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Trauma is a personal struggle that we can all relate to at some point in life. Read this list to get a trauma tattoo as a reminder of the trauma you suffered.

Trauma tattoo
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Trauma is the result of facing dire circumstances.

Traumatic tattoos are a way to show the world that despite having a million flaws and even more difficulties, we can still climb the ladder and emerge victorious.

Trauma develops survival reflexes and gives rise to a potential for self-healing in us. A traumatic event involves mental effort with highly charged visual images of the hidden trauma. Tattoos have been around for centuries and artists have only improvised them over time.

For centuries, tattoo artists have evolved their art to show a deeper respect for the objects of veneration that surround them. Sometimes we carry it and other times we develop a defense mechanism against it, thus protecting ourselves from the pain we know we don’t deserve. It manifests itself in the form of emotional responses, which are debilitating in the long run. Additionally, we have attributed many tattoos on this list to the beauty of many traumatic events. It is an indelible reminder that beauty can exist through healing and appreciation. While some may attribute death stories as the source of their trauma, others may have suffered a hard time due to the abuse of any sense. Therefore, dealing with trauma involves speech therapy and can instill courage in the survivor. The consequences of trauma and recovery have an impact on mental health, but it is nothing that cannot be overcome in the future.

Be happy tattoo

Be happy tattoo
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Trauma can relate to several factors, including a person’s bodily feelings and healing narrative. You’re good to go if you’ve been looking for a treatment for your tattoos and feel you can handle the tide. If you want to look for tattoos that represent how people heal, you can choose this tattoo. This tattoo can make you happy or at least act as a reminder every time you meet him.

It is located on the leg a few inches above the ankle and leaves a peaceful mark on the body. Therefore, the tattoo would be an excellent choice to start with the mental health journey process. Alternatively, you can also use it in conjunction with a flower of your liking. Remember, flowers are symbols that can be a reflection of oneself.

Look good Tattoo

Look good Tattoo
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A resourceful tattoo can be a huge task to inking. You can get this tattoo done if you feel you have limited time and resources. The famous adage follows: less is more. Not only does it mean pain, but also a life force that is guided in overshadowing a traumatic event. Like the Be Happy tattoo, creative outlets like this are available to anyone looking to get their body tattooed.

The skin wants a tattoo that conveys a crucial message in the event of any trauma. Start by scoring stories of pain and the healing that follows. This says “you’re okay” and forms a prediction that everything will be fine in the end. For the tattoo artist it is both a game that saves time and a personal lesson they witness.

Harry Potter has always inspired the tattoo

Harry Potter has always inspired the tattoo
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Name a Harry Potter tattoo, and here it is. You can easily relate this tattoo to the eternal nature of love and death. While you can “always” love someone, you can also lose them to death. Severus Snape’s love for Lily Potter blossomed during their childhood and continued when he was a young man until his death. However, some trends have made it impossible to lose the meaning of this tattoo. Therefore, you can assume that this tattoo will always see the light of day.

From then on, a laborious one-sided relationship ensued, which only ended up hurting Snape even more. However, he kept his word and attempted to save the child from his only true love. Perhaps, this tattoo will mark one of the easiest reminders of healing. As this takes up much less space, you can get it inked on any part of your body. It will nourish you with its healing potential and positively shape your mental health.

Serotonin molecule tattoo

Serotonin molecule tattoo
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Serotonin is the molecule that makes you happy in moments of great suffering. It enters your brain to heal you of your unbearable state and provide your body with the food it needs. This features a flower-laden serotonin molecule to show a natural sympathy for the molecule.

Trauma can lead to anxiety and agitation, among other factors that directly affect an individual’s normal functioning. This world is full of people seeking treatment for these conditions. So, if you want a healing tattoo that matches your healing abilities, you can choose this one. Tattooing this on your skin shows a desire for the best and is a vital sign of survival reflexes.

Tree Tattoo With Deep Roots

Tree Tattoo With Deep Roots
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As you get your tattoos engraved on your skin, you need to consider doing your research and finding what suits you best. Do the tattoos represent a survivor and their sense of fear? Are they symbols of the past? In this case, the person has tracked down a tree with obvious roots, which could symbolize the desire to relate to the past. Unfortunately, this also means falling behind in the past. Patients with a history of attempted suicide often find themselves trapped in both body and mind.

In the course of understanding this project, we realize that consequences and recovery are not only essential factors destined for treatment, but also crucial for the moment. As this tattoo is quite elaborate, you can find a large section on your body to tattoo it. Generally, the forearms work well. It can be classified as a trauma survivor tattoo.

Rising phoenix tattoo

Rising phoenix tattoo
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The phoenix loses its wings as it emerges for its flight once again. Such tattoos require articulate shading and perfect placement. Blue and gold are both royal colors and it has served its purpose perfectly. Such tattoos can attract the attention of the person thanks to the sparkling images of the phoenix.

Such a drawing is a check mark and reveals that the person is a witness to the fleeting nature of time. The person is not surprised by the outcome of their state and would rather forget about an atrocious event. Talking to such a person would be an honor as well as sharing her thoughts.

Semicolon tattoo

Semicolon tattoo
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The semicolon was all the rage at a time when survivors started telling their painful stories and adopted the sign. The world welcomed them with open arms and recognized their journey. While it’s no longer in vogue, this design has a major influence on tattoos, with women mostly inking it.

You can opt for this if you wish to get at least one tattoo. A semicolon is a sign of the many facets of life. One can represent a good side, while the other can be destructive. Thus, he affirms the idea of ​​suicide and depression, among other diseases of the mind. Any part of the body is suitable for a semicolon tattoo.

Stairway to Another Realm Tattoo

Stairway to Another Realm Tattoo
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You can interpret this structure in several ways. Each part tells a different story starting from the door to the stairs. The entrance is made of ancient wood, symbolizing a remnant of the past. It is followed by cracked walls which may appear to some people to involve weed. The stairs lead to another story. But above all it leads to the top.

Growth is marked by movement. It can represent the stillness of the room, perhaps a basement. It only serves as a reminder that the best things are in the light; therefore, it is the need of the moment to keep growing and moving. This tattoo requires minimal space, which makes it suitable for areas such as the chest or the nape of the neck.

Lotus Tattoo And The Rising Sun.

Lotus Tattoo And The Rising Sun.
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In Hindu culture, the lotus marks wisdom. It is followed by spiritual awakening and purity as seen in inner beauty. The Padma or lotus is a highly personal tattoo that marks the person’s spiritual progress. At this point, we all know how lotus flower images can be an affirmation of our personal growth.

A lotus is a sign of someone who has suffered through numerous streams of human suffering, who has been patient enough to learn a lesson through them. After all, wisdom comes only after great perseverance. The rising sun that accompanies the lotus is a sign of contentment. Under the petals lie moons and stars alike, representing human dual nature. While hidden trauma can live just below the surface, it can also be powerful to remove all wrongs and do good to the person. More suitable for women, lotus tattoos can be inked by men as well.

Caged mind tattoo

Caged mind tattoo
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So far, we have covered numerous tattoos that symbolize your emotional journey. What are some tattoos that are both healing and observant? Birds are a symbol of ferocity and the mind a cage created by him. This cage depicts a healing traumatic tattoo in which the mind was once bounded by its boundaries.

From today he is free to do what he wants or, in this case, to fly. This drawing is a profound symbol of the adversity of the self. You can see the facets of the mind in the structure of the cage. You can have it tattooed over an extended area of ​​space for better shading.

Are you satisfied with our interpretations or are you still looking for the perfect design? Look no more why it’s here.

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