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If you love the night sky and the stars in particular fascinate you, then get a walking star tattoo that is not only cool but majestic too.

Best star tattoo on foot
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An astronomical object, a star, lights up due to the thermonuclear fusion of hydrogen into helium.

Several scholars have debated the origin of the word “star”; for some it was derived from Stella in Latin, some say Aster in Greek, some say Stern in German and some believe Ister in Akkadian. From religious practice to navigation, the stars have played a very important role in all of human civilization.

In ancient times astronomy played a very important role and astronomers were able to distinguish between a fixed and a wandering star only from that period. The first important star map was made in the Egyptian civilization, while the first star catalog was made in the Greek civilization by Aristillo with the help of Timohcaris. In modern times, due to the layered meanings, it has also been used as body art.

Simple foot star tattoo

Simple foot star tattoo
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The simple foot star tattoo design is mainly done using one or two stars. The stars are drawn in the format of a pentagon and mainly black ink is used to draw these foot star tattoos. The size of the tattoo usually varies from small to medium and totally depends on the tattoo artist.

The simple star tattoo on one foot can have various meanings in various cultures, but the common symbols associated with it are intuition, honor, desire, hope and guidance. Popular with both men and women, these foot star tattoos can also have religious and spiritual tendencies. Other than that, they can be inked simply for their aesthetic ideas and values.

Shooting Star Tattoo On Foot

Shooting Star Tattoo On Foot
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You must have often heard people say to make a wish when shooting stars are passing so that your dreams can come true. This is exactly the meaning associated with the shooting star tattoo on foot. They are mostly made in black ink and are a popular choice among men and women.

The shooting star is often a symbol of good luck and charm and is often used by people to take the positive vibe from these stars tattoo design. The shooting star tattoo reminds the tattoo artist of the lucky charm behind it and motivates him to fulfill the dream and prosperity he desires.

Moon and star tattoo on foot

Moon and star tattoo on foot
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When the moon and the star are made together, they mainly represent the concept of family. The moon has always been considered feminine in nature, while the sun is associated with masculinity. They are mostly done in black ink and are quite popular as star tattoos among girls.

This tattoo can be done in a few variations and is a great way to represent family members. When performed with only the moon and a few stars, the moon will represent a mother while the stars will show her children. Again, when several stars have ended up with a moon, it will represent the brothers associated with the tattoo artist. Sometimes the sun is added with the moon to represent the father figure in this tattoo.

Foot big heart star tattoo

Foot big heart star tattoo
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A beautiful star tattoo design, the heart and star tattoo on the foot represents the concept of passion and hope. This foot star tattoo covers enough space and is a simple yet elegant tattoo choice for both men and women. They can be inked like a traditional star tattoo with the black color used for both the star and the heart.

Sometimes they can also be done as colored star tattoos on the feet where the color of love and passion, red is used. Then it becomes the red heart and red star tattoo, helping the tattoo artist to remind them of the positives in life. This adorable star tattoo is made to celebrate love and those closest to the tattoo artist who wish, see them as their guide or hope to be with them.

Foot star butterfly tattoo

Foot star butterfly tattoo
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The star and butterfly tattoo is one of the cutest star tattoos and is extremely popular with both men and women. Butterfly tattoo designs mainly represent transformation and freedom. It can also show the stages of life and the beauty contained in it by demonstrating the transformation of a cocoon into a beautiful butterfly.

The stars have been widely regarded as a symbol of guidance, joy and hope. Now, when the butterfly merges with a star tattoo, it reflects the tattoo artist’s joyful transformation and the hope he brings with this change. This star tattoo design can be done in black color or as colorful foot star tattoos.

Religious Star Tattoo On Foot

Religious Star Tattoo On Foot
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Where other stars are mostly made as pentagrams, religious stars are mostly made in the format of hexagrams. The Star of David is an important Jewish symbol that has six sides representing the twelve tribes. This unique star tattoo on the foot is mostly done in black ink and is done by the followers of Judaism.

The hexagram pattern is the focal point and main idea behind the Mandala designs. The symmetry and perfect balance in the mandalas demonstrate the harmony between divinity and humanity. Followers of Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism often get this tattoo to show their desire to reach Nirvana with this design.

Tribal patterned star tattoo on foot

Tribal patterned star tattoo on foot
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One of the most unique foot star tattoo designs is the tribal star tattoo. The meanings of this particular tattoo vary from culture to culture but are extremely ornate in nature. Dream catcher, feathers and different geometric shapes are used to make this star tattoo extremely loud and completely different from other designs.

Firstly, the tattoo artist wearing a tribal star tattoo can represent their legacy with this tattoo design. For many tribes the star is the symbol of protection, guidance and hope. A tattoo artist can also demonstrate such leadership qualities by getting the tribal star tattoo. Apart from this, they can also be made for their clean and aesthetic designs.

Tattoo Of Flowers And Stars On Foot

Tattoo Of Flowers And Stars On Foot
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The flowers and foot star tattoo are mostly done in bright colors. Flowers are known for their color, aesthetic beauty and fragrance, while stars are known for their brilliant illumination in the night sky.

Where stars have been associated with the symbol of hope, guidance and honor, different flowers demonstrate different meanings. But it’s true every time we see a flower blossom, and it fascinates us. Therefore, when the stars and flowers combine for a tattoo, it represents the personal development of the tattoo artist.

Constellation star tattoo on foot

Constellation star tattoo on foot
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We can often see stars forming patterns to reflect certain images in the night sky. The image can vary from that of an animal to an abstract pattern that enchants us. Many people love stargazing and are fascinated by the sight of the constellations. For them, these tattoos are a perfect way to represent their love for the stars.

Cassiopeia, which looks like an irregular W, is a collection of five bright stars. Canis or the Dog Major, Orion or The Hunter, Taurus or the Taurus, and Leo or the Lion are some of the famous constellations that can be tattooed on foot. These tattoos are mostly done in black ink and for many people they can be the symbol of security, hope, good luck and faith.

Small star tattoo on foot

Small star tattoo on foot
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Following the idealess is more, small foot star tattoos are inked by both men and women. They can be made with black ink or colored ink and totally depend on the choice of the tattoo artist. With its subtle and clean design, this trendy foot star tattoo is cute yet elegant.

A single star or multiple small stars can be inked, reflecting intuition, hope, desire, guidance and honor. This foot star tattoo design has a great advantage as it is so minute that it can sometimes even be overlooked by onlookers. Shy and introverted people mostly get these star foot tattoos.

While doing a walking star tattoo, you must first research and read which design you want to be inked on. Stars as a symbol can reflect a plethora of meanings ranging from religious beliefs to modern connotations. Not just the foot, but other places where star tattoos are done are the wrist, shoulder, forearm, shin, back and chest.

Apart from those mentioned in the article, there are more designs that can be inked on foot using star tattoos. I’m:

  • Tattoo of stars and lightning on foot
  • Multi-star tattoo on foot
  • Tattoo of couples of stars on foot
  • Tattoo of clouds and stars on foot
  • Sun and star tattoo on foot

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