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If you’ve been around the internet looking for some cool little fairy tattoos, this is where your search ends!

Small fairy tattoo
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Angels are wonderful spirits that have many deep meanings to them.

If you’ve ever seen fantasy movies or series like Cinderella, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Winx Club, Fairy Tale, etc., you may have already come across the term “fairy”. Fairy tattoos also have deep religious meanings.

Fairies are magical beings in human form that are often believed to be God’s workers as well. All the fairies portrayed in the series differ from each other. There are good and bad fairies, there are small and large fairies, etc. Depending on the series, the characterization can keep changing, but only one thing remains intact, and that’s the magic. This is true, although their appearance changes in each series or movie, it is proven that fairies are always blessed with some sort of magical powers. But the interesting part is that even though they can use magic it doesn’t mean they all have the same magical or magical powers. Their powers differ with their elements such as fire, water, air, poison, dark magic, healer, etc. These are only a fraction of the attributes found in the fantasy world. But if we go back to the origin of fairies, it will take us to Greek mythology around the 13th century BC. Because fairies can manifest magic and help people, they are often referred to as “creatures of wonder”. But let’s not forget about “Disney”, which brought the fairy’s existence into the real world. Disney has produced many fairy series and films so far. Some of the beautiful works include “Maleficent”, “Cinderella”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Tangled” etc.

In addition to their mentions in several literary works, fairies also have significant spiritual significance. Fairies represent love, spring, beauty, nature and magic. It could also mean finding our inner magic and becoming the best version of ourselves.

In the world of tattoos, fairy tattoos are considered to be one of the most favorite tattoos. As fairy tattoos represent good things like freedom, kind heart, help, etc. The most significant message behind a fairy tattoo is the “free spirit” message, which everyone deserves to be.

If you too are looking for some gorgeous fairy tattoos to inked on your body, here is a collection of the best fairy tattoos we have put together for you!

Small fairy wings tattoo

Small fairy wings tattoo
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An outline image of a little fairy, this fairy tattoo design has fairy wings outlined in red to put more emphasis on its magical wings. These magical creatures are blessed with incredible powers with the ability to manipulate different elements. The fact that they can fly is only an advantage. This tattoo features a naked fairy outlined on her thighs with red wings. This fairy tattoo indicates self-love and the need to hug every now and then.

Fairy tattoos are one of the best tattoo ideas, especially for women. If you were looking for some gorgeous and cute fairy tattoos that also express your emotions and your journey towards self-acceptance and love for yourself, this one has to go straight to your wish list.

Gothic fairy tattoo

Gothic fairy tattoo
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Gothic is also an art form that tends to symbolize the scariest and darkest aspects of our life. Like the meanings, gothic fairy tattoos also mean the hidden dark side of people no matter how beautiful they are. And even though fairies are magical beings with pure hearts, they also have a dark side in their life. This gothic fairy tattoo that might seem strange to many people was inked on the forearm of the tattoo holder. This fairy tattoo definitely gives us a spooky vibe, with the awesome moon and blood dripping eyes, which are drawn in black ink

Gothic fairy tattoo designs are mostly popular with guys, and if you are looking for goth genre tattoo ideas and dark fairy tattoos with deep meanings. Then you should definitely check this out.

Small Tinker Bell tattoo

Small Tinker Bell tattoo
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One of Disney’s most loved and popular fairies has undeniably been the popular Tinker Bell. With a cute face, tiny body, beautiful wings and an innocent vibe, Tinkerbell has managed to stay in the hearts of Disney lovers forever. Her hair is mostly tied in a bun with cute fringes hanging from her face. Since she is a tinkering fairy, her abilities include flying and producing pixie dust. Campanellino is also very close to mother earth because she and her people take care of how things work in our nature.

If you love Tinkerbell and would like to get a Tinkerbell tattoo, but with subtle designs, this is the one for you!

Freedom fairy tattoo

Freedom fairy tattoo
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Tattooed on the right arm, this tattoo features a little fairy. The fairy seems to have freed herself from all obstacles of her and transformed into a new fairy. This tattoo is deeply meaningful, but what catches the viewers attention first is the accuracy of the tattoo. The artist did not leave a single detail intact. This tattoo is also great if you want to portray your fights and how, no matter what happens, you’ve never let anyone hold you back. This fairy tattoo is a great idea if you are looking for a fairy tattoo for a beautiful fairy tattoo to bless your new chapter in life with some love, art and a dash of pixie dust.

Little fairy moon tattoo

Little fairy moon tattoo
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Moon tattoos generally mean growth and transformation and is one of the most popular tattoo ideas in the tattoo world. Incorporate it with a fairy tattoo and voila, we have an awesome tattoo. The fairy tattoo here features a small fairy who is trying to reach the star while she is sitting on a moon. What makes this tattoo even more special is the way the tattoo has been inked. The tattoo here was inked using dots to bring an image like this one together.

If you are also looking for a dot fairy tattoo design, we bet this tattoo is the answer!

Baby fairy tattoo

Baby fairy tattoo
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This fairy tattoo is quite creative, both artistic and conceptual. This fairy tattoo features a little girl with wings and is inked next to a flower. This fairy tattoo also gives an impression of flower fairies, which are the type of fairies that take care of flowers, trees and plants. The art was made using only the outline of the fairy tattoo, making it one of a kind. The perfect design of this tattoo captures the innocence and goodness of a fairy.

If you were looking to inked a fairy tattoo that is cute, minimal, and undeniably gorgeous, consider this your calling.

Fairy tattoo with butterfly wings

Fairy tattoo with butterfly wings
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This tattoo was inked on the tattoo wearer’s arm. In this tattoo, the fairy is depicted holding an electric guitar in her hand and has wings that resemble those of butterflies. The fairy holding an electric guitar is a representation of the combination of two worlds, and those are fantasy and reality. The concept of this tattoo design is absolutely extraordinary and so is the presentation. This tattoo shows us the fun, whimsical and adaptive nature of the fairy in the real world. If you want to inked a fairy tattoo on your skin but don’t want one of the typical ones, you need to consider this beauty with butterfly wings.

Flying fairy tattoo

Flying fairy tattoo
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The tattoo is placed on the hand of the tattoo bearer. The fairy in this tattoo is in a flying position, as the name suggests, and is surrounded by pixie dust all around. It hasn’t been colored, yet every part of this tattoo is recognizablely accurate. This fairy tattoo has been designed with the utmost care and the fine lines are proof of the artist’s skillful hands.

If you were looking for a fairy tattoo that is cute and portrays the perfect silhouette of the fairy, this fairy tattoo is for you!

Fairy silhouette tattoo

Fairy silhouette tattoo
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Although silhouette tattoos should typically have the back color, this fairy tattoo colors the fairy wings rather, which shifts our focus on this silhouette fairy tattoo entirely towards the gorgeous wings allowing us to take a moment and admire the beauty. The tattoo artist chose to color the wings with a gorgeous shade of blue while keeping the fairy in shadow. If you are planning on getting a unique fairy tattoo that makes your skin glow with the pixie powders it is blowing off, this tattoo is the answer.

Fairy tattoo with fairy tail

Fairy tattoo with fairy tail
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If you are hearing this for the first time, let us first introduce you to one of the popular Japanese anime series titled “Fairy Tail”. These famous series entertain us with tons of information about fairies. This tattoo is an emblem of this series. This fairy tattoo was inked on the ankle of the tattoo holder. This tattoo looks very simple but contains much deeper meanings of fairies and strong references to anime. The complex coloring of this tattoo is truly worthy of praise. If you love the “Fairy Tail” anime series and are looking for some awesome Fairy Tail tattoos to inked on your skin, this is where your search stops!

We bet you must have found your favorite fairy tattoo to inked on your body. However, if you still feel like looking for more fairy tattoo inspiration, you might want to check out our suggestions:

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