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Adorn your shoulder with the flip of a sunflower tattoo on your shoulder, a symbol of your sunny and vivid personality. Read on to find the best tattoos!

Sunflower tattoo on shoulder
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The bright and optimistic images of the sunflower make it a perfect tattoo for your body but equally confusing to choose from among thousands of outstanding works of art.

With each flower having significant meaning with it, such as a rose for grace and daisies for innocence, sunflowers also have profound meaning. Sunflowers have different cultural and religious symbolisms, ranging from being known as the embodiment of optimism and a symbol of adoration and fidelity.

Shoulder tattoos enjoy widespread popularity as the most chosen place to get a tattoo. They offer a direct view of the tattoo while extending a nice stretch of skin for easy tattoo creation and medium level of pain. With sunflowers gaining wide popularity among the public, people need to consider getting a sunflower tattoo on their shoulders.

Sunflower tattoo designs on the shoulder and back are great places to stretch a sunflower’s huge build, which looks best when illustrated in its expansive form. Sunflowers, along with other aspects such as butterflies, make for exceptional tattoos with a deep religious meaning. Since sunflower tattoo designs represent spirituality, adding a butterfly tattoo can include the idea of ​​hope and faith for many people. While a sunflower tattoo on the arm is quite common among people, you need to consider getting yourself a shoulder tattoo with sunflowers!

Are you hoping to find the best sunflower shoulder tattoo? The list below features the best sunflower tattoo designs to show upbeat energy and beautiful artwork to extend positivity.

Realistic sunflower tattoo on shoulder

Realistic sunflower tattoo on shoulders
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The sunflower is one of the most loved flowers that conveys happiness and a delicate charm through its intricate petals. No other flower can defeat the aura that a sunflower carries, so why not use the same lifelike essence of the sunflower and create a shoulder tattoo with it!

The realistic tattoo of the sunflower in the foreground does justice to the in-depth nuances and character of the sunflower, placed delicately on the shoulder. The tattoo artist paid tremendous attention to detail to capture every single petal and huge bud in utmost detail, creating a masterpiece. Women who love flowers can wear this piece majestically to appreciate their upbeat side and show off the artwork.

Wild arm sunflower tattoo ideas

Wild arm sunflower tattoo ideas
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The sunflower has a very quirky look that makes it prominent and easy to navigate among various other flowers. This shoulder tattoo, featuring a mixed arrangement of wildflowers, clearly depicts the sunflowers created at the bottom of the tattoo. Even without their distinctive colors, sunflowers can be spotted with their huge petals and deep-shaded fruit. The featured illustration follows a colorless line art tattoo format to keep the design authentic and clean. The simple black and white ink hardly dulls the vibrancy of the flowers as they continue to appear full of zeal and health. The shoulder sunflower tattoo slowly fades with the flower arrangement and interested people can continue their journey to create a full sleeve sunflower tattoo.

Vibrant and lifelike sunflower tattoos

Vibrant and lifelike sunflower tattoos
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Another attempt to capture the sunflower in its full glory, this lifelike sunflower tattoo manages to capture the sunflower in its most authentic form. Instead of opting for a large and detailed design, the tattoo artist chose to make a small but well-defined design. The small sunflower tattoo contains realistic colors, shades and highlights of a sunflower, along with the richly colored leaves and other sprigs of lavender and scattered leaves to frame it. This unique tattoo is a must to include on your tattoo list. Tweak it slightly with additional elements to make it more personalized, like a butterfly tattoo or a small rose tattoo.

Sunflower Mandala Tattoo On Shoulder

Sunflower Mandala Tattoo On Shoulder
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Mandala tattoos have a deep cultural and religious significance, symbolizing the importance of balance between body and mind. Floral tattoos are often used to recreate intricate mandalas, just like the tattoo above uses the sunflower to create a gorgeous mandala design.

The tattoo uses sunflower blossoms to create the frame for the mandala, filled with detailed additions within using shades and dots. The mandala art depicted can be made even more detailed by using smaller, more intricate designs within the flowers. Be sure to incorporate the tip when getting a mandala tattoo on your shoulder. The beauty of a mandala tattoo lies in its complexity and depth, so be sure to add detail.

Minimalist female sunflower shoulder tattoo

Minimalist women's sunflower shoulder tattoos
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The versatility, vibrancy and depth of the sunflower make it a perfect tattoo for all available sizes. Large or small, the quirky features of sunflowers manage to show their distinctive look and attract attention with their beauty, just like the tattoo above. The small sunflower shoulder tattoo is an excellent choice for women who wear a minimalist tattoo. Contrary to the traditional tattoo style, the sunflower tattoo on the shoulder does not contain any contours, highlighting the delicate colors found within, a very fresh version of the depiction of sunflowers.

Although small in size, each petal has clear and deep shades to highlight the depth and curve of the petals, creating a perfect style for those who prefer delicate tattoo designs.

Black and white sunflower tattoo shoulder

Black and white sunflower tattoo shoulder
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The majestic sunflower tattoo on the arm begins its journey from the shoulder and extends across the entire arm to represent an eye-catching illustration. Compared to other traditional and lifelike sunflower tattoos, the tattoo design features a flowing sunflower from its side angle, illustrating the flower under the influence of the wind. Line work delicately captures the extraordinary event with maximum detail and nuance, while dot work adds extra detail to each flower to make them appear more realistic.

Such tattoo design ideas are hard to see, so be sure to put this tattoo design on your wish list. Give it expansive space to project its majestic width. Shoulder blades, arms, thighs or back are the perfect canvas to do this.

Art inspired sunflower tattoo designs

Art inspired sunflower tattoo designs
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Sunflowers have been part of important art movements for a long time. From post-impressionist masterpieces to modern art experiments, sunflowers are widely used to provide an artistic touch. Taking inspiration from a similar art theme, the tattoo above incorporates an emerging art form called Curvism to create a visual masterpiece on the skin. The tattoo designs are nothing more than a walking art museum and the artist took seriously creating a mural-like floral artwork on the back.

The tattoo design successfully carries the sunny charm of sunflowers, even after using deeper colors to add depth to the artwork. This tattoo is one of a kind, so be sure to draw inspiration from it.

Blooming stages of black and white sunflower tattoo

Blooming stages of black and white sunflower tattoo
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Just as the phases of the moon are of great importance in the world of tattoos, the flowering phases of sunflowers are equally wonderful for showing the slow but rewarding flowering process in its full proportions. The tattoo design follows simple line work to illustrate three different stages of a blooming sunflower tattoo. Sunflower petals are created differently at each stage, as the flowers can be observed to slowly open and expand into the large structure that it usually contains.

The tattoo is dedicated to human transformation and can also act as a reminder to make you trust your growth by taking small steps.

Delicate sunflower tattoo designs

Delicate sunflower tattoo designs
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Single needle tattoos are gradually gaining fame among the younger generation who like to follow the minimalist trend. The tattoo features a delicate bouquet of wildflowers and a sunflower which can be a representation of the summer months characterized by a different floral richness experienced during the season. Single needle tattoos manage to capture more detail than usual, the bold outlines of traditional tattoos, making them perfect for creating floral arrangements. A flower-like sunflower requires in-depth depiction and this tattoo design manages to work the same way through a single needle tattoo style.

Small Sunflower Tattoo On Shoulder With Line Art

Small Sunflower Tattoo On Shoulder With Line Art
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Small and cute sunflower tattoo designs are very popular among teenagers and young adults who are just entering the tattoo scene. These tattoos perfectly illustrate the sunny charm of sunflowers while reflecting happiness from its bright yellow petals. Although the tattoo design lacks color, this small tattoo manages to look upbeat with its cute texture. The sunflower tattoo also features a specific number which can imply any significant date in the wearer’s life. Using these cryptic code-like numbers, you can also hide important dates and events under the delightful arrangement of sunflowers. Such a tattoo style is perfect for shoulder, arm, wrist and even as a sunflower ear tattoo!

These are some of the best classic sunflower tattoo ideas for the shoulder. They can also be recreated on other parts of the body; make sure you experiment and find the perfect match for you. Choose the whole tattoo idea from this list or combine several features to create your own. While the above tattoo designs are great, below are some other options to help you stay inspired for your next inking session!

  • Delicate watercolor sunflower tattoo
  • Sunflower hip tattoo with daisy and rose tattoo design
  • Ankle sunflower tattoo with hummingbird
  • Small foot sunflower tattoo design
  • Sunflower with sunflower forearm moon tattoo
  • Discreet ear sunflower tattoo doodle

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