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The rose tattoo is the epitome of earthiness. In this article, we will introduce tattoo rose designs that will inspire you on your tattoo journey.

Tattoo rose design
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Rose flower tattoos originated in the ancient Persian era.

Originally associated with the symbol of masculinity, it soon became associated with feminist attributes. In today’s times, it carries the ideals of love.

A rose tattoo gained popularity mainly in the 1930s. Sailors came up with the idea of ​​inking roses as a reminder of their commitment to their partners. Browsing to get a partner’s name or initials tattooed on the chest was widespread.

Rose flowers have an abundance of meanings. Although in the past it only symbolized love for one’s partner, nowadays it is relatively common for people to have it inked in different areas without thinking much about the meaning. Usually paired with a clock and anchors, rose flower tattoos are a sweet feat. You can customize them according to your intentions. Popular ideals associated with a rose tattoo include timeliness, compassion, and resilience from the thorns.

A floral anklet tattoo of roses with green leaves

A floral anklet tattoo of roses with green leaves
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While you can get an anklet tattoo on your feet, it is essential to understand the importance of placing a rose flower tattoo. A rose is a sign of resilience against a difficult environment. A rose flower tattoo on the anklet gives off a sense of accomplishment and suggests to the person that they have a rose-colored perception of the world.

The anklet also features a crown that you can place over someone’s head. Perhaps, the best place to fit the crown is practically just above the foot and ankle. Add a few leaves of your liking and you will find a tattoo that exudes a feeling of warmth and concern. Another area to implement this design would be the wrist.

Are you looking for a way to wear jewelry without wearing one? You can get the rose flower tattoo as a makeshift anklet without making too much effort to match an anklet to your dress. The best part about this rose tattoo is that it is unisex. As a result, it looks good on anyone and is easily admirable. These are just some of the few ideas you can draw inspiration from.

A rose flower tattoo paired with a heart and daggers

A rose flower tattoo paired with a heart and daggers
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What screams more punk rock than this rose tattoo? This tattoo style has the power to bring down any anti-punk culture movement. The punk scene arrived in the 1970s in Britain and has seen many devoted followers ever since. It’s packed with images and doesn’t take too much effort to create a design.

The artist matched a pair of daggers and thorns to a heart. As the swords and thorns strike straight to the heart, you can also see other ideas. You can find a tiny spider hanging from the cobweb and rose flower buds that have yet to emerge from the shadows. You can find an open eye on the heart, which can symbolize awakening or revelation, for that matter.

The placement of this tattoo is usually on the inside of the arm, but you can also place it on the calf. As you can see, it requires a significant amount of space which you can discuss with your artist so that you have no doubts. Punk ethics usually uphold nonconformity beliefs and encourage do-it-yourself culture. Hence, this tattoo style is perfect for anyone with original ideas.

A classic black rose tattoo on the arm

A Classic Black Rose Arm Tattoo Ideas
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This classy arm rose tattoo is a symbol of prosperity. This arm tattoo gives a sense of accomplishment. You know that the person takes their life seriously when he gets a full and interpretive tattoo. The artist introduced a coin that serves as a fold for the rose. You can find a skull in one of the folds.

A crown rests on the rose next to some alphabets that indicate Latin writing. This tattoo represents strength and tells us a story of success, triumph over time and tenacity. Since the tattoo is shaded with black ink and mostly uses the same color, it could mean death. The tattoo can also symbolize evil and atrocities usually related to money.

A rose tattoo drawn in lines

A rose tattoo drawn in lines
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Line drawings are the most popular tattoos in these modern times. Despite recent popularity, the art lines date back 73,000 years when South Africans adopted the idea. The idea is to create a single line that you can manipulate further to achieve your goal.

Line art has been in vogue in recent years, with the technique used by brands for designs and logos. In this tattoo, we see a rose tattoo on top of which a butterfly flutters. The exciting thing about this tattoo is another butterfly resting on a leaf which can mean different objects. For a change, the leaf carries honey – essence. As this tattoo requires noticeably less spacing, you can get it anywhere.

Red roses flower tattoo

Red roses flower tattoo
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A rose, in itself, symbolizes passion. The person holds three tattoos as a pattern with a black outline. Since there are three of them, it can mean that the person is in polyamory and a general invitation to the person’s life. In other words, they might just be welcoming. The red rose tattoo can also represent one’s love for Jesus.

Such a simple yet meaningful tattoo style brings out a world of ideas for admirers. It could be a sign of rebirth as the red roses have grown in the place of Jesus’ reincarnation. It can mean that the person holding the tattoo is ready to get up after a fall. A new life is a blessing. And what more refined way to honor him than by getting a red rose tattoo?

A rose flower tattoo with intricate shades

A rose flower tattoo with intricate shades
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Have you ever liked rose tattoos with many shades? You can work with a single rose for this tattoo. It gives you the opportunity to indulge in your guilty pleasure. The proverb ‘less is more’ has never emerged truer.

This tattoo can immerse you in his ideas. In addition, it has a 3D effect, making it appear that it flows deeper than the surface of the skin. Such a design will look great if you make it look like it starts on the hands and goes up to the elbow. Also, this takes a long time to blend and can use patience to improve quality.

A Framed Rose Tattoo

A Framed Rose Tattoo
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This rose tattoo looks like it just came out of a frame. The artist has carefully outlined it on the wearer’s skin to make it look like a frame. This is suitable for treating the skin as a canvas for his art of him. A tattoo so stitched together makes it even more adorable.

You can also add a geometric figure to the tattoo to improve its quality. An ideal place to carry it would be on the nape of the neck or upper arm, like this person. This design is also reminiscent of the past as it has many shades.

Rose Tattoos Bracelet For Wrist

Rose Tattoos Bracelet For Wrist
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It’s the second in @yerae_tt’s Instagram collection. A rose tattoo is intricately drawn and left there to rest for the rest of the person’s life, which only means a lasting commitment. As with anklet tattoos, wrist tattoos also mean commitment. The fact that the person has decided to get one that binds them for life is a nice sign of a promise.

As you can see, this rose tattoo grows in vines which may appear on second sight to some viewers. These flowers and leaves combine to form a blissful representation of the person’s thoughts. Notice that the colors used are purple and blue with white outlines? Blue represents a sense of royalty and uniqueness, while purple speaks of close bonds and support of nature.

A trendy minimalist style rose flower tattoo

A trendy minimalist style rose flower tattoo
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If you are looking to get a minimalist rose based tattoo, you can start with this rose tattoo style. The wearer is trying to portray the image with a rose tattoo like that of a trendsetter.

Some features of minimalist tattoos include black or dark lines and minimal colors to simplify the art creation process. Certain flowers, such as roses, have the gift of making one appear deeper and more contemplative.

An interesting fact about this is that it barely has any thorns. It means that the person who wears them loves to look at life through pink glasses. A single rose can also mean a vow of commitment or the presence of a devoted lover in the wearer’s life.

Dark rose flower tattoo

Dark rose flower tattoo
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You can get a tattoo on your torso or forearm, depending on your size. One of the most noteworthy features of this tattoo is the intense color and black outline that came with it.

The rose tattoo shows prominent thorns along with the glory of the flower. This model means that the person, even if romantic, believes that there is more to life than idealism. In the eyes of the wearer, they are pragmatic and inclined to social affairs but do not hide their true identity.

As you can see, this rose stem is made up of very few twists and turns, which means the person carrying it likes to follow a straight path and isn’t too keen on indulging outside the normal path. However, they are still passionate and reason with themselves to get what they really want.

Are you looking for other rose tattoo designs to feel the emptiness of your skin? Here are more roses to entice your imagination.

  • Rose flower tattoo with cover.
  • Hands holding some rose flower tattoos.
  • Rose tattoo and cards.
  • Snake and rose tattoo design.
  • Outline stencil rose tattoo design.

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