Do Women Actually Like Beards? We Asked The Experts

Have we reached the peak of the beard? Aren’t we done talking about the trendy face wash now? Beard or no beard? Absolutely not. In fact, the only thing we’ve done is wondering if we’ve ever reached the peak of the beard, which went out of fashion a long time ago. The beard is thicker, healthier and as shiny as ever. It is a tendency that refuses to be reduced.

Indeed, as modern men reevaluate and reconstruct their own sense of masculinity, they can’t help but wonder: do women like beards? Are beards attractive? The beard has remained a constant sign of rugged and manly pride. Not only that, but it has also become a must-have fashion accessory: big hipster bushes; designer thatch; growth of outward-type hunter-gatherers; ridiculous mustaches worthy of the Guinness Book of World Records; and smart teacher beards.

As long as there are men – especially men who don’t bother to shave – there will be beards. But the big question is: do women like beards or not?

It’s not a simple yes or no, of course, because a beard is never just a beard. According to science, it can be a symbol of alpha male dominance, social status, and a way to send sexy signals (or if your beard is messy, not sexy) to potential suitors .

man with a beard

Do women like beards?

A 2008 study obtained the responses of 60 women to five facial hair styles – from clean shave to full down – and found that men with light beards were the most attractive, as potential short- and long-haired partners. long term. Full beards, however, were valued for their social maturity, parenting ability, and for being more masculine and aggressive.

A 2016 University of Queensland study had similar results. Co-authored by bearded science expert Dr. Barnaby Dixson, it showed images of men with different stages of facial hair to more than 8,000 women, and even manipulated the images to make other facial features look more male or female. Again, stubble was the most attractive overall and was popular for short-term flings, while beard styles were deemed more appealing for long-term relationships. Beards have also been found to signal age, status, and dominance.

An earlier study by Dr. Dixson found the same thing: 3-day beards were the most attractive, but full beards ticked the boxes for parenting skills and health. Additionally, the more facial hair, the higher the masculinity rating, especially for women in the fertile phase of their menstrual cycle.

It all seems pretty simple, guys: stubble to look sexy, full beard to settle in, and manly responsibility. Science has even proven that facial hair shows strength and status in the animal kingdom.

But in real life, it’s never that simple. There have been all sorts of other reports about how bearded men are more likely to be sexist, beards are dirtier than toilets, and beards can fight bacteria, which is enough to change the perception of any woman as to whether beards are sexy or not.

To find out if you should go for beard oil or a razor, we interviewed real women with a wide range of qualifications to answer the question: do women like beards?

man with a beard

The sex blogger

girl on the net

“Ten years ago I would have said that the beard really put me off, because of the scratching and the worry of finding a misplaced crumb of pastry during a kiss. Now, however, my current partner has a beard, so I learned to like it.

“I usually prefer a short beard, but as a straight girl, the things that often turn me on are things on guys’ bodies that are drastically different from mine: belly hair, beard, those hairs in the lower back… So I guess it’s less about the type of beard and more about whether he has a beard Overall, I’m a beard agnostic: beards are sexy if they’re on a sexy guy, terrible if they adorn a horrible guy’s face.

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The psychologist

Dr. Becky Spelman

“Men’s beards are not only a secondary sexual characteristic, but also a symbol of male maturity and – in a patriarchal context – of authority. Some men may be attracted to the idea of ​​growing a beard because ‘they feel it makes them more bossy – and some women are drawn to the ‘strongman’ image they project. A man who pays a lot of attention to his beard in terms of grooming and barber may well be trying to get a message across”.

Dr. Spelman is a relationship expert for We-Vibe

man with a beard

The actress

charlie bond

“Usually on first attraction I don’t really notice facial hair unless it’s a statement, like a pointed goatee or a full Gandalf beard. The first thing I notice is how someone behaves – and if they make me laugh. Visually, I love a bit of thatch, it can turn a baby-faced cherub into a brooding, dangerous playboy. But it can cause unwanted friction.

“I think ideal for me is after a few days, when it’s been trimmed with the grain so not too thorny and it’s flat and soft. So it’s perfect – it picks up and holds a man’s scent, it won’t rub me the wrong way, and it’s soft and pleasant to stroke. I also have a dirty little fetish for designer mustaches. I like a man who experiments with his look.

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The Stylist

Casey Paul

“I still haven’t understood the beard craze. Long beards remind me of my older teachers at school and I can’t quite change that association. I’m all for a bit of stubble or a beard very short (and I mean very short) but for a full beard, that’s a no from me!It’s cliche, but to get a longer beard in terms of style, it’s definitely better with tattoos Hats also tend to look good on bearded men.

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man with a beard

The anthropologist

Dr Sarah Ford

“Having a beard is good, having no beard is good too. But tattooed beards seem to act as a sort of proxy for personality on Tinder. It’s not an interesting personality trait, just a thing that comes out of your face. Men are lucky because beards can hide a myriad of lower face sins (double chin, weak chin). I wish I could grow a beard.

“I think we hit the peak of beards in 2016. I was sitting in a restaurant in Brighton and around 70% of the male clientele had hipster beards with immaculate shapes. If there’s one thing ethnographic records tell us, it’s that there’s an incredible range of things humans do with their bodies and what people consider beautiful. Beards, like many things, can be sophisticated signs interpreted in different ways, depending on the context and the person wearing it.

The Porn Artist

Harriet Sugar Cookie

“Styling facial hair on men makes just as much of a difference as styling hair on the head, and yet I notice that most guys don’t put in much effort. I think a guy who has a good hairstyle , including his facial hair, is attractive because it means he’s putting in effort and it’s also a sign that he probably cares about his personal hygiene.

“There’s definitely a bad thing with both – too sloppy and too designer. To go either way from the extremes is bad. With very poorly groomed beards you risk looking dirty, with very designer beards you look narcissistic. If I had to compare it to anything, it would be like the “no makeup look” that girls do. It should be the amount of work that makes you look like you’re hardly working at all. To learn more about Harriet, visit

man with a beard

The generalist

Dr Paula Heath

“I personally think the most important feature on a man’s face is his eyes, followed closely by his smile. When it comes to beards, a clean-shaven man is always more attractive. If I had to choose it would be definitely a short beard Long beards that I associate with Santa Claus and garden gnomes.

Stubble can be sexy – Bradley Cooper and Mark Ruffalo wear it well – but it obviously causes a rash and can make the person look like they haven’t washed.

The journalist

Stephanie Soh

“In terms of what’s most attractive in a man, a beard isn’t at the top of the charts – things like personality, physique and political voting history (!) are more important. That being said, a good beard on the right man can really make him shine (see Paul Rudd and Chris Evans).

“I prefer stubble or a short beard, as opposed to a big full beard. It contours the face and says ‘masculine’, ‘sleek’ and ‘rugged’, without veering towards Castaway territory. Like clothing, hair, jewelry, and every other aesthetic choice a person can make, beards change the way you think about people. These things have strong cultural associations, after all. Longer beards = paternal associations. Clean shaven = healthy and youthful. Goats = pickup artists and street musicians. Soul patch = avoid.

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man with a beard

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