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Are you looking for a unique and lasting way to commemorate your loved one? Check out these ash tattoo ideas that are perfect for you!

Tattoo with ashes
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One of the trends that has gained popularity recently is getting tattoos with the cremated remains or ashes of loved ones.

In this new method of tattooing, a small portion of the ashes are cremated with traditional tattoo ink, which is then used to make the tattoos. This is a great way to pay homage or honor someone who has died but is still in your memory.

The process for making an ash in tattoo ink tattoo is the same as for a regular tattoo. The only difference is that the tattoo artist adds a portion of the cremated ashes into the ink. That link is then poured into the gun, which is used to draw the tattoo onto your skin. For this process to work as well as possible, the ashes need to have a very fine consistency and not clog the tattoo machine. Not all tattoo artists have experience in making cremation tattoos, it is recommended that you find an experienced artist who has already done so.

Many people wonder if this is a safe process. Well, this tattoo process is actually very safe. The temperature at which the ashes are born makes the ashes very safe and eliminates the chances of contracting an infection. The tattoo artist will also help you keep the ashes in a sterile environment before they are mixed into the ink.

These tattoos look no different than a regular tattoo. It is possible for someone’s skin to become a little more itchy after the tattoo has healed. To be safe, we recommend that you consult a doctor or professional tattoo artist, so please let us know that the ashes are suitable for you and will not cause any skin problems.

Check out this list of amazing cremation ash tattoos we’ve created just for you. Choose your design and get your next tattoo right away.

Man’s best friend

Man's best friend
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Losing your best friend who is also an important part of your family can be very difficult. This is a feeling that all pet owners will understand very well. There are many people who have lost their most beloved loyal dogs and never really got over it. Do you know what is the best way to always remember your dog and also keep him close? To make a tattoo with his ashes. This will leave a part of him with you forever.

In this tattoo, the person wears their dog’s paw print on their leg. The paw is surrounded by beautiful flowers, which are a symbolism of love and passion. This beautiful design was made with subtle black ink strokes and dot pattern on the inside of the paw.

Love cat

Love cat
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Cats are said to have longer lives than dogs. But that doesn’t mean you don’t miss your cat after his death because these innocent creatures have showered you with love and affection throughout their lifetimes. There are some people who want to have their cats as close to them as possible even after his death. And the only way to do that is to add their ashes to traditional tattoo ink.

In this drawing, a couple got the matching tattoos of their cat, Bibo, who passed away in 2005. The tattoo artist used black ink to make the image of the animal, and under the cat they wrote the words Bibo and the date of the cat. his disappearance.

Initial tattoo

Initial tattoo
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This particular tattoo is an honor for a deceased loved one. It’s a difficult time when someone has passed by, but you want to feel their presence close to you at all times. A great way to do this is to add a small amount of their ashes to regular ink and have their initials tattooed on you. In this particular design, time has the initials J&R tattooed along with a heart. The heart is a symbol of love and passion. This drawing was made with fine black ink strokes. The Jnr have been drawn in a way that is embedded in the heart. This is one of the best memorial tattoos you can get for your loved one.

Feather tattoo

Feather tattoo
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Feather tattoos are actually a very common commemorative tattoo design. These are also used in conjunction with inspirational words and quotes. A feather is a representation of trust, freedom, strength and honor. It has powerful meaning and makes a great tattoo.

In this particular design, there is a feather with two flying birds next to it. Birds are a representation of the desire and desire to live a free and happy life. Under the feather is the word Steve written in honor of the deceased loved one. His remains were mixed with the ink pigment. The tattoo artist did a great job with the fine lines and curves of this design.

Cremation ash tattoo

Cremation ash tattoo
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This particular tattoo design was made in honor of the wearer’s father. After the father’s cremation process, the person continued to add small amounts of the father’s ashes into the regular ink and then started with the ash-infused ink. The tattoo shows a father’s hand holding his daughter’s hand and leg. Above the tattoo are the words dad and his birth and death come back here. Under the hands are the words “you will never walk alone”. The artist used brown and black ink to complete this drawing. This tattoo is a nice way to commemorate your father or loved one who has passed away.

Handwriting tattoo

Handwriting tattoo
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One of the coolest ways to commemorate a loved one is to get a tattoo in their handwriting. These particular data were written by the dad people in his handwriting. The process of making such tattoos is very simple. All you have to do is take a sample of the deceased people’s handwriting and ask the artists to copy it the same way. To make it more memorable, you can add the ashes of your loved ones into this tattoo ink. In this tattoo, the words’ Every step of the way. Much love, dad ‘was written in black ink. A beautiful tribute to his father who also keeps him close forever.

Tattoo of Remembrance

Tattoo of Remembrance
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A butterfly tattoo is a very common choice for a memorial tattoo. Butterflies are often connected with a romantic meaning that represents young love. Butterflies generally fly from flower to flower, and this represents the beauty of love. In Chinese culture, butterflies are also a representation of joy, race and immortality.

This particular tattoo was made in memory of the person’s child. She lost him in 2021 and to keep him close, she added a very small amount of her ashes with the tattoo ink and made this beautiful tattoo in his honor. This beautiful design was made in the colors black, brown, gray and white. Subtle and fine strokes were used to complete this design. If you are looking to honor a loved one, this is the tattoo you should get.

Eternal love tattoo

Eternal love tattoo
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A mother’s love is said to be incomparable and eternal. Losing a mother is one of the biggest losses in life. To feel like your mother is always there with you at every step towards me, you can make a tattoo in her memory. In the tattoo ink, you can add a small amount of her ashes so that she is there with you for life.

This tattoo features an elephant father, an elephant mother and an elephant cub. Elephants are a universal symbol of loyalty, divinity, strength and good luck. The design is very simple with subtle black cake strokes. A few dashes of bright colors like yellow, red and green have been added to complete the tattoo. A unique design for a beautiful memorial tattoo.

Baby love tattoo

Baby love tattoo
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The loss of his child to his mother is greater than any loss on this planet. A mother always loves and cares for her baby internally no matter what. When she loses her son, it is unbearable pain. This particular design shows the footprints of the baby. From the wheat a plant rich in blue flowers is generated. These flowers are associated with constancy, an eternal love. The ink from this tattoo was mixed with small amounts of the boy’s ashes. This is a great memorial tattoo design and a perfect way to pay tribute to your child.

Missing grandmother tattoo

Missing grandmother tattoo
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Are you looking for a way to get a memorial tattoo of your grandmother? Then this design is perfect for you. Barfly tattoos represent resilience, change, hope and endurance. These tattoos are a powerful statement for anyone who gets them.

In this tattoo, time has 4 different flight phases of a butterfly inked on her. Her grandmother’s ashes have been added to the ink to make it more personal and special. The colors used to complete this design, upright yellow, black and white.

We hope you liked these memorial tattoo ideas. The cremation ashes tattoo has a very personal meaning to the wearer. That’s why you need to make sure a cremation ash tattoo is what you need right now. Be thorough with your decision and interview reputable professional tattoo artists before getting a tattoo and consult them with the right approach as well.

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