12 Of The Best Pocket Squares To Elevate Your Formal Wear (2022 Edition)

If you want to make your suit or semi-formal outfit with a blazer stand out, a pocket square will do wonders.

Putting fabric in your front pocket is an ancient concept that many cultures indulge in. It’s a timeless classic (much like Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”). The simple yet eye-catching nature of the best pocket squares instantly transforms your outfit from average to stunning. And you can show off your personal style at the same time.

man holding a pouch

The best pocket squares feel good, look good, and are built to last. They come in many shapes and sizes, which can make choosing the right men’s pocket square somewhat overwhelming.

Like almost everything in this world, the best pocket squares come in varying quality (some fray or literally fall apart within hours). But never fear, because we’re here to save the day.

We’ve compiled a list of the best pocket squares for you and added some tips. Get ready for every pocket opportunity to be perfect.

Before you take a look at our dapper selection of suit-enhancing fabrics, it’s worth learning how to fold a pocket square for the most stunning results.

Ok, ready to find the cover of your dreams? Let’s start.

man wearing linen suit and straw hat, looking down, holding his pants
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Sporting a subtle yet super stylish geometric floral pattern, this men’s clutch will turn heads for any groom and his merry men on the wedding day. Sumptuous to the touch, the classic ivory tone works well with just about any color or style of costume imaginable. Unless you go for that John Travolta look in “Saturday Night Fever,” that is.

Material: Woven Silk | Available colors: Ivory | Cut: 12 inches

Tie Bar Opulent Ivory Pocket Square

Dressed in classic retro polka dots, this one is great for mods and guys who like a little vintage fashion. This smartly white-edged pocket square will make even the most basic blazers stand out from the crowd. Tom Ford is known for his unparalleled attention to detail and lightweight silk twill finish. And this nifty little number is no exception.

Material: Silk | Available colors: Black with white dots | Cut: 15.4 inches

Tom Ford in Polka Dot Silk Twill

Gucci is a brand synonymous with taste, style and affluent living. Almost everything the brand makes is striking, eye-catching and ahead of the curve, much like this patterned pocket square. Revel in the luxury of sumptuous silk twill adorned with a tastefully contrasting bee motif and canvas stripes. This is hands down our favorite pocket square right now.

Material: Silk | Available colors: White (pattern) | Cut: 17.7 inches

Gucci printed silk twill pocket square

Looking for some of the best pocket squares that stand out without completely overshadowing the rest of your outfit? This Bali medallion patterned offering from Tie Bar is what you need. Boasting a soft linen feel and quality finish, it’s a proud addition to our list of the best pocket squares for men. A new approach to traditional paisley patterns has been achieved.

Material: Linen | Available colors: Blue | Cut: 12 inches

Bali Medallion Tie Clip

J Crew knows how to put together original and crazy patterns. They always seem to work with a range of styles and color choices, too – sorcery. A testament to J.Crew’s fashion-forward versatility, this pure Italian silk pocket square features a gold-dyed pattern. It works beautifully with wedding wear, well-tailored suits and semi-casual blazers. A square for almost any occasion.

Material: Silk | Available colors: Blue| Cut: 12 inches

The best pocket squares are the perfect way to add some punch to a dark or pastel suit. Inspired by the functional style of the 1800s, this silk number is clad in a striking arrangement of classic stripes with a sleek modern border. An amazing accessory for smart casual weddings and dinner parties.

Material: Silk | Available colors: Blue, Black, Brown | Cut: 12 inches

If you’re looking for a monogrammed clutch with an indulgent touch and a solid finish, this one has your name on it. Literally.

The classic white tone of the best pocket square works well with just about any suit combination you can throw together. And if you’re a groom looking to add a personal touch, you can outfit your groomsmen with their own initialed accessories.

Material: Linen | Available colors: |White with black lettering Cut: 12 inches

EmbroiderabeLinens Custom Monogrammed Pocket Square

Finally, a new take on the iconic ’60s polka dot. This bold wool pocket square features a sumptuous olive green finish that’s sure to add a touch of Italian flair to your suit jacket or blazer. Spin it at your best friend’s wedding or have an evening drink at your local bar with the guys. The pattern is captivating without being brash and the quality is exceptional, especially considering the price.

Material: Wool | Available colors: Green | Cut: 13 inches

Todd Snyder Bold Dot Square in Green

Are you the type of guy who values ​​accuracy? Then this is the best pocket square product for you (we think it’s a slight stroke of genius). It’s crafted from smooth satin and you can choose from a number of vibrant colors. Once you’ve had your fill of color, the mighty DapperTie will easily tuck into your blazer pocket – it looks great too.

Material: Satin | Available colors: Blue, Green, Red, Black, +| Cut: 13 inches


A traditional addition to our list of the best pocket squares, this simple but sturdy sky blue accessory is more than affordable. Step up your costume game for any special occasion, especially christenings and weddings. Not only is this men’s clutch bag great value, but it’s also shiny and wrinkle-resistant.

Material: Silk | Available colors: Sky blue| Cut: 12.6 inches

SHLAX & WING Solid Light Blue Azure Silk

For the daring gentleman who likes to make a statement, this savory number by Rubinacci is nothing short of legendary. The deep blue background and stunning Aztec design of Codex Mendoza don’t bother. This amazing men’s pocket square will make you the star of the room at every occasion.

Material: Silk twill | Available colors: Deep Blue| Cut: 17.7 inches

Rubinacci Mendoza silk twill

Our best pocket square is this sumptuous all-rounder from Tom Ford. It’s also a great style investment. Floral designs are flowing, pleasing to the eye, and completely timeless, making them a safe yet stylish choice for any fashion-conscious modern man. This particular design is wonderfully detailed and flows beautifully. For extra style points, the turquoise trim is set to maximize the outfit’s impact every time.

Material: Silk twill | Available colors: White with Multicolor Print| Cut: 15.4 inches

Tom Ford floral silk-twill pocket square

What to look for when shopping for the best pocket squares

Now that you know the best pocket squares you can buy, here are some more tips. Make the perfect choice for you based on your personal sense of style.


When choosing pocket squares for men, it’s important to consider how often you’re likely to wear them.

If you need a clutch for a wedding, for example, you can only wear it once or twice. But, if you like a bit of a formal style, a pocket square could become a centerpiece of your everyday look. It’s also a surefire way to spice up your work outfits.

So how often you use it will influence how much you are willing to spend. If you become accustomed to pocket squares, you might even buy two or three.

Man dressed in a suit with his hand in his pocket standing in front of a bookcase


Another key thing to look for when buying a pocket square is the material. The most common materials for the best pocket squares are cotton, silk, and linen. Each offers a different finish.

Before committing to one of the best pocket squares, take a look at the material. Take your pick depending on whether you’re looking for a matte finish or a shiny silk aesthetic. The material style will also dictate the feel of your pocket square – cotton and linen are generally a bit coarser than silk.


Alright, you’ve decided on the frequency and the hardware. Now you need to decide which color will best complement your suit, blazer, or overall style choices.

Comb through your wardrobe, from your socks to your hat, to make an informed choice. Which of the best pocket square colors will have the biggest impact?


Finally, a pattern that has a strong impact is also a key ingredient of an eye-catching formal outfit.

Plain, paisley and polka dots, the best pocket squares come in many wonderful arrangements. Depending on the rest of your ensemble, you can be as crazy or conservative as you want.

If you’re wearing a multicolored suit and a polka dot shirt, for example, a plain pocket square could be the calm in the storm. On the other hand, if you’re wearing an understated shirt and blazer combo, a small patterned number will serve as the centerpiece.


    • There are several ways to fold a pocket square, and luckily many of them are easier than folding a tie. With one or two quick and easy folds, you can make your clutch look as dapper as the day is long. Here is the most common way to fold a pocket:

      1. Start with the pocket down
      2. Fold the square in half from right to left
      3. Fold the bottom edge up just under half
      4. Place it in your front pocket with the triangular end exposed

      Our essential guide on how to fold a pocket square will tell you everything you need to know.

      • The best way to store a pouch is to flatten it, carefully fold it in half (not too tight) and stack it in a dedicated drawer or box. Arrange them as you would paper or folders in a filing cabinet.

        Taking this approach will ensure that your pocket squares are accessible when you need them while keeping them in pristine condition.

        • In the modern era, pocket squares are used for styling purposes instead. A simple pocket square can make a drab suit sing or add a little pizzazz to a semi-formal blazer.

          Like many timeless fashion accessories, pocket squares give you the freedom to express your personality, creativity and unique sense of style.

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