The Best Hair Dryers Of 2022 To Level Up Your Locks

When you style your hair — whether it’s into a neat hairstyle or a slick side parting — it’s very easy to blow it out. Too much pomade, not enough hold, and you’re done. It is also very easy to blow it out, and by that we mean with a hair dryer.

One of the most underrated tools in a man’s grooming arsenal, a good quality hair dryer can bring your mane to life, make applying hair products a breeze, and ( well made) even help prevent damage from the elements.

Of course, as with any gadget or gadget, there are plenty to choose from, but which one you choose simply depends on how you intend to use it. “To straighten and straighten hair, you might need something with better power output and longevity,” says Stewart Kwan, stylist at Ruffians in Edinburgh. “And to texturize and enhance curly or wavy hair, you can opt for a hair dryer that has or could accommodate a diffuser.”

At a minimum, Kwan says, men should look for a hair dryer with a cool air setting. “Giving the hair a chill helps seal the hair cuticles, defining your final look and adding shine.”

Everything you might need

Professional-grade hair dryers are designed for more styling than you’ll likely be doing at 7 a.m. before work, so don’t overlook inexpensive options. However, keep an eye out for a hair dryer with ionic technology, which basically means it emits negative ions which cause H2O molecules to split and evaporate faster in wet hair with less heat. This feature can be especially handy for men with very thick or long hair that can take a while (and even longer) to dry.

And before you think we’re blowing hot air at you using words like “nozzle” and “diffuser”, listen up. If your hair is relatively short and you are just looking for a quick zhuzh, no nozzle is required. However, if you’re trying to straighten your hair, you’ll need a hair dryer that comes with a narrow-ended nozzle (it’s shaped like a pair of pursed lips). A diffuser, on the other hand, looks like one of those chic rain shower heads and is used to enhance your wavy curls and tame the frizzy beast.

The style you want to finish will determine the products you apply before and after drying your hair. “If you’re hand drying your hair or trying to make it thicker, you can apply a sea salt spray,” says Kwan. “If you straighten your hair you may need to use a leave-in product, perhaps with heat protection, this will minimize damage and make it easier to straighten the fiber. And to create more defined curls and calm the frizz, you can use a hair oil, serum or sea salt spray, before diffusion drying your hair.

The best hair dryer brands


Arguably the hottest hair dryer in history, Dyson made its first foray into the market with its ultra-light, ultra-quiet and, let’s face it, ultra-cool Supersonic model in 2009. Just like its vacuum cleaners, cutting-edge technology and futuristic design (seriously, this thing looks like a ray gun from 2118) has helped the British brand rise to the top of the haircare pile. Although at a high price.

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Dyson Supersonic hair dryer


GHD, short for Good Hair Day (and who wouldn’t kill for one of them?), is the market leader in straightening irons and a strong contender in the world’s heavyweight hair drying championship. The Leeds-based brand has more of a range than Dyson, with compact travel dryers as well as bigger, more beastly models like the Air, which is a salon favourite. Expensive, of course, but they will dry out into middle age and the resulting hair loss will set in.

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ghd air hair dryer

T3 Hair care

Representing the US of A in the hot air war with Britain, California-based T3 has top dog status at the high end of the market. The brand is best known for being one of the first to use tourmaline, a semi-precious stone which, when heated, emits infrared heat and negative ions which speed drying and prevent static electricity. Diamond on my necklace, diamonds on my… hair dryer?

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T3 featherweight compact dryer black


Pierce Brosnan may have briefly stolen the Remington name in the 1980s, but the long-standing reputation of the namesake grooming brand won it back soon enough. For a company of its size and heritage (it started life as a gun maker in 1816), it’s no surprise that it produces some of the best hair dryers on the market, with added extras like 3D air technology, which minimizes air turbulence and produces uninterrupted airflow. Basically, it dries your hair evenly because no one likes a damp area.

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Remington 2000W Power Dry hair dryer


Italian manufacturer Parlux hair dryers were everywhere in the 1980s and 1990s, and even its newer models have the same retro look. Technology has come a long way, mind, with ionic and ceramic devices across its lineup, all of which are surprisingly lightweight despite the look. After all, it’s the hair that needs to be flawless, not so much the hair dryer.

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Parlux 3200 Purple Haze Compact Hair Dryer


Wahl is best known for its hair clippers, but that doesn’t mean the American firm can’t multitask. It brings the same professional-grade workmanship found in its razors to its hair dryers, but at the cost of a trip to a London barber. Just be sure to pick one with ionic technology and nozzle attachments so your hair at least looks like it has enough dosh to go on a weekly basis.

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Wahl zx573 Chrome Ionic Hair Dryer


This hair-drying lark is nothing new. Founded in Milan, the famous Italian manufacturer Elchim has been around since 1945. Each of its products must pass three levels of testing to guarantee more than 2,000 hours of operation, enough time to melt an ice cap if you wish. Its flagship model, the 8thSense, is designed to allow you to regulate temperature and airflow according to eight different hair types. You could say it will stick with you through thick and thin.

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ELCHIM 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer


A solid mid-range option, Babyliss is for the man who likes the idea of ​​keeping his hair smooth and frizz-free, without needing to drop a significant chunk of his paycheck for such luxury. Sleek enough to live on the bathroom shelf, and complete with all the nozzles and diffusers you need, you won’t regret a Babyliss purchase. Ideal for a quiff on the fast.

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BaByliss Power Smooth 2400 hair dryer


Yes, the brand name sounds like someone with a lisp trying to say “razor”, but don’t let that get in the way of the quiet effectiveness of its products. The brand’s hair dryers use less power than the others on this list, saving you pennies (emphasis on “little”, mind). And its ionic and infrared hair dryer comes with an afro comb attachment. It’s the little things that stand out.

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Wazor 1800W Professional Ionic Hair Dryer

Tony and Guy

Founded in 1963 by two brothers Toni and Guy (it’s funny), this chain of hair salons is one of the largest in the world. Their hair dryers won’t cost you as much as a trip to one of their salons, but as a brand that lives and breathes hair, you can be sure they know what they’re doing. All the mod-cons are here – tourmaline and ion technology – so you know you’re getting a solid hair dryer and all for a little less than its competitors.

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Toni & Guy Salon Professional Hair Dryer

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