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Looking for some tattoo designs for your newfound love for yourself? We have a list of some great self-love tattoo ideas that will look jaw-dropping as body art.

Symbol of self love.Tattoo
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Love themed tattoos are one of the most common and timeless themes for tattoos.

There may be times when you find yourself in love with someone else, however, finding yourself in love with yourself is something of great importance. It is the only thing that requires a lot of effort and time and every part of it is worth it.

Self Love is a determining factor. Whether you are happy in life or not. Self-love is more than just being able to do it. Love yourself. It is how much you are willing to push your dreams or how much you are willing to give yourself to someone else. To be able to love someone else, the first step is to love yourself. This is a concept that is discussed all the time when it comes to self-help for mental peace, but there are only very few people who can commit to loving themselves forever. There are many people who preach the idea of ​​self-love, but in reality they do not love themselves or they remain in toxic situations where self-love is not possible. It is very important to change this attitude right away and the most common way to help yourself is to get some wonderful self-help tattoos.

Self-help tattoos are a great way to express yourself because not only are they beautiful to look at, but they also have deep meanings. Quest tattoos are an inspiration to live life in a wonderful way and can reinforce a positive and courageous mindset. These tattoos can range from inspirational quotes or just designs that mean something very personal to the person.

If you are looking for a love tattoo for yourself, we have a list of some great designs curated for you. Check out the beauty of these designs below and select your next body art.

Self-love tattoo

Self-love tattoo
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This design is one of the simplest tattoos. It is a testament to your personal growth and inner strength. It gets to the point and looks elegant too. The tattoo artist wrote this design in italics. They used simple strokes of gray ink to make a tattoo. The tattoo says the words “self-love” which means to love yourself no matter what. The idea of ​​loving yourself creates a lot of positivity and encourages you to do things you were afraid of. This tattoo was placed on the right side of the back. While it may not be visible to you at all times, it is visible to other people and shows that you love yourself. You can also get this tattoo with simple ink on your wrist or forearms so it’s a constant reminder to love every part of you.

Butterfly tattoo

Butterfly tattoo
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Butterflies are beautiful and timeless tattoo designs that are a symbol of love, luck and freedom. When it comes to a tattoo of 2 butterflies together, it means different things in different cultures. According to Greek culture, two butterflies mean the soul of the person. According to Chinese culture, butterflies are a symbol of love between two different souls. In this particular design, the tattoo artist made flying butterflies with very subtle strokes of black ink. Towards the end of the butterfly’s wings, there was a small shade in gray ink. This tattoo design is simple, timeless and elegant. It was placed on the person’s upper arm where it is constantly visible. You can also add some colorful and vibrant colors to make this design more eye-catching.

Positive mindset tattoo

Positive mindset tattoo
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Each person’s mind is filled with many different feelings. Feelings of happiness, sadness and depression, so much that you don’t have control over it. This tattoo is an exact representation of those feelings mixed together. In terms of a tattoo, this design represents a brain fog, a time when you are losing control of your life and its decision. This tattoo will be a constant reminder to get everything back to normal and take back control of your life. The tattoo artist came up with a very simplistic yet deeply meaningful design. The design includes a pair of hugging arms. Simple black ink strokes were used to complete this drawing. It is an inspiring tattoo that has been placed on the person’s forearm where it will constantly be visible to them and remind them of the turmoil in life they have to overcome with a positive mindset.

A jar of love

A jar of love
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Everyone needs some love in their lives. This love doesn’t have to come from someone else, it has to come from you for yourself. This beautiful design explains exactly that. Explain that one should keep a jar of love aside for oneself. The tattoo artist used simple black ink strokes to make this tattoo. In some areas, they used fine dot and line artwork in most of the design. In the middle of the jar is the term “self-love” which will constantly remind you to have faith in your love for yourself.

Inspirational tattoo

Inspirational tattoo
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It is important to have inspiration in life, even if it is only in the form of tattoos. This tattoo has the words “you are enough” which indicates that you are enough, you were enough and you will always be enough for yourself, you don’t need anyone else in life. In this tattoo, the artist has added a green butterfly which is an indication of prosperity and success. Simple black ink strokes were used with shades of green for the butterfly. The tattoo was inked on the forearm, where it will be constantly visible. This is your chance to believe in yourself.

Tattoo Hug

Tattoo Hug
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Some people grow up in certain environments where they gradually feel ashamed of their body, shape, size and color. This tattoo inked on the upper arm is a lesson that teaches us to be true to ourselves and to love and respect each other without setting any parameters.

In this drawing, you see a woman hugging her reflection in the mirror. The intricate details of this design like the tattoos on the body, the heart shaped mirror and the plants add to the element of this tattoo. The whole design was done in black ink, however you can add colors if you wish.

Self love symbol tattoo

Self love symbol tattoo
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This is one of the most common self-love tattoo symbols. This tattoo is a constant reminder to give yourself a hug and embrace all your qualities. The lower half of the tattoo shows a person hugging, while in the upper half the face has been replaced by a series of beautiful flowers. This tattoo is related to the fact that one should embrace all one’s qualities and see the beauty in oneself. The tattoo artist used black ink to make the whole design and in some areas did the shading with gray ink. If you are looking for a simple yet deeply meaningful self love tattoo, this design is definitely the one to consider.

Heart tattoo

Heart tattoo
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This is another significant and minimalist design. Although it shows that you should love yourself, this tattoo forms a small heart tattoo. This design is an indication to protect you from any act that could bring you sad and depressing feelings. It makes a strong statement that you are the main character in your story and no one else, it is you who matters.

The tattoo artist used simple, thin lines of black ink. You can add other simple colors that suit your skin to make this design more eye-catching.

Minimalist design tattoo

Minimalist design tattoos
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This is a simple minimalist tattoo that has the words “love yourself first” written on it. This is a simple yet strong tattoo design that shows how important it is to love yourself before anyone else. The tattoo artist made this design with cursive handwriting and simple black ink strokes. It has been placed just below the elbow on the forearm, which makes it constantly visible to you. This tattoo is not only inspiring but also looks elegant. If you are looking for a simple yet meaningful tattoo, this designer is something you should definitely consider.

The best love tattoo

The best love tattoo
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Self Love is the best love and this tattoo expresses exactly those feelings. The tattoo artist used simple black ink to make this design and wrote it in a cursive font. Like the other self-love tattoos, this design also reminds you to love yourself, because this is the best and purest kind of love. This design was tattooed under the left collarbone. It is a simple and delicate design that will work wonders if you decide to do it as a tattoo.

If you are at a stage in life where you are feeling depressed and depressed about many things and you need courage and courage, it is a sign to get yourself a motivational tattoo. Like some other tattoos, these self-love tattoos are not dedicated to loved ones. It is dedicated to yourself and inspires you to love yourself more than anything else. These designs we have listed above are a great way to express the love you have for yourself. If you want to explore more designs, you can check-

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