simple sun tattoo design

Simple sun tattoo designs
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Simple sun tattoos don’t use a huge range of patterns or colors in their designs. Instead, they focus more on the outline and basic shapes of the element. While they aren’t always prominent, they can be as significant as the larger models. These types of designs are more common among women. Some of the common areas to be inked with a simple sun tattoo design include shoulders, fingers, wrists or ankles. You can also hide them quite easily if you want a more discreet look. In this image, the artist created a similar design on the individual’s shoulder, using nothing more than plain black ink.

Floral sun tattoo design

Floral sun tattoo design
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If you want to add that unique feminine touch to your sun tattoos, incorporating flower designs can help you achieve the same. Here is one such example. The artist has inserted beautiful floral motifs on the body of the Sun, which give it a feminine and elegant appearance. Just like the sun, flowers can also denote new beginnings, hope and good luck. Including them in your sun tattoo will make the design more interesting. Although the artist did not use any color for this design, you can easily add any color of your choice to this design. It will make the design more prominent and vibrant.

Minimalist sun and moon tattoo on shoulder

Minimalist sun and moon tattoos on the shoulder
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Minimalist tattoos are characterized by their discreet nature. They are not easily visible and use the basic elements of a design. They can also be created with the help of fine lines, dots and shades. Take a look at the image mentioned above. The tattoo artist created a minimalist tattoo of the Sun and Moon on this individual’s shoulder. Tattoos don’t always have to be big and dramatic to be meaningful. When it comes to body art and ink, it all depends on the wearer and the type of design that suits him best. If you are into these types of tattoo designs, or even if you are a beginner in the world of tattooing, you can refer to this as a suggestion for your next design.

Tribal Sun Tattoo

Tribal Sun Tattoo
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Although the sun is an ancient and common symbol, the different designs of this tattoo can have different meanings for different people. For example, some may see it as two contrasting elements of light and dark. Others might interpret it as a symbol of supreme power, or God. Whatever the symbolism, they are a great design for almost any individual.

Take a look at this for example. The image above contains a simple yet intricate tribal sun tattoo design engraved on the individual’s shoulder. The sun tribal tattoo design is a representation of the perfect balance of nature and the close relationship between the sun and life forms. We all know that the Sun is the primary source of energy responsible for all forms of life on Earth. Without the Sun, we may not even exist. This same concept was highlighted through this design.

Rising sun tattoo

Rising sun tattoo
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The Rising Sun tattoo is the perfect symbol for a new beginning. The origin of this design can be traced back to Japanese culture, where it was used to represent loyalty and strength. These types of designs usually use a wide variety of bright colors, something very common in all Japanese tattoos. However, with that said, you can also try a simple black and white design, like the one mentioned here. However, before getting this type of tattoo done, it is important to do your research thoroughly, as some people may feel offended by this type of body art.

Some of the most common places to get a sun tattoo inked include the upper arm, chest, wrist, and thighs. On that note, let’s take a look at some other similar tattoo ideas, which you can refer to for your next design.

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