10 Of The Best Jorts To Beat The Warmer Weather In Style (2022 Edition)

From Stone Cold Steve Austin to John Cena, denim shorts have long been the reliable go-to for a plethora of WWE wrestlers in dodgy outfits. That’s probably why they’ve had to deal with such a sartorial backlash over the years. That, and they’re a longtime favorite of middle-aged suburban dads and burly construction workers.

But hear us out… Despite their unfair reputation, the best jorts (meaning denim shorts, by the way) certainly have nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, they are ideal for adding a little edge to casual outfit, whether you’re at a barbecue, brunch or bar. Pick the right pair, wear them correctly, and you’ve got a summer essential you can definitely wear with pride.

Read on to discover our selection of must-have styles from brands like Levi’s, Prada and Ralph Lauren. We’ve handpicked the best of the best and chosen styles for every budget, so no one will be without.

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About as classic as they come, Frank And Oak’s best jorts are the perfect choice for anyone new to the world of denim shorts. As versatile as they are stylish, they’re slim enough to be considered smart-casual, but work just as well if you keep things casual.

Made in a timeless light blue wash, they use recycled fabrics and a hint of stretch for added comfort, so you can wear them all day without feeling restricted. Pair it with everything from button-down shirts to band tees and crew neck sweaters, while a pair of Chuck Taylors will ensure you never go the wrong way.

Material: 79% cotton, 20% recycled cotton, 1% elastane | Sizes available: 28″-38″ | Available colors : Light blue

Frank And Oak Slim Fit Denim Shorts

Do these men’s jorts bring back any memories? No, they’re not really the pair your dad wore when he was barbecuing, but they do look alike, don’t they? Inspired by classic ’90s styles, it features a loose fit in 100% cotton. The medium wash offers a versatile hue that’ll pair with just about anything, but you can’t go wrong with a long-sleeve tee and throwback sneakers.

Material: 95% cotton, 5% recycled cotton | Sizes available: 28″-42″ | Available colors : Blue

GAP loose denim shorts

Who would have thought? Cargo shorts aren’t just back, they’re actually kind of essential now. Of all shapes, sizes and styles, there is something for everyone. Wrangler’s best jorts are here to prove it. They offer 13 different colorways in case you want a variety to go with your denim.

Perfectly sized pockets are a great option for weekend getaways, especially when you want to keep luggage to a minimum). They’ll feel right at home in a printed tee and flannel shirt. Perfect.

Material: 70% Cotton, 16.7% Polyester, 13.3% Other | Sizes available: 30″-42″ | Available colors : Dark blue

Idopy denim cargo shorts

If you’re looking for the ultimate versatility, we’ve found the best jorts for you. Nudie’s Josh Shorts are the kind of thigh skimmer that will impress your friends. Since vintage black is so classically understated, you can wear them with just about anything. We suggest pairing it with a patterned shirt on your next vacation or an oversized t-shirt on weekends.

Material: 100% organic cotton | Sizes available: 30″-38″ | Available colors : Black, Blue

Nudie Jeans Josh denim shorts

A favorite of ’90s and ’00s hip-hop stars, baggy denim shorts are a bit of an acquired taste, but that doesn’t mean you should be afraid to wear your own. Just make sure the rest of your outfit follows a similar silhouette, and you’ll be the talk of the town (for all the right reasons). This pair of Levi’s is our top pick.

Levi's 469 Loose Denim Shorts

These best jorts may look like they’ve been tossed in a NutriBullet, but believe us, distressed denim is all the rage. Eco-friendly cotton isn’t the only advantage of these used jorts. These aren’t mass-produced by machines, which means you’ll never find another guy with the same pair. We think they’re ideal for festivals and summer backyard parties, so we pair ours with a crisp white tee and low-top Chuck Taylors.

Material: 80% recycled cotton, 20% organic cotton | Sizes available: 27″-38″ | Available colors : Light blue

Closed Bogus denim shorts

Who wears short shorts? It will be you… Well, that is if you decide to invest in that pair of Polo Ralph Lauren. They’re sort of a mix between your favorite swim shorts and the best jorts. Perfect for summer holidays and city breaks, they will go just as well with a striped sailor top as with a buttoned Oxford.

Material: 100% Cotton | Sizes available: XS-XXL | Available colors : Blue

Ralph Lauren Drawstring Denim Shorts

Lightly washed denim shorts are about as classic as it gets. A staple in every summer collection, it’s a versatile option that’ll ensure you’re dressed in style for garden parties, festivals and beach trips. This pair from H&M is a real bargain, so we suggest investing in the other colors as well. Go for a casual look with a relaxed t-shirt and sandals.

Material: 99% cotton, 1% elastane | Sizes available: 28-42″ | Available colors : Light blue, blue, black

H&M Classic denim shorts

Prada’s denim bermuda shorts won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s the perfect piece if you want to stand out. The stonewashed effect offers a vintage look that will always be in style, while the subtle distressed details give them the kind of carefree attitude that only the sharpest dressers possess. For a runway-worthy look, wear it with socks, sandals and an oversized shirt.

Material: 100% Cotton | Sizes available: 28″-42″ | Available colors : Blue

Prada denim shorts

DIY is sometimes the best jort and is a popular choice for anyone with a bit of spare time, patience and a pair of scissors. But if you’re not confident in your cutting skills, Old Navy’s cut-off denim shorts are a great alternative. The comfy, carefree look is the perfect complement to a band tee and New Balance sneakers.

Material: 94% cotton, 5% recycled cotton, 1% elastane | Sizes available: 28″-54″ | Available colors : Light blue

Old Navy Cut-Off Denim Shorts

What to Look for When Finding the Best Jorts


When it comes to finding the right short length, the standard rule is two inches above the knee. However, this has become somewhat obsolete, so just pick a length you’re comfortable with. It can also help to dress for the weather or the occasion. In reality, what you like (or demand) can change from day to day, so give yourself some options by investing in a few different pairs.


The best jorts come in a range of styles, many of which are included in this guide. Which one you choose will depend on your personal style and where you intend to wear it. Classic mid-length jorts tend to come across as the smarter choice, while distressed or looser options look more casual. Trust your instincts and go with what you think is most appropriate.


The first thing you should ask yourself when choosing a pair of men’s jorts – or any item of clothing, for that matter – is whether they suit your leg proportions. It’s important to be honest here, but not critical. Every body shape is different, so find what suits you best.

Once your assessment is complete, the conclusion should be fairly obvious. For example: if you have muscular thighs, slim jorts will probably be too tight. If you’re short, you’ll want a pair that ends above the knee.


    • Simply put, jorts are a portmanteau for denim shorts. Jeans + shorts = jort. You may also see them being called denim shorts. A classic summer staple, they can be bought that way or made by cutting the legs off a pair of jeans.

      • A versatile addition to any wardrobe, jorts are a great choice for smart-casual ensembles. They can be paired with a wide variety of styles, many of which are already in your own collection.

        They’ll look great with sandals on your next summer getaway, while a graphic tee, jorts and high-top Chucks are the perfect festival outfit. For something that’s suitable for everyday, we suggest wearing yours with a plain tee and chunky white trainers.

        • Because they’re so versatile, there’s really no right or wrong way to wear denim shorts. How you style them will be up to your personal choice. However, it should be noted that some styles are smarter than others. So take this into account when composing your outfits.

          For example, if your jorts are frayed around the edges, you’ll want to pair them with casual pieces like oversized tees and sneakers. Otherwise, you might want to augment them for a more elegant look with plain short-sleeved shirts and tees. But to avoid looking like your father, don’t tuck in your shirt.

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