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The Ultimate Guide To Men’s Overcoats: 13 Essential Brands, History and Tips (Updated 2022)


If you have good taste, as the saying goes, you can shop anywhere. But knowing what to buy when you get there, well that’s a different story altogether. For all the smart-casual occasions that might come up during the winter season, it’s hard to beat a classic men’s overcoat. Insulating, …

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10 Of The Best Waxed Jackets For Fashion Lovers and Fisherman Alike (2022 Edition)

the best waxed jacket hanging on the back of a chair

Autrefois l’uniforme protecteur des pêcheurs écossais au XVe siècle, les vestes cirées pour hommes sont désormais respectées autant pour leur fonction que pour leur mode. Robustes mais raffinés, ils sont l’élément de base ultime pour l’extérieur, aussi beaux pour les randonnées du week-end que pour les sorties déjeuner avec des …

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15 Of The Best Bow Ties That Are Ready To Be The Star Of Your Next Formal Event (2022 Edition)

The best bow ties provide the perfect finishing touch to those special occasion outfits. You know the times when a standard tie just isn’t enough. Typically paired with a tuxedo for a black-tie dress code, they’re also favorites of dapper dandies looking to showcase their personal style. A formal must-have …

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