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Thigh tattoos will look great on any individual, men and women alike. That said, here are some of the best thigh tattoo ideas to choose from.

Simple tattoo on the thigh
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Thigh tattoos are steadily gaining popularity, especially among women, thanks to their bold designs.

They are the perfect way to highlight the delicate curves of the lower parts of the body. In addition, the thighs also have enough space to explore different types of large and dramatic tattoos.

The thigh area is one of the least painful areas to tattoo. Plus, you can also easily cover it up with clothes if you prefer subtle tattoos. There are various shapes and designs for thigh tattoos. If you like feminine tattoos, you can opt for symbols such as a rose, a heart or even a dream catcher. However, they will look great and give that alluring look. Before getting inked on the thigh, it is important to choose the design very carefully. You can either for a large tattoo or even a minimalist one. On that note, here are some of the best thigh tattoo ideas you can refer to for your next tattoo design.

Tattoo on the upper thigh of the butterfly

Tattoo on the upper thigh of the butterfly
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If you want to add a feminine touch to your bold thigh tattoo designs, adding a butterfly symbol can be a great way to do it. In this image mentioned above, we can see that the tattoo artist drew a huge butterfly tattoo on the upper thigh of the individual and paired it with a moon design. Both the butterfly and the moon are popular symbols that reflect feminine qualities such as grace, power, beauty and innocence. The artist here drew some really creative patterns to highlight the butterfly’s huge wings. The whole design was created using black ink only. However, adding other colors like red, pink or purple can be a great way to make this design more interesting and colorful.

Rose tattoo on the thigh

Rose tattoo on the thigh
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Floral tattoos are yet another very popular tattoo design among women. Flowers are the epitome of natural beauty and grace. They can also be used to represent different emotions such as love, innocence, purity and joy. In this image mentioned above, the tattoo artists have drawn a huge floral tattoo on the woman’s thigh. If you look closely, you can see two flowers highlighted through the drawing, namely the rose and the sunflower. The rose is a symbol of deep and innocent love, while the sunflower represents happiness, warmth and joy. This is a great example of a meaningful tattoo. If you like these similar ideas, you can refer to this for your next tattoo design. Instead of using different flowers in your tattoo, you can simply opt for a specific one as well. It will look equally great.

Dream catcher tattoo design

Dream catcher tattoo design
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The dream catcher originates in Native American culture. It is usually hand-woven, replicating the design of a spider web. The idea behind the dream catcher tattoo is that it is a symbol of protection against evil and bad luck. The intricate patterns of the dream catchers filter out negative energies or bad dreams and just let the good dreams and positive energies pass and enter our lives. Replicating this idea in your tattoo design can be a great way to create a meaningful tattoo. In this image, we can see a beautiful dream catcher drawn on the upper thigh of the individual. The juxtaposition of the fine lines, in the center of the dream catcher, looks amazing. At first glance, it can be assumed that it is done by someone with good experience.

Tattoo on the thigh of a tiger

Tiger thigh tattoos
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When it comes to power and royalty, nothing can beat a tiger. They are the top predators of the jungle and represent freedom and intelligence. Although they are more common as a male tattoo, tiger tattoos suit every individual, men and women alike. Getting this type of tattoo inked on your body can be a great way to reveal that strong and powerful side of your personality. Here we can see a similar example. The tattoo artist drew a tiger tattoo and placed it on the individual. Instead of just using black ink, he also added some shades of red to make the tattoo more vibrant. This can be a great design for someone who is looking for powerful and strong tattoo designs.

Tattoo with letters on the thigh

Tattoo with letters on the thigh
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One of the best forms of body art is a quote tattoo. It can be a particular phrase, a quote or even a word you like. It can also be any dialogue from your favorite book or movie. However, quote tattoos are one of the most significant of all tattoos. In this image, we can see that the person chose the quote, “Self-love is revolutionary”, as her tattoo design. It’s a great way to always motivate yourself. If you have such a quote that motivates you the most, you can have them permanently inked on your body.

Small tattoos on the thigh

Small tattoos on the thigh
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If you are looking for some minimalist designs for your next thigh tattoo then this one here is a must. The image contains a small and unique drawing of wildflowers, engraved on the upper part of the woman’s thigh. Wildflowers are the perfect representation of joy and positive energy. They also represent resurrection and love. They are an ideal choice for tattoo designs, especially for women. In this drawing, the artist used only black ink. However, you can also add any bright color to your design to give it a more colorful and vibrant look. At the same time, you can also add other elements such as butterflies to your design, to make it unique.

Simple thigh band tattoo

Simple thigh band tattoo
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Band tattoos are one of the newest trends in the tattoo world. They represented the loss of a loved one. However, these band tattoos nowadays are customized with various other designs and patterns. A similar example is shown in the image above. The artist drew a band of flowers, wrapped around the woman’s upper thigh. It can be the perfect way to highlight those delicate curves of your legs. The tattoo looks very seductive and the colors used to draw the flowers made the tattoo more prominent. Although thigh tattoos don’t cause as much pain as other parts of the body, the inside of the thigh can be a sensitive area to tattoo.

Simple sun and moon thigh tattoo

Simple sun and moon thigh tattoo
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The Sun and the Moon are the two opposite forces of nature. Just like the yin yang tattoo, the Sun represents all male qualities such as strength, power and life. The moon on the other hand is a symbol of all female qualities such as beauty, mystery, grace, wonder and emotions. This could be a perfect design for a thigh tattoo. In the above image, we can see the full face of the Sun coupled with the crescent. It looks serene and can be a great tattoo idea, for both men and women. The artist also added some motifs to the tattoo, to give it the perfect bohemian look.

Tattoo on the lion’s thigh

Tattoo on the lion's thigh
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The lion is a symbol of courage and courage. When you pair it with floral designs, it can give you a classic feminine tattoo. The image above is a rendition of the same. The integral design of this majestic beast with the different inked flower designs below looks very aesthetic. It can be a great way to reveal that fearless and graceful side of your personality. Although the artist did not use any color for this design, you can add any color to make the tattoo more vibrant. If you are looking for larger designs for your thigh tattoo, this may be the perfect one for you.

Dragon tattoo

Dragon tattoo
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This has to be one of the best thigh tattoo designs. In ancient cultures, the dragon was presented as a protector of humanity, from the forces of evil and bad luck. It is the epitome of wisdom, power and knowledge. Dragon tattoos are usually done in bright colors like orange, red or yellow. However, in this design, the artist took a more simplistic approach to creating the tattoo. A black and white dragon tattoo will look just as good as a colored dragon tattoo.

Thigh tattoos usually consist of large designs. However, with that said, you can also opt for any small tattoo designed. It depends entirely on the wearer and the type of look he wants to choose. Although thigh tattoos don’t hurt as much as other parts of the body, as you move more inward on the thigh, it can sometimes be painful because the skin around it is soft and full of nerve endings. Below are some other thigh tattoo tips, which you can use as a recommendation for your next design.

  • Mandala tattoo
  • Simple moon thigh tattoo
  • Inner thigh skull tattoo
  • Animal thigh tattoos for women

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