8 Of The Best Beard Combs To Detangle, Groom and Maintain Your Dream Beard (2022 Edition)

You’ve finally grown your facial hair to the length and fullness you’ve always wanted – congratulations. But now you need the best beard comb money can buy. The perfect comb will detangle hair, fit easily in your pocket and, of course, at the right price.

The best combs for beard brushing won’t snag on your hair or pull on your skin, and they’re usually made of a natural fiber like wood or cellulose combined with acetate, although lesser quality combs can be made of plastic. Using a wide tooth or finely spaced tooth comb will help straighten and style your beard and provide control that a brush can only dream of.

With so much to choose from in-store and on Amazon, it can be hard to sift through what the market has to offer. Luckily, we’ve done the leg work for you and researched the best beard combs.

Keep scrolling through our 8 best beard combs, from wide tooth to fine tooth, luxury, affordable and even electric.

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Since 1777, Kent has been making some of the finest beard combs…ever. With its timeless tortoiseshell look that lends a distinctive character to the acetate material that guarantees a snag-free comb, the Kent is the best beard comb that achieves near heavenly perfection.

We’ve included the set here because if we’re looking for the best overall, these three can do it all, from short to long beards. While this set of three costs around $24 (at press time), the R7t Pocket Comb alone costs just under $10, making it a no-brainer investment as well.

Many of the best beard combs on the market are made of inexpensive plastic, but this cellulose acetate composition is the real deal. Just in case you weren’t sure the guys at Kent were the real deal, it helps to know that every comb is saw cut and hand polished to the highest standards.

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A double-sided comb perfect for all hair types, this Art of Shaving is the best beard comb if you’re looking for a great investment.

This comb has two sides of fine and coarse widths and is made of natural sandalwood. Smaller teeth are excellent on finer hair, shorter beards and tame sideburns.

Even though this best beard comb has teeth on both sides, it has quite a decent grip thanks to the strong wood fiber and has a small wallet size which makes it easily portable. It even comes with a stylish leather pouch for ultimate protection. However, at a price tag of around $30, some reviewers found this comb a little too expensive for their liking.

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Each of the best beard combs on this list has something special to offer, but the Breezelike comb is quite unique; the wide teeth of the Breezelike sandalwood comb are especially perfect for a long, thick beard.

Made of 100% fragrant green sandalwood that smells really good when you brush your teeth. Although this best beard comb may seem like an investment because it is made of natural sandalwood, no two combs contain the same grain.

This best beard comb (not only do we think, reviewers love it too) is loved for its grip and ability to effectively brush and style a long, thicker beard. A highly polished finish and rounded teeth prevent snagging and static while efficiently distributing oils.

Although it is still one of the best beard combs, it does require a bit of maintenance. The natural fiber is sensitive to hard surfaces, water, temperature extremes and strong light. It can be polished and maintained with olive oil as needed.

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An easy to use portable comb, perfect for fine hair, mustaches and a shorter beard, this little Giorgio comb knows how to get into those hard to reach places. Ideal for detailing or a smaller beard, the combs have finely spaced teeth and condition beards like a charm.

Like many of the best beard combs on this list, the Giorgio is handmade, saw cut and hand polished to a super fine finish. What sets it apart and in the category of best beard combs is the collapsible aspect which makes it easy to protect the comb when not in use. You won’t be able to lose the case either.

Available in ivory or Tokyo tortoiseshell, this classy and best beard comb comes at an absolutely affordable price.

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Another dual-sided favorite, the Viking Revolution Best Beard Comb is made of pear wood and plastic for serious durability that’s also great for dispensing balms and oils. Take it out of its synthetic leather case and you’re well on your way to a healthier, smoother beard.

For just under $8, it’s easy to see why over 10,000 people on Amazon gave this beard comb a four-star review. Use the fine-tooth side to work through tangles and the wide-tooth side to distribute balms and oils.

You think you don’t like it? Don’t worry, Viking Revolution is committed to refunding you if you are not completely satisfied. With this price, it’s worth the purchase anyway.

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Being made in Switzerland gives the best beard comb a certain edge. Just like Kent’s finest beard comb, the Baxter of California comb is handcrafted and made from cellulose acetate which gives optimal grooming on all types of beards.

And they take their job very seriously; each of these best beard combs has gone through a 12-step manufacturing process since 1965.

One of the best features of this comb are the tapered teeth, which makes it perfect for grooming your beard at all stages. It also makes styling easier, especially in the most delicate parts.

The size is pretty perfect too. At 3.7 inches, it slips easily into your pocket or travel kit. It’s the price of a single comb that might raise an eyebrow, but remember, we’re giving you luxury with this option.

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Need to straighten a particularly unruly or coarse beard? This electric comb from Xikezan heats up to 428 degrees in 3 minutes to effectively straighten and straighten your beard. However, high temperatures can quickly lead to breakage, as with other heat styling products.

We picked this product for our list because it comes with protective oil that adds shine while keeping the hair shaft intact, and as a plug-in, it’s the best beard comb for all types. of hair if you need a big job. fact, this may be your best option. Plus, thanks to the balm, wooden hand comb, oil, and style guide, this bundle packs a lot of value for under $20.

Customers love the slim and lightweight design of this brush. Keep your eyes on this one, though, your girlfriend might get away with it! It also works for the hair on the top of your head.

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Most of the best beard combs are made of wood, which is always a good choice, but if it’s made from 100% solid North Indian rosewood in a rich brown color, then it’s a no-holds-barred buy. of head. And the fact that it’s perfect for travel is just an added bonus.

The Parker Premium Wide Tooth Comb measures 3.25 inches in height and width and only 1.75 in length, so it’s perfect for travel. Even though this best beard comb is smaller, it comes with a large handle for a great grip, which helps it tame even the most unruly beards.

Parker is another heritage brand that has been offering one of the best beard combs since 1973. Its small wooden teeth promise a smooth finish with anti-static properties that will lead you to a smooth and healthy looking beard. Hang yourself for around $14.

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What to look for when shopping for the best beard combs


The makeup of your comb is one of the most important aspects you should focus on when buying a beard comb. Ideally, an organic compound like wood or cellulose acetate is going to give you durability and be the softest in terms of snagging your beard hair. Make sure the comb is saw cut and polished, and avoid cheap plastics that break easily or metal that pulls on the hair and creates static.

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Teeth spacing

Overall, wider-spaced teeth are better suited for thick, curly, or coarse hair and for dispensing balms and oils all over. The fine teeth can grab thick hair, but are ideal for a shorter beard, fine hair or fine areas like sideburns and mustache.


Ideally, you want a comb that’s less than 4 inches long so it fits in your pocket, is easy to maneuver, and is perfect for traveling if needed. On the other hand, if a comb is too small, it will take years to comb your beard and can be difficult to grasp.


    • Always remember to be gentle when combing your beard, as the hairs are attached to your skin! You can create unnecessary pulling, which can cause split ends. If your hair is dry, consider massaging it in a lovely balm or nourishing oil. Then, comb the hair in regular movements to distribute the oil.

      • To give the hair the best treatment, start combing at the very base of your beard and work your way down in even strokes. Continue working up the beard, but always working down to maintain the integrity of the hair follicle. Once you’ve combed everything out this way, you can comb down in even strokes. Combing against the grain can create volume, but be careful not to cause split ends.

        • Generally, combs are distinguished by the spacing of the teeth and can be wide or thin. Some combs have both, however, and these are known as double-sided beard combs. Some combs are bendable while others are tapered, containing both broad and fine teeth on the same side spaced gradually apart.

          • If you already have a beard brush, it’s tempting to think that maybe you don’t need a beard comb. However, combs are amazing for detangling, for working on longer beards, and for finishing touches like styling and placing the hairs exactly the way you want them. A comb will give you more control than a brush, while a brush is great for conditioning and bringing hair oils to the surface and for working in oils and balms.

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