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The sun was a symbol of new life, representing strength, new beginnings and life. A small sun tattoo reminds you of the immensity you are capable of!

Small sun tattoo designs
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One of the most popular body and wrist tattoo ideas is a small sun tattoo.

It’s also a tattoo artist’s favorite, and reportedly doesn’t hurt much! The sun represents strength, the most common symbolism for majestic and new endeavors.

If you are the person who leads and takes the lead, show that quality with a sun tattoo. The sun tattoo design often has many variations. The most popular crescent sub-category is a beautiful crescent tattoo inside the sun. Minimalist or midday sun tattoos are generally painless – a 2/10 on the pain scale, thanks to easy and simple geometric strokes.

Tattoo Of The Sun With Clouds

Tattoo Of The Sun With Clouds
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The simple minimalist sun surrounded by clouds tattoo is the perfect example of a simple design that stands out. The minimalist sun tattoo is drawn in simple black ink and due to its small area it can be drawn anywhere on your body.

The sun is inked with surreal flowing rays and is drawn with some sparkles inside the sphere. If this is your first tattoo, we recommend getting a small sun tattoo on your wrist. The sun with clouds tattoo is drawn in black ink and with the slightest gradient in small strokes wherever it is. This small sun tattoo design has minimalist clouds surrounding the sun and small sparkles and stars within it. Overall, the sun with clouds tattoo is a fan favorite and would be the perfect ink to wear on your wrist this summer!

Tattoo on the shoulder of the sun

Tattoo on the shoulder of the sun
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The small sun tattoo on collarbone is an excellent small piece of sun designed with beautiful waves and twists, drawn in elegant black ink. The collarbone sun tattoo, with its sun rays drawn in excellent waves of different styles and designs, is a perfect combination of majestic art style and simplistic execution.

This tattoo idea is aesthetic and rare. The sun and sun rays design along with the edges are drawn in beautiful waves and curves. This tattoo is a three layered piece, with three layers of different styles of rays, drawn in waves and a circle done with waves in the center. The stylized sun collarbone tattoo would look best on your shoulder and collarbone area thanks to its waves which give it the look of black ink spilling onto the paper.

Sun tattoo design with eye

Sun tattoo design with eye
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The sun tattoo design with one eye in the center is a rare choice among tattoos but with its surreal art style, it instantly enhances your aesthetic! The beautiful sun tattoo design with one eye in the center is a powerful symbol of strength and life along with an uplifting message and light.

The practice of drawing a sun with one eye roughly dates back to the early Egyptian civilization to portray the Sun God with one eye in the center. This tattoo has a semi-realistic eye drawn inside the wavy rays of the sun, perfectly shaded, with minimal lines and is therefore less painful than most sun tattoo designs. In many different cultures, this is the main symbol of the Sun God

Minimalist sun and moon tattoo

Minimalist sun and moon tattoos
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The minimalist sun and moon tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo ideas. This tattoo design is not a modern invention but a combination of numerous designs drawn from the practices of many cultures and tribes such as the Tribal Sun God in ancient Chinese philosophy, Aztec sun tattoo, etc.

The minimalist sun and moon tattoo design is cute, designed as a simple circle and a crescent moon surrounding it, the two opposing forces complement each other perfectly. It is designed in black and white, with adequate details to make it look clean and pleasant, while maintaining its minimalism. It is not too painful as described by tattoo enthusiasts. The central sun tattoo design has a face surrounded by double wavy lines depicting the sun’s rays.

Surrealist Sun Moon Tattoo

Surrealist Sun Moon Tattoo
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The surrealist type sun moon tattoo is a symbol of long life, the duality of nature and a representative of prosperity in many cultures: Japanese sun tattoo or rising sun tattoo, tribal sun tattoo, mandala sun tattoo, etc.

The surreal sun moon tattoo is one of the most beautiful tattoo designs. It is often drawn in bold ink and equipped with adequate detail to make it look semi-realistic.

This tattoo is an encouraged sphere drawn with a face of a human, which overlaps the outline of a crescent within the sun, making it a visually impressive lunar yin yang tattoo. It is detailed and one of the commonly recommended sun tattoos. The two images are both surrounded by sun rays tattooed in waves and work perfectly to serve as a symbol of the cultural relics of ancient cultures. On the pain scale it was rated 5/10 but the aesthetics are worth it.

Half Sun Tattoo With Eyes And Flowers

Half Sun Tattoo With Eyes And Flowers
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This masterpiece is an eye shaped half sun, surrounded by simple floral tattoos like the sun’s rays. One of the most requested and common sun and moon tattoos is the half sun tattoo with one eye and minimalist flowers.

This tattoo design is visually aesthetic. This sun tattoo idea is a simple circle like centerpiece, with a semi-realistic or cartoonish eye, symbolizing eternal knowledge and multidimensional perception, looking out. Around there is a beautiful set of minimalist flowers, made with a beautiful black color. This is another example of cultural practices rooted in the mainstream as more and more people embrace the artistic styles of ancient cultures.

Half Sun With Scattered Rays And Stars

Half sun ideas with scattered rays and stars
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The half sun with sun rays and scattered stars is a beautiful work of art with a half rising sun tattoo on the top and four pointed stars. This tattoo is a minimalist piece that remains simple but is immensely pleasing to the eye. Redefine your aesthetic.

This tattoo has a simple design with low strokes and was rated 3/10 on the pain scale which varies based on the number of sun rays. The stars are four-pointed and scattered on the arm while the sun’s rays create beautiful waves on the wrist. The rising sun adds to the elegance of the piece. The rising sun is a historical representation of the Japanese and their sweaty prosperity. It is also a symbol of harvest and victory in many cultures.

Minimalist sun and moon tattoo

Minimalist sun and moon tattoo
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The minimalist sun and moon tattoo is very similar to the surrealist sun and moon tattoo design, with a simple sun and moon complementing each other. The minimalist sun and moon tattoo is another example of a simple design and creative art style that goes a long way, making tattooing a feast for the eyes.

This sun and moon tattoo is representative of the duality we see in nature, being a path for old school art styles that meet new designs and come together to create something even more beautiful. This tattoo consists of a simple circle depicted as the sun, the sun’s rays are stylized and aesthetic and are followed by a crescent at the bottom, colored completely with black ink. The sun is left colorless, to show light and luster. The sun’s rays have an impressive finishing touch. All in all, the minimalist sun and moon tattoo is a visual treat!

Hand holding simple sun tattoo

Hand holding simple sun tattoo
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The hand holding a simple sun tattoo is a simplistic masterpiece, with not too many noticeable features, just a simple minimalist hand holding a sun and its rays. Still, it’s cute enough to stand out.

Tattoo lovers and tattoo artists have rated this sun tattoo idea at 1/10 on the pain scale as it doesn’t have too many complicated strokes, no shades of any kind, streaks or dots.

With a simple yet creative idea and an even simpler design, this sun tattoo stands out because it is less complicated, easy to draw and of course cheaper. It is usually drawn in black ink and not filled in any place with any color. The goal is to be creative while being simple and this sun tattoo meets all the important criteria! The hand holding the sun is detailed enough to look like a semi-realistic hand but not too detailed to lose its minimalist traits.

Tattoo of the sun rising over the waves

Tattoo of the sun rising over the waves
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The rising sun tattoo on the waves is a beautiful and precise work of art that portrays beautiful features of the world. This rising sun tattoo, emblematic of almost all rising sun tattoos, is a symbol of a new beginning, a new life, a new harvest and so on. It is the symbol of motivation.

This sunny tattoo designed in simple black ink, with little or no shading, gives it the perfect minimalist look. Rate a 2-3 / 10 on the pain scale by most tattoo lovers and tattoo artists, the reason being fewer strokes and the absence of unnecessary detail and nuance. The half sun, the one that rises, is drawn behind the beautiful waves of the ocean, the coolest part of which is that it could represent both a sunrise and a sunset, depending on your perception.

Most sun tattoos are minimalist, but they give off good vibes on your aura. There are several popular sun tattoo ideas that you can choose from to complement your vibe:

  • Small sun tattoo under the thumb.
  • Tattoo of the sun resting on the crescent moon.
  • Solar tattoo made of micro-zodiac signs.
  • Sun Tattoo with a special date in the center.
  • Small sun tattoo at the base of the neck.

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