How A Man Should Dress In His 40s

They say life begins at 40, which is frankly a bit too Benjamin Button for comfort. That’s not true either, clearly. While you can reasonably expect to reach 80, compared to a short and not particularly sweet 25 in medieval times, your fifth decade is middle-aged at best; you are at the top of the hill, if not above. The only salad days you’re going to enjoy now are if you’re on the 5:2 diet.

That, however, means it’s all downhill from here – in a good way. You have imposed yourself and your personal style. You don’t have to follow fashion. And even if you’re maxed out on your income, you don’t really need to buy anything, so you can shell out for thrift stores like bespoke suits and high-end watches – especially if you’re not paying anymore. by the nostril for full-time childcare.

Life may not start at 40, but when it comes to your style, it doesn’t have to end there either.

How a 40-Year-Old Man Should Dress: Top Style Tips

Don’t retire too soon

“I’ve always believed that if you have confidence in yourself, you can wear whatever you want,” says Olie Arnold, style director at Mr Porter. “But at 40, you should have a good idea of ​​some cuts and styles that suit your body shape. Otherwise, tailoring will always be a flattering, age-appropriate option.

And you can still have fun: “Experiment with pleated and carrot pants, or different fabrications and textures of knits and jackets.”

Separate yourself from the herd

Play it too safe for work and you become another drone in a two-dime. “A well-tailored suit will look understatedly elegant in a sea of ​​ill-fitting seams,” says Arnold. “However, unstructured pieces can give a more relaxed look worn together or dressed up with knits and a grandad collar shirt.”

Browse Italian brands like Boglioli, then slip into your John Lobbs or slip into some sleek trainers.

Build a solid off-duty base

The danger, when you’re out of the office, is that you’ll put on dad clothes – not the ironic, fashionable kind. “Pairing tailoring elements like an unstructured blazer with chinos or jeans keeps it subtle, and you can keep it casual with a t-shirt,” says Arnold, who also advocates cargo pants as a fresh alternative to denim: “With a suede bomber jacket, sweatshirt and trainers, these will give you a comfortable yet refined weekend look. No DIY.

Contain the middle-aged spread

The mention of the cargos – rightly maligned in their bulky form, endorsed by Fred Durst, but totally acceptable if they are in fact the right size – is an opportune moment to reiterate that one of the key differentiators between sleek, indiscriminately and downright sloppy is in shape. And that goes for your physique as much as what you’re trying to obscure it with. We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: staying fit helps. A lot.

Worship the devil of detail

When the rest of your gear is decidedly understated, accessories come into their own. Arnold recommends bringing color, pattern and a bit of texture into your accessories. Think knitted ties or patterned silk scarves. Other finishing touches such as leather gloves and matching luggage make a difference, but the costliest item is a luxury watch.

“You’ve worked hard for 20 years now, you deserve it,” says Arnold who loves Piaget and IWC Schaffhausen.

Beware of sportswear

“I don’t believe there are hard and fast rules,” Arnold says of playing in an athletics-inspired kit in your fifth decade. But hoodies, backpacks, and baseball caps have an undeniable youthfulness that can hurt your veteran status.

If you wear sweatshirts or joggers, then they should be quality, plain versions – maybe even in a fabric other than jersey; your sneakers should be minimalist. Like most athletic success, a lot depends on physical condition.

aging gracefully

Don’t be tempted to dye your hair. Yes, that may sound vaguely convincing now, but then you’re trapped in a regular, expensive maintenance cycle to the point where it’s fooling no one but yourself.

Then you have the choice between dying more and more gray or pretending that you suffered a terrible trauma and turned white overnight. If you’re bald, grab the trimmer. And any conversation about botox or facelifts will get us a raised eyebrow.

Key Pieces to Buy in Quarantine

A bespoke suit

After filling your couture wardrobe in your 20s and upgrading it in your 30s, you have the age, income bracket, and body shape set on commission. A bespoke suit should last a good 20 years if cared for properly (frequent brushing, infrequent dry cleaning), so while this is a big change, it should hopefully see you through. retired.

Tailor-made suits for men

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Neat knits

While the granddaddy connotations of cardigans are over the top, knitwear becomes more grown-up (and smart-casual) with jeans and a t-shirt than a sweatshirt or hoodie. And if your offspring has now stopped vomiting and indiscriminately defecating, you might even consider treating yourself to cashmere.

The Best Men's Cashmere Knitwear You Can Buy

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Swag Bags

If you’ve already figured out the need for a tote for weekday gym trips and weekend city jaunts, make sure the rest of your luggage is excessively nice and coordinated: a long-haul suitcase , a cabin-sized rolling suitcase for short trips, and maybe a tote bag or suit bag. Real men don’t have the earth to help carry their baggage, but the wise, old, dodgy backs do.

High quality leather luggage for men

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A heritage watch

Maybe you didn’t switch to mechanics in your 30s, or you only reached entry level. Either way, quarantine is the time to raid your kids’ college fund for some real weight wrist candy. (Hey, it’s not like the money earns interest, and a Rolex or a Patek might even appreciate.)

Tell the kids you’ll pass it on to them when they graduate or when you pass away.

The best luxury watches for men

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an air of maturity

Fragrances can be (in)age-appropriate as much as clothes. Where new releases tend to stick to a generic citrus-wood-amber pattern and smell more synthetic than a replicant’s hairpiece, sophisticated scents will often have a decent retro vibe, if not a dated date. broadcast prior to yours. And a hint of leather on your skin isn’t a bad thing here.

The best perfumes for men in their 40s

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40 year old men style icons

David Beckham

More tailored and less booted since retiring from football, David Beckham’s style nonetheless continues to break the rule of not wearing sportswear (and even streetwear) into your fifth decade. But the fact that the snitch, 42, looks like he could still do some work on the right wing gives him more time. Don’t bend it unless you can compete.

David Beckham as a style icon in his forties


Immaculate, slightly preppy tailoring and a youthful approach to streetwear is what separates the hip-hop entertainer from most commoners his age. One of the main reasons the 45-year-old pulls it off is the genuine attention to detail when it comes to grooming. Like Beckham, Common understands that good skin — and hair care — is a free pass to sporting styles that most men in their 40s think they’ve grown out of.

Common as a style icon in the quarantine

Pep Guardiola

Forming the philistines of the English game with his unconventional sideline attire and tactical innovations, ‘Don Perfecto’ – as the Man City manager was nicknamed at the Barcelona academy – takes as much care with his outfits as he does with his line-ups . Although he should drop the belt when wearing a suit – especially when it’s so tight.

Pep Guardiola, a style icon in his forties

Patrick Grant

Sure, it might just be easier to look consistently dapper when you’re the owner of Savile Row tailor Norton & Sons and creative director of runway label E. Tautz. But in addition to his navy and gray couture repertoire that would be the envy of any Kingsman, “P Greezy” is also a testament to the power of a good regular haircut and beard trim. The man also likes wide pants.

Patrick Grant as a style icon in his forties

Ryan Reynolds

Van Wilder has matured a lot since his party liaison days. Check out her range of classic pieces in an understated color palette, from red carpet-ready three-piece suits to an olive overshirt and khakis. Whether he’s flexing in a tuxedo or chilling out in a t-shirt, it’s all right for his gym. dead Pool-bod like a custom glove, so the father of two never looks like a deadbeat dad.

Ryan Reynolds as a style icon in his forties

Styling Checklist: What to Strike Out by 50

turn to the dark side

Your skin becomes paler and thinner as you age, so bright colors, pastels and some neutrals can wash you out. This doesn’t mean you should exclusively wear navy blue and gray (too dark can do the same thing): just warmer shades like sand or camel instead of beige or stone.

stay the course

The onset of middle age can do strange things to a man’s mind. But trying to be too adventurous in your later years is more regrettable than Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. This leather perfecto is an ill-chosen false grail. Just like this pig.

Be a good old sew and sew

If it has not been adjusted, it does not touch the skin. You should have known your tailor longer than some of your friends. And you should see your hairdresser more often than most – every four weeks. A manicured hairstyle will take years – and pounds – off.

Clean out your closet

The only part of your wardrobe that should look like Eminem’s is the inside. Some things to ditch: slogan or logo t-shirts, badly ripped or distressed jeans, trendy sneakers, ironic watches, skinny fits. Donate them to your nearest charity store. Or your 12 year old son.

Renew your gym membership

Ryan Reynolds is 40 years old. Jason Statham is 50 years old. The two appeared on the cover of men’s health recently. The bar for what a middle-aged man looks like and is capable of is raised for reps. You are only the age of the Hollywood actor you are training from.

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