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If you are a cheerful person who loves bright colors then the sunflower and butterfly tattoo is an ideal tattoo choice to get inked with.

Sunflower And Butterfly Tattoo
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A symbiotic relationship is shared between a flower and a butterfly.

Butterflies help in the pollination process from flower to flower. On the other hand, the flowers provide them with the nectar they feed on with their proboscis for nutrients.

Now both butterflies and flowers are beautiful and eye-catching; when done as a body art, it provides a natural curve to the meaning of the tattoo. The traits of femininity, innocence and serenity are demonstrated by this tattoo design, but they are equally popular with men.

From an endless pool of flowers such as rose, sunflower, lavender and lotus they can be merged with the multiple numbers of butterflies found in the world such as monarch, morphs and painted lady to get the desired tattoo design.

Butterfly And Sunflower Tattoo

Butterfly And Sunflower Tattoo
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From engraving as a black and white sunflower and butterfly tattoo to using colored pigment to make it more attractive, this is one of the most common floral tattoo designs. The size of the tattoo is mostly small or medium and totally depends on the tattoo artist. The best place to put this tattoo design correctly is the forearm, bicep, wrist, ankle, shoulder, back and calves.

In many cultures, a butterfly is associated with freedom, transformation, rebirth and commitment. While sunflowers with their bright yellow are known for love, happiness and joy. When fused together, different meanings can be obtained and among these stands out the commitment to happiness and joy in life. The meaningful sunflower and butterfly tattoo can also be done by someone who is a nature lover and wants to pay tribute to mother earth.

Sunflower sleeve tattoo

Sunflower sleeve tattoo
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Sunflower sleeve tattoo is one of the most popular designs when it comes to a floral tattoo. This sunflower tattoo on arm can be done both in half and as a full sleeve sunflower tattoo. Popular with both men and women, the ink choice can be the traditional black or yellow color of the flower. Depending on the size of the arm sunflower tattoo, the time it takes to create this beauty will vary between 10 and 15 hours.

We are familiar with the heliotropic characteristic of the sunflower, which means that it will follow the movement of the sun and face it with its bright and joyful yellow face. This is the real reason why the sunflower tattoo is associated with joy and cheer and also provides a subtle message to be a reason for warmth and happiness in someone else’s life. Hand sunflower tattoo isn’t that painful if you can avoid some sensitive areas but it’s not for beginners yet.

Simple butterfly tattoo

Simple butterfly tattoo
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One of the most beautiful and vibrant dawn insects on earth, simple butterfly tattoos are extremely popular with both men and women. From black ink to the use of multiple inks can be used to make these tattoos.

The best place to get these tattoos are the forearm, shoulder, wrist, ankle, chest and any suitable body part. These simple tattoos demonstrate hopeful love, freedom, rebirth and royalty. For many people, simple butterflies are the first tattoo to start their journey into the world of tattooing.

Small sunflower tattoo

Small sunflower tattoo
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The small sunflower tattoo is an extremely popular choice among women. They can be done either as a vibrant yellow sunflower tattoo or as a black and white sunflower tattoo depending on the person’s choice. The great thing about this tiny sunflower tattoo is that although it is minute in stature, it can resonate with deep and powerful yet subtle messages.

The tattoo artist while performing these small tattoos uses a single needle and less pigmentation, making them the ideal choice for inking even the delicate parts. Through the concept of minimalism, these tattoos reflect freedom, joy, family and love. The only problem with these small designs is that they tend to fade faster than other large tattoos.

Blue butterfly tattoo

Blue butterfly tattoo
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One of the most majestic looking butterfly tattoo ideas is the blue butterfly tattoo. Although the design is common in the tattoo world, blue butterflies are rarely seen. Believed to bring good luck and happiness when seen in nature they are a spectacle of magnificence.

These butterfly tattoos can be done on the arms, legs, back and chest using blue and black ink. As these butterflies are the first to be seen in the spring season in many cultures, particularly Japan, they are believed to be harbingers of a prosperous and healthy year. They also represent concepts of adventure, creativity and freedom.

Realistic sunflower tattoo

Realistic sunflower tattoo
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With the use of realistic colors, these simple sunflower tattoo designs are sometimes hard to distinguish from photographs. The concept of realism advanced in France in the 1850s, but it is a fairly new idea in the world of tattooing. Only a skilled artist with proper ink movement can sew this realistic sunflower tattoo to the desired part of the body.

While performing realistic sunflower yellow ink or sunflower ink is used and is popular with both men and women. These realistic tattoos can be engraved as a sunflower ankle tattoo, sunflower tattoo on back, sunflower tattoo on forearm, sunflower tattoo on wrist, sunflower tattoo on shoulder or sunflower tattoo on hip . These delicate sunflower designs symbolize devotion and intelligence.

Red butterfly tattoo

Red butterfly tattoo ideas
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Red is the color of passion and love and whether it is a butterfly or a rose this is the first thing it will reflect. Native Americans believed that seeing a red butterfly could bring people luck. Made in red ink, they are equally popular with males and females. The size of these tattoos can range from medium to large and the best places to inking them are the forearm, biceps, chest, shoulders, back, ankles and calves.

Now these tattoos can be blended with other things like flowers, knives, female figures and many more to derive different meanings. When done with flowers it will highlight the beauty of nature, while with female figures it will demonstrate the delicate and feminine atmosphere. In some cultures such as Scotland, red butterflies are believed to be witches in disguise and can be tattooed by members of evil cults.

Foot sunflower tattoo

Sunflower tattoos on the feet
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If you are new to the world of tattoos, we advise you not to get these tattoos. Although the sunflower foot tattoo is a gorgeous design, it is extremely painful. Black ink is mostly used for these tattoos, but they can sometimes be done as realistic sunflower tattoos.

These sunflowers represent longevity, joy, love and devotion. They can be done by both men and women and extra floral details can be added to spice things up. These good tattoos mainly cover the lower leg.

Pink butterfly tattoo

Pink butterfly tattoo
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The pink butterfly design is extremely popular with women as this design supports feminine traits. The best places to put these tattoos are on the wrist, ankle, bicep, forearm, back and shoulder.

The sizes may vary from small to medium, but interestingly, the small ones look extremely beautiful and are the top picks according to several artists. Sometimes women get these tattoos as a symbol of youthful joy or as they start a new chapter in life.

Watercolor sunflower tattoo

Watercolor sunflower tattoo
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Watercolor painting is one of the oldest artistic mediums in the history of painting. But getting a watercolor sunflower tattoo is another feat. A more advanced tattoo technique is used to get this sunflower design which consists of blurs, bleeds and fades and only a skilled artist can do it.

The concepts of joy, friendship, longevity and intelligence can be realized with this watercolor style tattoo technique. These floral tattoos can be inked as a tattoo on the sleeve, a sunflower tattoo on the wrist, a sunflower tattoo on the back, a sunflower tattoo on the forearm or a sunflower tattoo on the ankle.

When viewed up close, both the sunflower and the butterfly are carriers of luck and joy and are soothing to the eyes due to their bright colors. In some cultures, both were seen as important gifts from nature. Chinese royalty believed that sunflowers were associated with warmth and happiness and consumed sunflower seeds to gain intelligence, while butterflies were associated with love and marriage. Although the meanings have changed over a period of time, both are still popular choices as tattoo designs.

Other tattoo designs that can be inked with butterflies and sunflowers are:

  • Abstract butterfly and sunflower tattoo.
  • Snake sunflower tattoo.
  • Sword butterfly tattoo.
  • Sun and sunflower tattoo.
  • Fire butterfly tattoo.

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