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If you are looking for simple, interesting and meaningful designs, you are in the right place. Check out these great stoic tattoo ideas just for you!

Best Stoic Tattoo Ideas
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Stoicism is a straightforward, useful and extremely simple concept.

There are many philosophers who have followed this stoicism and have become some of the greatest minds in American history. Stoicism is very blunt because it doesn’t try to appeal to someone or complicate things.

According to many philosophers, Stoicism is considered a philosophy designed to live life to the fullest. People who consider themselves stoics believe that the only thing they can truly control, which is also a part of themselves, is their thoughts and actions. This doesn’t mean they don’t care about others. These people see themselves as part of the universe. They think that every human being on this planet is their brother and they should live their life according to nature. One of the most popular beliefs is that every person should try to become his or her best version for the greater good of the world.

If you consider yourself a philosophical person who has principles according to the Stoics, then these tattoos are perfect for your body art. The Stoics were known to have very elaborate tattoos that revealed and expressed their beliefs. These tattoos are the perfect way to truly experience the Stoic philosophy.

We have curated a list of the top ten stoic tattoo ideas for you. You can peruse these designs and select the best design that inspires you the most.

Mark And Skull Tattoo

Mark And Skull Tattoo
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Marcus Aurelius is one of the most popular Stoics in American history. He is also the inspiration for many Stoicism tattoo ideas. Marcus Aurelius was a philosopher and king who knew that great power came with great responsibility. He also wrote a book called Mediation, in which he revealed his personal thoughts about him. This book has been the inspiration of many influential people throughout history. Marcus Aurelius is also one of the great reasons why we understand the meaning of stoicism.

This particular design depicts the face of Marcus Aurelius and next to it is a small skull. The skull is generally a representation of rebellion and the afterlife. The designs behind this tattoo make it more elegant and eye-catching. The tattoo artist used a thin line of black ink to complete this tattoo.

Memento Mori tattoo

Memento Mori tattoo
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According to the Stoic philosophy, Memento Mori is one of the most common phrases and has good reasons for it. According to this philosophy, every individual has enough time on this planet, but he doesn’t know what the total time is. So this tattoo reminds you that you should stop thinking about the things you want to do and instead do them. This is your chance to do something you’ve always wanted, because if you don’t do it now, you may never do it.

This drawing shows two hands, one normal and the other appears to be a skeletal hand. The two indices seem to touch, and behind them is Memento Mori. This tattoo was placed on the forearm where it is quite visible the artist used black and gray ink to make the design and the letters for Memento Mori were written in crisp black ink. This is a beautiful design and can be considered for your next body art.

Tattoo of Marcus Aurelius

Tattoo of Marcus Aurelius
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This tattoo is another Marcus Aurelius inspired design. He was a great man who revealed his beliefs about him to the world and everyone thought it was so true that they decided to follow him. What stoicism is today is mainly due to the efforts of Marcus Aurelius. He has not only been an inspiration to many people, but he has also taught them the ways of life.

Marcus Aurelius tattoos are some of the most popular tattoo designs for anyone who believes in or follows the Stoic philosophy. These designs generally include all the different elements of Stoic philosophy and create beautiful and elegant tattoo designs. The whole design was done with shades of black and gray. However, to highlight some areas, the tattoo artist used thin lines of red ink.

Seneca tattoo

Seneca tattoo
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While other people lived very modest lives, Seneca the Younger lived a life filled with luxury and others disapproved of it. This makes Seneca the original ‘Bad Boy’ of Stoic philosophy. However, this was why he was considered one of the perfect insights for modern Stoic times. His teachings had advised every Stoic philosopher to overcome the problems that each individual faces in life. This is also one of the reasons why Seneca is one of the most popular stoic tattoo designs.

This design was made on the person’s entire arm, like a tattoo on the sleeve. Not only does this drawing consist of the portrait of Seneca, but it also has the portrait of Marcus Aurelius. The whole design was done with shades of black and gray. The tattoo artist did a great job with the details of this design and it looks absolutely gorgeous.

Philosophy tattoo

Philosophy tattoo
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Marcus Aurelius has been the inspiration for many Stoicism tattoo ideas. Not only was he a great philosopher who taught us to live life and enjoy every moment, he also taught us to face every difficulty in life because there is always a reason behind it. In addition to looking attractive, he also gives us a message.

This is a nice design with shades of black and gray. The tattoo consists of the face of Marcus Aurelius and the tattoo artist made it with great details. If you wish, you can add other details to this design such as the Four Virtues of Stoic Philosophy to make this design more eye-catching.

Amor Fati Tattoo

Amor Fati Tattoo
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Amor Fati is a term that can literally be translated into love for destiny. This design is a constant reminder that while you live, you should love nature and the people within it. It is an inspiration for you to become one with the world. It also teaches each individual to own the suffering and loss that he has gone through in life because whatever happens, it happens for a good reason.

This particular design is very simple and sharp. It has the words are more Fathy written on the wrist. The tattoo artist used fine lines of black ink to make this design. If you are looking for a simple design that expresses your feelings about Stoic philosophy, this design is something you should consider.

4 Stoic Virtues Tattoo

4 Stoic Virtues Tattoo
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Stoic philosophy includes 4 virtues which are wisdom, justice, temperance and courage. These virtues are something that every Stoic philosopher follows because it keeps them grounded and on a virtuous path. This tattoo is generally very easy to understand because the owl represents wisdom, the scales represent justice, the sign of the cross is a part of an anchor which represents temperance, and the lion’s paw represents courage. These four virtues have meaning in every part and piece of life.

This particular design shows a diamond shape in the background. Among these forms are the four different virtues. The four virtues are realized in the center of this design. The tattoo artist used crisp, fine lines of black ink to make this tattoo.

Thor’s hammer tattoo

Thor's hammer tattoo
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This particular design has a profound meaning. For the wearer of this model, the Stormbreaker, which is wielded by Thor, a Greek god, is of the utmost importance. According to them, the character of Thor had transformed into someone who had fought his inner demons and gained self-confidence again. This is also very similar to the Stoic belief that you should never give up faith in yourself and be one with nature. In addition to the storm switch, this design is also composed of the word Amor Fati which means Love Fate. This is a nice combination of a design that the tattoo artist used black and gray shapes to complete this design.

Life and death tattoo

Life and death tattoo
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Life and death tattoos are an interesting choice of tattoos that represent a person’s beliefs. A life tattoo represents strength and the cycle of life and immortality. A death tattoo is also a depiction of a reminder of their mortality. This tattoo features a belief from the Stoic philosophy, which is Memento Mori. It is a reminder for every person to live their life to the fullest and enjoy every moment. The tattoo artist used black ink to make this design. It features a skeleton, a drinking animal, wine glasses, and a crow sitting on a stone at the cemetery.

Enlightenment tattoo

Enlightenment tattoo
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There are many symbols which show that the person has reached a stage of enlightenment. It also represents the struggles that each individual faces in life and how he overcomes them with harmony and love. Such tattoos are a constant reflection of a person’s life.

This particular stoic tattoo is a Unalome which is a representation of spiritual enlightenment. The tattoo artist used fine lines of black ink to make this design. If you are looking for a design to inspire you further, this tattoo is something you can consider.

It is a very bold choice to be able to express your feelings in the form of tattoos. If you are a philosophical person who wants to express your faith in Stoic philosophy, then these Stoicism tattoo ideas should be perfect for you. If you want to explore other ideas, you can also look at:

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